Traditional Marriage: Doing the Heavy Lifting

The Adversary’s greatest popular appeal, I believe, is his ‘anything goes’ hedonistic lifestyle he offers ‘free of charge,’ and supposedly guilt-free. From the beginning, the Evil One (the Father of Lies) has perverted that most beautiful and sacred. The Left calls its flagship sexual revolution “open morality” or “the New Morality.”

“Enjoy it, don’t knock it! It’s ‘just love,’ man!” The Left even produced a book promoting free and open sex. It’s titled—what else?—Just Love, by Professor Margaret A. Farley. The book attempts to shatter the age-old Christian standards regarding chastity, hoping to convince America’s youth that sex—of all shades and proclivities—is meant to be openly enjoyed and marketed to a younger and younger audience.

Many states are even teaching this to their kindergarten-aged kids in the public schools! Professor Farley, with the Left’s blessing, methodically, progressively, redefines the sex act, in all its forms, encompassed neatly (and deceptively) within the generic word ‘love.’

Of course, what the Left deviously advocates is simply the same old immorality, re-branded. More to the point, this is precisely why abortion has been, and continues to be, such an essential element of the Left’s agenda. That should be obvious to any objective observer.

And look how tenaciously, even religiously, they fight for it. The Left’s ‘sacrament,’ the age-old ‘religion’ of pleasure-seeking and decadence, backstopped, of course, by free and easy access to abortion and fully justified through modern, ‘moral relativism.’

“Sin without consequences.” Incidentally, Satan’s favorite brand, his best smarmy pitch. And like the world’s most insidious shyster he is, he hawks it every day, manifest so blatantly in Planned Parenthood propaganda, the core of the modern Pro-Choice Movement, and truly lucrative business, at that! “Hey, it’s just a cluster of cells, man. Abortion’s perfectly fine.” And the coup de gras: “Don’t be a hater by actually telling people it’s a baby!

In a speech in Washington, D.C. in 1994, Mother Teresa stated that the greatest proof of the selfishness of any society is abortion. Mother Teresa tied abortion to growing violence and murder in the streets of America by saying, “If we accept that a mother can kill even her own (unborn) child, how can we tell other people not to kill each other? … Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence (necessary) to get what they want.”

In spite of the biological fact that a baby in the womb has all the DNA of the adult human he or she will become—a brain that thinks individually, that feels pain—ten fingers, ten toes, eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, and a little heart struggling to beat, to grow, to live. In fact, these little ones are the genuine personification of helpless, pure, innocent human life.

Why some people refuse to see this eternal truth is as scary to me as the practice of abortion, itself. A blatant moral blindness, and incredibly, embraced by millions today! A singular, modern, almost universal malaise, and a ‘religion’ in its own right.

That alone speaks volumes.

“I can’t help noticing,” President Reagan once said, noting the selfishness of people today, “that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

Why is it that, for ideological purposes, the Left pretends to know things they know nothing about, and worse, they pretend to know nothing about things they knew perfectly well yesterday?

Ethical and moral amnesia. “The wisdom of the wise shall perish” (Isaiah 29: 14).

George Orwell, in his classic dystopian novel 1984, called it Newspeak, Doublespeak, and Thoughtcrime, where good is bad, and bad is good, and everything is “morally relative.”

The Left tells us today that we should be upset about deporting children, but not about aborting them! Really?

They tell us that passing judgment on a blatantly evil practice like abortion is being a ‘hater.’ Worse, being a ‘hater of women.’ Yet, for practically all of Christianity’s history, we didn’t believe such nonsense. We recognized such a lie for what it is. And last time I checked, more than half of all babies aborted are girls!

Will the true hater of women please stand up? It’s blatantly obvious. Planned Parenthood leads the charge in ‘the War on Women.’ The proof is in the body count, if nothing else, millions and millions of the innocent sacrificed on the altar of convenience…and profit.

What we are seeing is Leftist Moral Relativity—on steroids!

In truth, ‘moral relativity’ is the symptom of a sick society. There are, indeed, absolute truths. Always have been, and from the foundation of the universe.

For example, we once knew that the single, essential, foundational element in God’s Plan of Happiness is procreation, part of our earthly partnership with God to ‘multiply and replenish the earth’ within traditional families.

In fact, it’s the essential part of the plan allowing God’s spirit children to be born and experience earth life, the right to be reared in a family and receive the unique blessings of unconditional love—the love of a mother and father towards their precious children—offered, as Christ taught, unconditionally. A protected, devoted, nurturing start in life. Not preyed upon at a child’s most vulnerable stage by a “family planning,” highly profitable and deceptively cruel, Industry of Death.

Again, multiplying and replenishing the earth is the Christian standard, and the purpose of families. A foundational feature of our Christian faith and heritage. Has been from the beginning. Unconditional love for Heavenly Father’s most innocent and most helpless and most beloved creations.

“For Jesus said unto them: Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14). It seems that the practice of abortion would be the ultimate ‘forbid them’ by rejecting, with prejudice, this most precious gift of God.

Jesus also said: “It would be better for (a man) that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones (referring to the children)” (Luke 17:2). Jesus protected the young and innocent and condemned harshly those who would hurt babies and children in any way.

In truth, the unconditional love Jesus taught within the traditional family unit comes as close as we can get in this life to experiencing God’s pure, perfect, eternal love for his spirit children.

Procreation is a Godly gift, designed to teach celestial truths in this life, and to bind a husband and wife together more powerfully than any other human force on earth. Procreation unites souls eternally in families. Whether we recognize this or not, it’s centered on the sacred, producing potentially indescribable joy when practiced and experienced within the bounds the Lord has set.

More so, it creates families that have the potential to continue into the eternities, building familial alliances that are foundational to our earthly and celestial happiness and reward. 

Procreation, within the bounds set by the Lord, builds. Outside those bounds, it can easily destroy.

Like a great dam stopping—damming—a mighty river from reaching its destiny, an immoral lifestyle, and its partner in sin, abortion, effectively blocks God’s eternal gift of procreation, short-circuiting this blessing of bringing celestial spirits into our world, and ultimately corrupting individuals, communities (including political parties), and nations. In truth, abortion has become the ‘sacrament’ of the Great and Abominable Church of Leftism.

As Christian churches have taught for centuries, traditional, religion-based marriage is, and will remain, the single most important institution in our world today.

Traditional Marriage does the heavy-lifting in society and without it we cannot survive.

We petition all civic, church, state, and national leaders to continue to support and promote this bedrock institution—the Traditional Family—the bulwark of a healthy, prosperous, and morally grounded society.

Thank you,

Richard Parker Robison