• Exposing the Left’s Secular-Progressive assault on personal liberty and economic freedom.
  • Challenging the Left’s insidious campaign to, in effect, “desolate America,” by “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” (in the words of President Barack Obama).
  • We call this sinister process Progressive Desolation (Progressive, i.e., by littles; Desolation, meaning, to tear down, to destroy, to make impotent).
  • By design, The Desolators are attacking our Judeo-Christian heritage, including traditional marriage, by forcing government-sponsored dependency on millions, and socially re-engineering the American family.
  • The Left’s policies are producing collapsing Western birthrates (demographic desolation), encouraging and supporting sex outside marriage (moral desolation), and abortion on demand (abortion as birth control, as practiced openly in such hellish tyrannies as the Peoples Republic of China, Cuba, North Korea, and the Russian Republic).
  • Mammoth deficit spending and national debt—ruinous fiscal policy—ALWAYS produce economic stagnation, which impacts the moral fiber of any society and nation.
  • Our economic decline is also born of will-sapping and mindless bureaucratic regulation, environmental zealotry (the Left’s new religion), and punitive tax-law.
  • The Secular-Progressive Movement over the past century has brought us, in very fact, what we call Progressive Desolation, a creeping secular abomination that is anything but new, about which we have been warned by our Founders, and in holy writ, for centuries. Secular-Progressivism, manifest in Communism and Fascism, has brought death and destruction in its wake, taking the lives of over 100 million, as these so-called “progressives” attempt to create their long-sought “Earthly Utopia.”
  • The Desolators, who are members of both major political parties, heads of many large corporations, government technocrats, pop-culture icons, Hollywood, the media, and especially our schools and universities, believe that they, inevitably, will prevail.
  • We believe, however, that this insidious Progressivismwhich has us by the throat, is not set in stone…

…not yet.

“When Ye therefore shall see the Abomination of Desolation,

spoken of by Daniel the Prophet,

stand in the holy place,

(whoso readeth, let him understand).”

–Matthew 24:15 (Jesus warning us, perhaps cryptically, what to prepare for in the Last Days.”)