1. …that faith in God, as embraced by our Founding Fathers, helps bad men be good, and good men, better.
  2. …that we as individuals, but more so as a nation, do not steal from our children and others by spending what we don’t have.
  3. …that the Government is entrusted to preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations on itself.
  4. …that every citizen is entitled to equal rights and privacy under the law, and fairness and justice from police, courts, and government institutions.
  5. …that every American must shoulder their responsibilities as citizens in a free society, and strive to lift and encourage each other and not be a burden to others or demand that others support them.
  6. …that the free enterprise system is the most equitable, humane, and productive means of providing for people’s needs and wants.
  7. …that peace is always best preserved through a strong national defense (in the parting words of George Washington).

–Richard Parker Robison