United Nation’s statistics tell us that for some reason there are 60 to 100 million missing girls in the world. That’s equivalent to more than twenty-five percent of the population of the U.S! They are, for some nefarious reason, unaccounted for. “Gone girls” who, for what turns out to be the modern tragedy, are missing from the population rolls of many mostly developing nations, but also from Western, even “Christian” countries…countries whose people should know better.

So, what does this mean to our world today, and why is it important?

Actually we know where these girls have gone. Most were never born in the first place, killed in the womb. Or, if they made it into this world, were abandoned or “eliminated” as unwanted female children. In essence, in our age of cheap and available ultrasound, “civilized” men and women are aborting girls in larger numbers than boys. They are selecting against females in favor of male children. And if these numbers are, perhaps, inflated and the actual number is smaller, we are still talking millions of innocent little ones.

Hillary Clinton, talk about your “war on women.”


Again, in our jaded, secular world, why does this matter? That should be obvious. Apart from the palpable horror of imagining that women are not only aborting these innocents in genocidal numbers, but worse fathers and mothers are actually killing their own offspring after finding out what sex they are! Tens of millions and more. This has to be the greatest injustice of all time.


From the beginning of time women equal civilization. For civilization to take root and to successfully “civilize” the human male—always the supreme challenge in any society (look at the percentage of males over females in prison!)—we know that females are essential to that process. The selfish, lust-driven proclivities, the passion for warfare, pillage, rape and plunder, all define the too often barbaric, antisocial male character.

Most men understand, and acknowledge, that without the stabilizing force of the women in their lives many would prefer to live like bears, truly. In fact, I’ve always felt, in my heart of hearts, it’s a pirate’s life for me. Of course our gay friends would attempt, I am certain, to counter these destructive impulses in society and settle things down a bit. Still, too often, that which males cannot mate with, they kill. Wargames attract men at least 100-to-1 over females.


Obviously, I’m speaking in broad generalities, and somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Still you have to admit that throughout human history very few wars have been started by a mother, particularly a mother of sons.

Name one.


Feminists have complained for years (see Betty Friedan’s iconic book The Feminine Mystique) that men have “damaged women by placing them on a pedestal.” Yet, let’s look at why women have always been essential, even critical, to society, and why it is hardly wrong, or inappropriate, to honor them as something unique, even highly special and specialized. Then, we must discover why such a large percentage of the world’s population seems to actually despise women, valuing them so little as to willingly kill them by the millions in the womb. And finally, why this is a global catastrophe in every sense of the word.


  1. The global shortage of women in many nations points to a male (and female) mindset that does not value girls (or women) in society. Such is NOT a healthy condition, a symptom of something truly frightening hiding in humanity’s collective soul.
  2. This deficit means that millions of males will be seeking brides from a shrinking pool of available females. In truth, unattached men are too often a menace to society.
  3. Statistics prove that men who are married and supporting a wife and family generally make better employees (and employers, for that matter). This is not a value judgment, merely a measurable fact, which makes sense. Family men have more at stake and more to lose if they fail at work or are involved in something inappropriate. They can’t so easily fall down on the job and simply walk away.
  4. A shortage of women affects the emotional and mental stability of the males in society, leading to increased drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution, pornography, higher incidents of rape, and greater instability with less permanence in the workplace. As well, we see increased gang and criminal activity among populations of single men.
  5. Generally speaking a society that experiences ongoing losses in the female population see its overall moral foundation erode. Again, this can be measured with a variety of official statistics, including crime rates, especially rape, gang activity, drug and alcohol abuse, increased homosexual activity, pornography, etc. The cycle is self-perpetuating producing a demographic and moral downward spiral and an inevitable crash.
  6. Indeed, in what should be the most telling statistic of all—total numbers of abortions performed on female babies—radical feminism has not promoted the wellbeing of women. They’ve simply replaced the “pedestal” with the “sacred female narcissist,” meaning that only those women who are alive right now (i.e., voters) have rights worthy of protecting, not the innocent unborn, not the upcoming generation. In fact, radical feminists have militantly advocated for the wholesale elimination of the next generation of unborn women, seeing them—much as the iconic Disney wicked queen saw Snow White—as rivals in the world who need elimination before becoming viable challengers. One wonders if these radical feminists today don’t in fact fear younger, prettier, more desirable women?
  7. History proves that with millions of men who do not have the opportunity to marry, the conditions are created for escalating anger and frustration. In fact, such is nearly always the prelude to war. The fearful dictator knows he must ship his excess men off to fight, and to die. There’s just nothing for them at home.
  8. Obviously, the lack of women in a society leads to shrinking birthrates. This is another outcome of the radical feminist agenda, which, since Margaret Sanger (the genocidal eugenicist-founder of Planned Parenthood), has advocated the abortion of all “unwanted” babies in society. With a shrinking—in effect dying—population, all sorts of negatives arise, including withering economies, drying up of retirement pensions and the collapse of social welfare systems, fewer workers paying into and supporting the system, all combining like the perfect storm to gut the tax base. As populations age without a strong replacement generation, fewer and fewer young healthcare providers are available to care for the old. And once critical mass takes over, the demographic disaster will become obvious to everyone…and, as the evidence shows, always becomes irreversible.
  9. Shrinking female birthrates lead to a contracting, shrinking and depressed, productivity and economic malaise. Women, who are usually those managing household economies (whether they work outside the home or not), also drive consumer spending. Lacking a strong base of women and children consumers, entire industries shrink and die.
  10. A shortage of women leads always to fewer and fewer viable, functioning, mainstream societal family units, always the backbone of a nation’s economic, but more so, social and moral foundation, even impacting national security. Fewer women mean fewer households. Fewer households depresses the real estate, education, entertainment, and travel industries, in fact practically all markets are impacted negatively. A nation in decline cannot fill the ranks of its military, so must import mercenary soldiers and law-enforcement, which is always a formula for disaster.
  11. It should be obvious at this point that women are, in reality, civilization’s “canary in the coalmine.” A shortage of women should be an early warning system alerting a nation’s leaders that the nation is in dire straits.


In sum, from the foundation of the world and Eve’s first wink at Adam, women have been the glue that holds the family, and by extension, society and the nation, together. Undermine that critical element in any way—through abortion, pornography, radical feminism, including the weakening of the traditional role of men in a patriarchal society, expansion of the Nanny State (which encourages men to abandon women and families), and you have, in Abraham Lincoln’s words, “planted the seeds of despotism around your own doors.”

Lacking the pacifying and stabilizing influence of women, our world cannot, and will not, survive, at least not as we know it. And guaranteed it will become a darker, meaner, even deadlier, place.

Single, hopeless men will see to it!

Should women be placed on a pedestal? You bet! I think they’ve earned it. Please stop whatever you’re doing right now and hug a woman for what the institution of womanhood has done to bless us all from the beginning of time…even (especially) if she’s a radical feminist.

She probably needs it.

–Richard P. Robison