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Published on November 16th, 2016 | by Rick Robison




It’s amazing the mytho-history the Left today creates in order to justify its failed policies and beliefs. What’s sad is that by permanently shelving the truth as a conscious political tactic, innocent people by the millions are placed at risk. History records and testifies (though the Desolators among us try to rewrite history and cover up the truth) of the millions murdered because of these essentially failed utopian ideals of so-called “social justice.”

So sad, and so unnecessary. But what’s worse? They are not yet finished with us.

There’s a great book on the threat to us all from radical Jihadis, just recently published, titled: THE SEVEN SOLUTIONS: MIDDLE EAST BORN TERROR & WHAT WE ARE MISSING. In the book the author details exactly who these radicals are who attack us, and why they’ve done so since the 1930s. In this rather short Post, I want to distill the above fine book to its essence, demonstrating exactly what we are facing and why.

First of all, the hostile forces of radical Islamism (different from the worldwide religion of mainstream Islam) has been bound and determined to pull down the “Christian West” now for much of the past century, beginning in the 1930s with the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. This period coincided (not coincidentally) with the expansion of the “Progressive Era” in much of the Western World by the Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration. The Roosevelt Administration was one of the first Democratic presidencies to “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

The above Islamist radicals, who were pioneers in the modern jihadi movement, included Hassan Al-Banna, Hassan Isma’il al-Hudaybi, Sa’id Al-Qutb, and others, the founders and leaders who were the inspiration and mentors for such modern radicals as Osama bin Laden, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, and ISIS Caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, among many others. They observed the Progressive Movement in the U.S. and could envision that such could be adopted by the jihadis. Today, in truth, these modern radical groups have, to survive, mutated within the larger Islamic Community (called Al-Umma, in Arabic), metastasizing and spreading into nearly every land and nation on earth.

The Official Motto of the Muslim Brotherhood today:

“Allah is our objective;

The Prophet is our leader;

The Quran is our law;

Jihad is our way;

Dying in the way of Allah,

is our highest hope.”


These early Islamist radicals were too often educated in the West, or had ties to Western (Europe and the U.S.) universities and Leftist institutions. They admired American Eugenicists (those American Leftists who backed the forced selection of one race over others, the “science” later adopted by the Nazis directly from American eugenicists), including the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, who advocated easy access to abortion and for the selective (though discreet) elimination of American Blacks.

Every evidence we have, and from every speech and their most intimate writings, demonstrate that these early Muslim radicals embraced the Western Leftist dogmas that accused “the Christian West, especially the United States, of pillaging and plundering the world” supposedly robbing the resources of Muslims. Sa’id Al-Qutb, for one, wrote of the necessity of destroying the capitalist West if the promised Islamic Caliphate (Empire) was to ever be established. In fact, it must be raised upon the “rotting carcass of the United States of America.” The Islamic Caliphate—Allah’s prophesied global utopian empire—was being beaten back by a conservative America and never allowed to challenge U.S. domination of the world.

In truth, much of the inspirational foundation of the modern radical Islamist movement originated from these radicals’ contact with, and influence by, the modern Secular-Progressive Movement, as well as the Eugenics Movement, as mentioned, as well as from American socialists, and outright communists, and of course American union and community organizers. Today we continue to pay the price, in innocent lives, for the Left’s determination (for political gain) to blame, and bring down, the proud and worthy United States that once stood as a beacon of freedom to the world.

Again, choices—and elections—matter. As do those who are allowed to write our history. For when we are foolish enough to embrace a wholly false, mytho-history, as we are today doing in most of our schools and universities, one based upon Leftist lies and half-truths, our enemies will always use such lies as motivation to destroy us. And while it is unlikely they will succeed, in the interim how many innocent people (most of them the radicals’ own fellow Muslims, including women and children) must die? We’ve already seen many hundreds of thousands suffer, from Syria and Iraq, to Paris, Miami, and San Bernardino.

Yes, indeed, elections do matter, for if we give these natural born killers the political ammunition and a litany of Leftist excuses to shoot us down (as the Desolators among us continue to do), count on it, the Jihadis will pull the trigger every time.

Hopefully now, unlike it’s been over the past eight years, President Trump will put an end to such “politically correct,” ideological insanity. He’d better or many more will die, both at home and in other lands. And tragically the majority will be the most innocent among both Americans and the Muslim community abroad.

It all seems so simple, but apparently not when you are ideologically hardwired to embrace a mytho-history that’s been mainlined into the American bloodstream by these modern Secular-Progressive-Desolators, tragically and unnecessarily, over the past century.


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