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Published on July 1st, 2015 | by Rick Robison




The American Left’s long-sought drive to force at all cost their “social-justice utopia,” places at risk peoples’ lives and freedoms, both here and abroad. This is increasingly true in our modern, techno-weaponizing and rapidly shrinking world. Yet, what’s so tragic is that these modern Desolators don’t seem to care. Their sacred domestic social re-engineering agenda is their religion, their god, their universe.

For proof, just look at how President Barack Obama weakly, halfheartedly, deals with the ISIS and al-Qaeda (among others) attacks and their successful expansion abroad. It’s obvious he simply doesn’t want to. In his mind his inflated ego tells him he’s got more important fish to fry. He’s got a “social-justice,” spread-the-wealth (government-controlled Obama Care, illegal immigrant amnesty, tax and regulate the “rich,” the Gay movement, environmental insanity, etc.) leftist agenda that’s not getting done to his satisfaction already, thanks in part, he believes, to these international “distractions.”


In essence, he hates these foreign intrusions doing serious damage to his long-planned social, big government, legacy.

I used to believe the Left was simply naïve when facing a truly lethal threat from abroad, such as Russia’s Vladimir Putin, or China’s muscle-flexing in Asia, or the terrorist Caliphate-wannabes ISIS and al-Qaeda, or a nuclear, terror-sponsoring Iran, or a host of tinhorn dictators and vengeful fanatics in a dozen disparate places. I’ve suspected all along that the American soft-Left just wants to maneuver for a group hug, believing that such 60s-style free-love and peacenik-diplomacy will win over any malcontent.

Today, however, I know that the American Leftist is anything but naïve. In fact, he or she is born with a Desolator’s Sixth Sense, a sort of political hardwiring that drives his or her every passion. The Desolator’s worldview is fashioned from a secular-progressive, even anti-Christian pedigree that sees its domestic Big Government/Nanny State agenda as a kind of “religion,” and traditional, conservative, self-reliant Christianity as its natural and eternal enemy, not ISIS or al-Qaeda.


What’s rapidly sucking the world down the drain today in so many places—particularly the Middle East—is merely an irritating distraction to the Left. Why do we know this? Look no further than President Obama’s gross detachment from the myriad of bloody atrocities happening every day in Iraq and Syria and elsewhere. Just look at the house of horrors going on in the greater Middle East, in the Ukraine, in Africa, in Southwest Asia, and yet the Left continues to hide their eyes and plug their ears while preferring instead to attack Conservative America at home.

It should be obvious. These Desolators among us know that effectively dealing with an increasingly threatening world will set their domestic utopian agenda back a generation and more. In fact, their “fundamental transformation of the United States” (in Barack Obama’s own words) may never get done.

What matters most to these secular-progressives is domestic political power and control. So, logically, what threatens them most in their minds is not ISIS or Boko Haram or al-Qaeda or the Islamic Republic of Iran. It’s the Conservative Enemy standing up to counter the Left’s domestic political, economic, and cultural re-engineering of this once-great nation. A murderous gang of rabid, raping, and beheading rabble 7,000 miles away is an annoyance, nothing more. The Left’s vision of the world (interestingly, the kind of vision you also get with your head in the sand) is, as I’ve maintained for years, deliberate and hardwired. They just can’t help it. That’s what makes the Left such disengaged, even inept, leaders. That’s what makes them Desolators.

Let’s look at the facts.

In recent months the left-supporting national media has promoted non-stop widely dispersed police officer shootings and beatings of black men, portraying these events as “proof” of ongoing, ingrained “American racism among white America.” The Left trumpets that by setting up a minimal police presence on the streets, claiming that the demonstrators “will simply calm down and go home.” No need to “incite” perfectly “innocent” street protesters with a “militant and provocative” police presence. “A show of force just makes people mad.”

Amazing, isn’t it? Using such logic, then if we were to confront, even shoot, bank robbers, then such “uncalled for, militant police aggression” from our side will just “incite” otherwise law-abiding people to become bank robbers out of pure spite, until every bank is emptied and every “innocent” citizen becomes a felon.


No, I mean really?

Who actually buys such “logic”? Yet, this is the mentality of our American Leftists, based upon some ingrained cultural tripe that lauds the “superiority of pacifism” and the desire to create the neutered, sheepish “earth child,” the starry-eyed-secular, free-loving, pot smoking, government-dependent, anything goes—just as long as she’s not patriotic, conservative, religious, self-reliant, and especially not a Tea Partier.

Precisely the same secular-progressive (or as we call it the “Progressive-Desolator”) mentality that always leads to death and destruction when dealing with the truly bad guys, street thugs, Islamist terrorists, and a host of global tyrants. And that’s the irony. The Left wants to tax, regulate, and beat into line nearly every aspect of the lives of honest American Conservatives, while advocating giving street criminals and rioters, as well as the world’s brutal tyrants, beheaders, and rapists, free rein.

Well, of course, we wouldn’t want to upset them, though strange it is that such consideration is never offered to American Conservatives by the Left.

That’s because in the end this was never about what’s right and true. It’s about stealing and holding power, political muscle, down and dirty.

These Leftist Utopians, since before Britain’s Neville Chamberlain (who sold Europe’s free peoples in chains wholesale to Adolf Hitler), have never been able to see that men like Josef Stalin are, in fact, worse than Joseph McCarthy (the McCarthy Hearings), that Fidel Castro is the embodiment of evil, not Mitt Romney. While the Left prides itself in “compassion, social justice, and passivism,” it will do whatever it takes to smear, gag, silence, and destroy those on the Right. Watch how the Left goes out of its way to give a pass to the street thugs looting small, hardworking (even minority) family businesses, yet labels Mitt Romney a “criminal women oppressor” and “animal abuser.”

One more glaring example: Baltimore’s Leftist Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who told the police to stand down and let the rioters “blow off some steam” on the city’s hardworking small shops and businesses. Her statement to the media was incredible, one if I’d not heard with my own ears, would not have believed. She told her city’s police officers:

“Give these mobs space…to destroy.”

Really? Oh, of course, you “wouldn’t want to rile them up by telling them ‘no’. After all, they’re just innocent kids, just blowing off a little steam.”

Unbelievable. If that’s our Leftist leaders’ plan for the defense and protection of our cities, then…buckle up. It’s going to be a rough ride.

In reality, however, as we’ve seen, this is all by design. The Left has a political sixth sense, which has served it well. As a strategy it’s diabolically logical, the perfect example of the modern Desolators’ use of the Utopian Ideal to further erode peoples’ self-sufficiency, creating increasing dependence on Big Government’s free “gifts” and creeping regulation and control.

Of course, there’s never “free” anything. The hardworking Middle Class always foots the bill. Inevitably such leads to economic rot, discouragement, breakdown, then collapse, all necessitating the further expansion of government, which mandates an ever-growing theft of the peoples’ hard earned resources, their cash and property, and finally—which is the Left’s plan from the beginning—what’s left of our liberties. (Big government is the only entity on earth that actually is rewarded and grows bigger with its incremental failures.)


To these Desolators, the unfettered freedoms of the American Middle Class—always the largest and most important group in a free society—must be destroyed or its “fundamental transformation of the American Nation” is simply not possible. And the Left, as insane as their tactics appear to the logical, hardworking, conservative American, is actually implementing a very old, progressive (meaning little by little), yet devastatingly effective method of stealing and holding totalitarian power. Such has been with us from the beginning, since the first man and woman walked the earth.

That’s right, none of this is new.

When the Left attacks the police, the military, and especially the mainstream Middle Class entrepreneur (the true socially-just heart of our nation) please remember this first essential step in their patient, long-term plan. With as much success as they’ve had under President Obama in tearing the guts out of the hard-working American entrepreneur and our small businesses, you can bet that they will continue pushing the envelope as long as no one of substance pushes back.

Remember, over the past century, since the early secular-progressives such as John Dewey, Margaret Sanger, Richard Ely, even President Woodrow Wilson, up to and including Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama today, these Desolators were, are, and always will be, absolutely predictable, though at the same time you need to know what to look for.

That’s why we’re here at www.desolators.com.

Keep up the fight.


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