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Published on March 21st, 2015 | by Rick Robison



“The one commandment harder to obey than the Law of Chastity has to be love your neighbor as yourself” – C.S. Lewis


Why do these radical Islamists, and other more moderate Muslims for that matter, so hate the Jews? Why did Muhammad prophecy that in the Last Days, that the Warriors of the Faith would battle the Jews in the Final Great War. In that battle even the rocks and trees of Palestine would rise up against the Jews, according to Muslim prophecy. It describes a lowly tree calling out to a Jihadi warrior, “Come hither, for a Jew is hiding behind me. Come, kill him!”

So, why the venom?

In my quarter century and more working in the Middle East, and teaching and researching on it, this conflict is still viewed by most experts as “unsolvable.” More troubling, I’ve come to the conclusion that unlike the Hatfields and the McCoys, even with the passage of scores of generations, the Semitic feuders of today have not forgotten why they fight. Elephant memories, etched in stone. This is the sad reality. These are ancient blood feuds, from the Land of Blood Vengeance, held together with a thousand oaths of murder, mayhem, and death. In any effort to deal with the Middle East, history and genealogy are critical components. “He who doesn’t know history, is like a leaf that doesn’t know it’s part of a tree” (Michael Crichton).

In a nutshell. In the 7th Century, the Jews of Arabia (several tribes of Jews living in the area of present day Medina) spurned Muhammad, rejecting his prophetic mission. After his death, Muslim leaders determined that since the Jews had rejected the Holy Prophet, the Last Prophet in a long line of Middle East Seers, including Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and Jesus (which Muslims claim as their own—sorry Christians), the Jews would never get a second chance to get back their land in Palestine.


To the Muslims, the Jews, from the beginning, have always rejected and stoned the prophets, killing and banishing them. As such, Muslims believe the Jews are cursed by God. Therefore, the Jews must always be the vagabond, rejected by God’s Holy People (the Muslims), and to be a “hiss and a byword” throughout history, until the Final, Great Battle between the Forces of Darkness (al-Dajjal—The Great Satan, and the Little Satan), and Allah’s Forces of Light (the Muslims—Those who “submit” to God). (Remember, the word Islam does not mean “peace.” It means “submission to Allah,” or God.)


Since Allah decreed that the Jews were now the outcast nation, unwanted and unwelcomed by God, then all the world would rise up to destroy them in the Last Days.

Ah, but the fly in the ointment—the re-establishment of the Modern State of Israel, in 1948, in Palestine, the Jewish Homeland. For according to Muslim prophecy, that was not supposed to happen, at least it appeared as a direct affront to Allah’s predetermined and predestined global plan. Not only that, but as history testifies, Israel was re-established in a miraculous way, a modern miracle of the first stripe, outnumbered and outgunned, but still prevailing. To Muslims, it is an affront to believe that God (Allah) would, in fact, save the Jews at the cost of Muslim lives.


So, now, modern Muslims are faced with a dilemma. Either Allah was, and is, wrong in his prophecies and decrees, or Israel must be wiped from the face of the earth once and for all, and then expunged from the history books.

Of course, to Muslims, Allah, and His Messenger (Muhammad) are never wrong.

Still, today many Jews look to holy writ on the matter. The Old Testament Prophet Isaiah (Chapter 61, and others) challenges all those who plan to take away the land from Israel, to oppress them, to beat them down. The Prophet Isaiah, in these verses, contradicts the words of Muhammad, offering Israel God’s eternal protection. In this, and in many other verses, from both faiths’ holy books, and writings, the stage is set, the battle soon to begin, a battle that scripture says will be costly in blood and treasure, lasting many years.

So, why do Muslims, even today, a day of “enlightenment,” insist on attacking the Jews with such fervor? Obviously not all do. This is a danger we must avoid, that of branding all with one stripe.


Unfortunately, the ones that matter in our day, this day of god-like technology and devastating weaponry, are the ones who refuse to beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks. The Islamists of today have blood in their eyes, and access to history’s most potent weaponry. And unless we can figure out how to negate millennia-old prophecy, and the passion of a thousand individual blood-oaths, a war of immense devastation and global reach is coming. Holy writ so testifies, and a sober look at current events backs that up, a war unlike any the world has ever seen.

The Jews know it as Har Megiddo.

The rest of the world…Armageddon.


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