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Many believe that Iraq is just another worthless, hopeless Middle East sand pile, certainly not worth the life of a single American required to defend it. Most think that we should let the radicals of ISIS have the dusty, smelly place.

If this is how you feel about Iraq and America’s role in the Middle East, then I can honestly tell you that you’ve been woefully, and dangerously, misled.

Here’s why:

In reality, Iraq is one of the most important lands on earth for you and for the United States. Iraq can be the key to avoiding a future 9/11 style attack on our American homeland and the overarching catalyst for defeating radical Islam, including ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

This sounds crazy to you? Let’s dig deeper:

Several thousand years ago Iraq (called Mesopotamia, the “Land Between the Two Rivers,” by the Greeks), was the birthplace of human civilization. It was home to the Sumerians, the Akkadians, and of course, the Babylonians. It was the home of King Hammurabi, “the great lawgiver.” U.S. Government buildings today contain plaques of Hammurabi, honoring his work to provide the masses with such protective laws as “presumed innocence” and the necessity of producing actual evidence before judging another. Many believe the 10 Commandments have philosophical roots in the earlier laws of Hammurabi.

It gets better.

During the Islamic Empire’s expansion (over a thousand years ago), Baghdad was the political and intellectual capital. This is where we connect this powerful and pivotal Iraq to the modern era.


Today Iraq is the cultural bridge between Sunni and Shia (the two principal, and battling, branches of Islam), and between Arab, Kurdish, and Persian. A free and prosperous Iraq—Persian and Arab Shiite, Arab Sunni, and Aryan Kurdish—can influence for good every Muslim in every land—Shiite and Sunni. A free, successful, secular Iraq in fact is the prototype for a worldwide Islamic renaissance, by creating the long awaited foundation of liberty for a modern, improving, peace-embracing Islam. Peace, freedom, and prosperity in Iraq—particularly for Arab nations—can help alter all Muslim societies from within and wipe clean the many seedbeds of global terror. Obviously this won’t happen overnight. But it can happen, if America has the will and the vision.


For the same reason, ISIS, and before it Al-Qaeda, have understood that Iraq is key to their goals of the promised Islamic Caliphate (Empire) and a united Islamic front against the United States and Israel.

“The whole world is watching this war (the Iraq War) and the two adversaries; the Islamic Nation (‘Al-Qaeda In Iraq,’ predecessors of ISIS today), on the one hand, and the United States and its allies on the other. It is either victory and glory or misery and humiliation.”

— Osama bin Laden, Audio Message to Muslims in Iraq, December 28, 2004

Al-Qaeda’s head today, Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri, has made similar observations and projections. But because our agenda-driven media has willed it, most Americans appear to believe that victory and peace in Iraq has nothing to do with winning the so-called “war on terror.” Al-Qaeda, for one, vehemently disagrees. Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri has called Iraq “one of the two most important battlefields” in their war against the “Great Satan” (that’s you and I, btw).

Amazing how al-Qaeda’s leaders get it. Iraq has always been essential to victory.

Of course, the radicals are historical creatures, where Americans are taught only the “history” our ideologically-driven leaders want us to know. In Islamic history, as today, both ISIS and Al-Qaeda fervently believe that Iraq will always be essential to the establishing of the Islamic Caliphate, even the prophesied capital of the New Islamic Empire, as it once was in the days of Islam’s Triumph, during the Middle Ages. As explained above, Iraq’s City of Baghdad is irreplaceable with the terrorist leaders, including Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi, the current “Caliph” of ISIS.

For heaven’s sake, he’s even named in honor of this principal, essential, Islamic capital!

So, what must Al-Baghdadi think today of America’s impotent hand-wringing and self-flagellation, of our leaders’ political posturing and self-serving electioneering, falling over each other in a mad dash to pull American troops out of the most politically, and culturally pivotal Islamic nation on earth, especially after we’d already won the cursed (and costly) war?!


C.S. Lewis:

“We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”


Add to that threats by al-Qaeda’s Al-Zawahiri, promoting the ‘soon to come retreat of the Americans’: “Thus, I warn everyone who has helped the Crusade against Iraq and Afghanistan that the Crusaders (Americans) are departing—by their own admission—and soon, by Allah’s command, so let him ponder his fate and future (The radical’s warning against fellow Muslims who have helped the Americans in Iraq).

Even Al-Qaeda’s aforementioned head, Dr. Al-Zawahiri, understands. He has said time and again that Iraq is “the most important battlefield in defeating America and establishing the promised Caliphate.” His prophetic insights, well-known for years, are grounded in the most vital strategic and historical realities, as discussed above.

Zawahiri knows his history.

Zawahiri understands the critical historical position of Iraq in nurturing global Islamism and has warned his minions and backers that if America is successful between the Tigris and Euphrates it will be militant Islam’s worst setback. Yet, stabilizing and securing Iraq has been subjected to continual opposition, even subterfuge, by the Obama Administration, and from the Left in our media and institutions, as if the war in Iraq was an exclusive event unto itself, even a hindrance to winning the overall “war on terror.”

Amazing the ignorance of otherwise (supposedly) smart people.

In reality, victory in Afghanistan, and particularly in Iraq, is essential to supporting an evolving global Islamic community, and in securing the world’s prosperity and peace. No other single factor is more important in safeguarding America and in convincing a fearful Islamic global-community that freedom is surging and that radical Islamism cannot and will not prevail.

In a world where perception is often “reality,” we were fools to even discuss retreat until Iraq had become stable, prosperous, and free. The actions of the Obama Administration in dealing with Iraq is highly irresponsible, even catastrophic. Without a doubt, regarding America’s security, history will not be kind to this president.


Under President Obama the greater Islamic World has lost faith in the United States because of its retreat in Iraq and now the successful rise of ISIS, and also Iran’s (and Russia’s) ascension in filling the vacuum left by America in Iraq and in Syria. Unless we can correct this disaster, and fast, we are headed for a much more devastating conflagration that will re-order our world and cost the lives of potentially millions of human beings. For the Left in this country, the Left that claims (ad nauseam) to be eternally concerned about “the little guy,” the suffering they’ve caused, with the horrible loss of innocent life we’ve seen under their watch, is disgusting in the extreme.

If the Left prevails in this country, rather than a stable American ally—a renowned nation leading Islam out of the Dark Ages—what we’ll get in Iraq will, in the end, be unrecognizable. It will be dark and deadly. Worse, and tragically, it will be unnecessary. Besides the death toll, which due to available technologies could be historically unprecedented, liberty and security in all lands, both East and West, will be the greatest casualty.


For the foreseeable future, as long as expansionist Jihadi-Islam remains active and potent, these assassins will seek us out until we are no more…or until we submit to their god, as the conquered Christians of old, begging our Muslim overlords forgiveness for our “shameful existence.”

If by our cowering inaction we give them a free hand, they will hack and slice, re-shaping America into something tragically oppressive, economically frail, and functionally impotent. In true jihadi fashion, they will rape, castrate, and plunder our land and people until we are but a fading reflection of our once eminent past. Future civilizations will uncover our greatness, then marvel that we were so easily vanquished.


Fortress Liberty is under siege. If we hope to prevail we must carry the war to the enemy, to their mountain and desert strongholds in far-off lands, and there standing as allies with our Muslim friends, thoroughly expunging the threat. No matter how you cut it, in this war on tyranny and terror, Iraq has always been the key to victory.


Finally, we will also be derelict to leave this war to the next generation. There are no moral wars, but the ones we fight should be overwhelmingly fierce and short, and if necessary, devastating.

Let it end here, with us, now. If we must fight, brevity in warfare shows wisdom and compassion.

“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”

—Thomas Paine (American Founding Father, 1776)




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