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I’m a Mormon who opposes what the Left has done to undermine the greatest nation on earth. And if you understood how past peoples of these United States have persecuted, even murdered, or expelled my direct ancestors from the Eastern States to the Great Western Wilderness in the mid-1800s, you might wonder why I am so loyal to this country, or why I can’t bring myself to criticize this wonderful land.

In spite of what the Left teaches in nearly every school and university in our great land, the United States, while hardly perfect, is in a hero-class by itself.

I’ve spent much of my life confronting the enemies of freedom, both with my writing and speaking, but also where the rubber meets the road in the Middle East, fighting against tyranny, terror, and oppression.

In truth, all three of the above scourges originate from the same seedbed.

As well, I’ve opposed what I believe (from extensive study of history and Holy Writ) is the greatest single threat our nation, and the world, has yet faced, the unholy drive to redefine the eternal, even celestial, institution of traditional marriage. Close to this coordinated attack in ferocity and duplicity is a related atrocity, that of the official Leftist promotion of unfettered, even wholesale, abortion of God’s most innocent, his unborn children. This is being executed, sadly, for almost entirely selfish reasons. In other words, in spite of official rhetoric to the contrary, because it’s personally “convenient.”

Such a modern eugenicist culture is, in truth, evil, for a nation’s true morality is measured by how it treats, and protects, its most vulnerable.


I’ve resisted, both in word and deed, the Left’s determination, in the words of President Barack Obama, to execute the “fundamental transformation of the United States of America.” Today it is beyond obvious that America is in trouble, for an increasing number of its citizens, especially the young, have been indoctrinated to believe that America is, at its core, “malevolent,” and that Conservatism and the Christian Right must be totally crushed, even obliterated, and that America must become a secular-progressive “utopian” state.

Finally, top that off with my (sometimes reluctant) support for President Trump, both before and after his unprecedented election. All told, I am today viewed by the media, academia, Hollywood, Leftist politicians, so-called “Feminists,” and even most of the wealthy, secular-Elite, as a “racist, bigot, and a homophobe.” In the Left’s eyes, I am also, by definition, a “militarist,” someone who believes in maintaining a powerful American defense, based upon traditional Judeo-Christian values of defending freedom, and the weak, whenever threatened.

That’s me. That’s where I’m coming from. Unlike the Progressive-Secular Left, I’ve never, ever, tried to hide who I truly am, nor tried to sugarcoat my political objectives. The Left, on the other hand, in order to make their bitter, ultimately destructive Statist pill easier to swallow, must dissemble, camouflage, but mostly, deceive.

Now, for a moment imagine that I, one who’s risked his life for the preservation of this country, to preserve the rights of all Americans to think and believe and speak what they will, and to protect the most innocent among us, would be defined by the Left, these Desolators among us, as nothing but a “Nazi-loving, KKK-supporting, RACIST, bigoted hater!”

How sad—and how desperate they must be—that the Left must willingly compromise their integrity and blatantly dissemble in order to carry out their objectives!

Obviously, the Left is a propaganda-machine, building their power upon the greatest lie in history. In reality, I can make the case that the Left is, in truth, the real RACIST, BIGOT, CHRISTO-PHOBIC, HATING force, alive and well on the planet today.


Let’s start with the recent national elections. In the weeks prior to November’s big election, I recall speaking with a Leftist friend of mine (in fact a leader of the Democratic Party in my state), and trying to explain to him why Trump would win the election. Yet, throughout my passionate effort to enlighten him, I could see that while he is a most intelligent man, due to his entrenched Leftist ideology, he just wasn’t getting it. At all. Though he has ears, he would not hear. Eyes, he would not see. Still, I tried explaining that when you travel throughout the country, nearly everywhere (except perhaps in the center of a few of America’s corrupt mega-cities) Americans are downright ANGRY with the political establishment, the so-called Progressive Elite, and when they say “Drain the swamp!” they damn-sure-as-hell mean it!

Still, he (along with other Elites I know) just don’t get it, not then, not now. I’ll have to say election eve November (2016) was one of the greatest times of my life watching all the clueless “experts” beside themselves in near panic and falling like dominoes on the Right and Left.

If any one of these “experts” would have been humble enough to simply ask me (or 60 million other regular Americans like myself) election night might not have been so traumatic. Instead, now, (amazingly) the Elites are blaming people like me for the “disaster,” wringing their hands on talk programs trying to explain that “it can only be bigotry, sexism, racism, religious right-to-lifers, and homophobes—backed by the Russians—who commandeered the election process.” The last thing they’d ever think of doing is actually asking regular Americans why they voted for Trump. Instead they pre-judge and condemn the electorate, based on a-whole-lotta-Leftist prejudice. “Bunch of knuckle-draggers, clinging to their guns and Bibles” (paraphrasing President Obama). And the “Basket of Deplorables” comment, which Hillary Clinton called us.

In reality, however, no matter how you cut it, you on the Left are far more prejudice and closed-minded than the Right will ever be. Look at what’s happening on America’s campuses today! Young minds are being closed by the millions, and almost entirely for political purposes.


Patiently, for eight years, I tolerated a President whose campaign promise, when he was elected, was “the fundamental transformation of the United States of America.” Eight years of a President who took it upon himself to tell me how to think, what to believe, and what constituted “racism” and “bigotry.” He told me how I should feel about our honored Law Enforcement Officers, about our dedicated Military, and then he went out into a very hostile globe actually apologizing for America to a confused, troubled, endangered world—confused and fearful over what in the world America was becoming under the Obama Administration!

I know this from first-hand discussions with America’s top allies.

Come on, Mr. Obama, America was the only nation capable of standing up to German fascism and genocide, Japanese Imperialism and unprecedented brutality, essentially Leftists and Socialists (the Nazis were National Socialists. That’s what the acronym “Nazi” means and stands for) combining to snuff out over 50 million souls over the past century. Soviet, Chinese, and Southeast Asian socialists-communists, alone, murdered 60 million innocent men, women, and children, for heaven’s sake! The only force even remotely capable of opposing the carnage was the United States. And yet there he was, President O, groveling before the world for America’s many past “crimes.”

Come on, sir, the world we live in today doesn’t care about America, the Guilty, or America, the Humble Reconciler. It’s not about us, never has been! It’s not about you. Such unprecedented Presidential arrogance. It’s embarrassing, and it’s a damned-dangerous place out there. Our allies just want to know if we’ve got their backs. That’s it; that’s all. The last thing they need is a “Reconciler-in-Chief”! The last thing they want is an inexperienced Snowflake leading the most powerful, and influential, nation on earth.

President Obama also told the world that I, John Locke, as a white-Christian, had much penitence to offer, paying for all those I’d supposedly ‘enslaved, abused, discriminated against,’ and in some unexplained fashion, ‘injured’ just because I was born ‘white’ and Christian. (Of course, the President has wholly ignored the fact that America, the melting pot, is populated by a most unique “race,” a people who are, as we proudly proclaim to the world, “E Pluribus Unum,” From Many, One.) My ancestry is comprised of English, Scottish, Welsh, Swedish, and American Indian (Shoshoni), and others. More to the point, I’m not British-American, nor am I Shoshoni-American, though I’m proud of all those nationalities of which I am fashioned. In reality, I’m “pure-blood” American from head to toe. President Obama, too, is made up of several races and nationalities. As Americans, that’s what makes us unique, and what makes us who we are. It’s made us great.

From Many, One.

When I hear a politician attempt to cater to a particular ethnic group, and when I hear a ‘community organizer’ (whatever the hell that means!) try to convince one group that another group owes them something—anything!—immediately red flags start popping. Regardless, you can bet the farm that such a glib, disingenuous politician is selling snake oil.

In the end, no matter how you slice it, such is high-octane prejudice. It’s racism, through and through.

Yet, over the past eight years I watched as President Obama grabbed political control unconstitutionally, usurping his power while Congress and the Courts appeared fearful to challenge his power-grabs. I can only assume that they feared being called “racist.” Again, it’s so obvious that when the Left begins throwing that insidious moniker about, it’s the pot calling the kettle black.

And once more, pathetically dishonest.

I’ve seen over the past eight years a sitting president demonize many Americans, especially Conservatives and Christians, in a manner I believe unprecedented in American history. I was called “a deplorable” by these Leftists, and “evil” by others, even once in my own church meeting, when a Leftist member of our congregation got up and chastised those in attendance for being “hateful” because some didn’t support his views on legalizing “gay marriage.” During these eight years I witnessed our leaders push America further down that failed road of Socialism, insisting that America embrace a treacherously dishonest national healthcare bill that, unconstitutionally, forced all Americans to buy health insurance, while at the same time manipulated market realities ensuring killer cost increases and the system’s inevitable failure, in the end forcing National Socialist, or “Single-Payer” Healthcare, upon all Americans against their will.

I call their deceptive schemes (and always will) totalitarian. In fact, they are classically despotic.

In Jonathan Gruber’s own words (the infamous architect of Obamacare) the Obama Administration had to lie about the plan just to get it to pass in the first place! Also, “You’ve got to pass the bill before finding out what’s in the bill”–Representative Nancy Pelosi, D-CA.)

And when I refused to vote for Hillary, you called me “misogynist” or “sexist,” and of course “a hater.” So, now I was not only a racist and a sexist pig, but also on the “warpath against women.” This one hit me particularly hard because I am married to an incredible woman, and am the father of five beautiful daughters and grandfather to one incredible granddaughter. There is NOTHING more important to me than providing these gifted women with every opportunity, happiness, and freedom possible.

Again, my Leftist friends, how do you equate someone’s heartfelt, honest disagreement with you on an issue with sexism, racism, hatred, and evil? Exactly how do you square that in your minds? I know from observation how much you despise it when someone makes such accusations about you.

I’ve seen firsthand (and lived with it for years) what the American Left has done to the American Indian on these pitiful Reservations. If their treatment today (not just historically) is not racism, I don’t know what is. Ditto how the Left has hamstrung and shackled the poor who inhabit our crumbling inner cities—Black, Hispanic, white, it doesn’t matter—in effect placing otherwise productive and successful human beings back on the Nanny-State “plantation.” Leftist political policies have purposely destroyed the family, creating millions of single mothers most dependent upon Government, with fatherless children turning to gangs, crime, drugs, and dying with some of the highest murder rates in the world! The statistics on these barbaric realities should relegate the Left, these true Desolators among us, to the trash bin of history, absolutely!

Leftist America, you have been living with, and causing, prejudice and racism for so long that you’ve become jaded to your own degraded state and insidious, failed past!

Do you even understand what true “racism” is? It’s seeing race in the first place as a political hammer to beat otherwise free people into line, regardless of the damage it does to the poorest Americans. It’s creating quotas that require that you select in favor of a particular race or gender without considering other far more worthy factors, such as class and economic disability, or hard work, or…oh, I don’t know, maybe talent!

Some American universities, amazingly, are actually “importing” African blacks in order to fill their minority quotas. Seems to me that Affirmative Action was established to supposedly help the children of America’s former slaves as a key element of “social justice.” And while certainly many African blacks are in need, usually the ones who come here are from Africa’s elite and rich families who can send American universities huge non-resident tuition payments.

Once more, something is amiss. The Left’s “good intentions” backfiring and causing more harm than good, and greater corruption than actual moral equity and fairness, while still lining the Left’s preferred pockets (academia) so that the brainwashing can continue!

I’m personally familiar with this situation. I was once rejected from a major university’s Ph.D. Program because I was: 1) White; 2) Male; 3) A Mormon-Christian; and 4) a well-known Conservative. I know this to be a fact because a friend was a member of the selection committee. He, too, was disgusted by my exclusion, especially considering that I was one of the highest qualified applicants they’d had in a long time. And I wasn’t applying for a department grant, or university aid. I was on my own dime.

Tell me, my “Social-Justice Warrior” friends, how racist and bigoted is that?

While I wasn’t a woman, I was supporting six women, working hard to improve their lives and to teach them correct principles. From my daughters’ subsequent comments, they could all see by this ugly incident that there was, indeed, inequity in the American university system, brought to us wholesale by the Leftist ideologues who’ve seized power in almost all of academia today.

And you have the gall to call me inequitable, hateful, and prejudice?

So, my Leftist friends, for once in your life let’s get real. If you continue to claim the fiction that you are “fair and just,” I suggest that you stop what you are doing and take a good look in the mirror.

It’s not me, your friendly neighborhood Christian Conservative, who’s the racist here.

—John Locke


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