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Published on July 22nd, 2015 | by Rick Robison




What’s bad for this country today is nearly always, consistently, good for the Left, for Democrats.

Once in this country Democrats and Republicans were loyally supportive of general conservative values and Christian traditions—hard-working, patriotic, proud. Virtually all Democrats, like Republicans, once agreed that America was exceptional in the world.

Not anymore.

A bold statement, I realize, but let’s see what’s really going on here:

  1. Our Leftist federal government has for years advocated a policy that increasingly may be described as systematically building “The Nanny State,” where in the interest of “charity and generosity,” and the Left’s favorite mantra, “social justice,” the government, essentially at gunpoint, robs hardworking peoples’ money in order to give freely to mostly non-producers. Today the Left’s best political backers are the beneficiaries of hundreds of government entitlement programs, costing the American taxpayers trillions of dollars.
  2. The Left has for years accused Conservatives of waging a “war on women,” when in reality they’ve conducted an active war on men, particularly white men (who often don’t vote for Democrats). The “Sex in the City” culture of free, unconsequential sex, as advocated by a host of Leftist constituents in this country, by feminist and gay leaders for years, has produced a growing population of single women, who in almost all cases vote Democratic. Each additional public assistance program, and of course expanded welfare and contraceptive programs, by design encourages women to remain single and sexually active, which also discourages men from marrying. In every demographic study of single women voters, the Left always benefits politically as single women numbers rise. So, by alienating women from men—which is bad for a nation—Democrat voters’ numbers rise and the Left benefits politically.
  3. With increased taxes, greater government regulation, and government fiscal irresponsibility, businesses are hurt and people are laid off. There is, in fact, a war on American small business (which nearly always votes Republican) by the Left. Of course, to the Democrats, increasing unemployment is music to their ears. With more people out of work and on government welfare, the number of Democratic voters always rises. Welfare recipients, as the number prove, always vote for the Left in large numbers. Again, what’s bad for America…
  4. As the Left expands the Federal Government, the numbers of Leftist voters likewise rises. Democrats have known for a long time that by increasing government workers you always increase your voter base. The numbers are there, they can’t be fudged, though some on the Left have tried. When government grows, so do the Left’s voters. And when government grows, America’s economic engine is weakened.
  5. The greater numbers of struggling poor in America—homeless, inner city poor, laid off farm and factory workers, laid off union workers—always leads to increased Democratic voter rolls, always. Again, chock another one up for the Left.
  6. Open America’s borders and, like “magic,” more Democratic voters. Why does the Left in this country advocate so passionately for “open borders”? Do they do it because “it’s the right thing to do”? Does the Left just have “more compassion” than Conservative America? Again, the numbers don’t lie. Increase the numbers of poor immigrants and you always swell Democratic voter rolls. Like clockwork!
  7. Through the Gay Marriage agenda, through indoctrination in our schools and universities, through welfare programs provided by the Left, you end up weakening, even destroying the traditional, conservative, nuclear family, which as discussed above, always leads to greater poverty and always produces more Democratic voters. It’s a no-brainer, really. That’s why the Left has no problem redefining marriage—“any combination is as legitimate as any other,” they say—gay family, single mom, single dad, sister-sister, multiple wives, husbands, dogs and cats, anything goes, except, of course, the traditional religious family. The Christian family in America is “patriarchal” and nearly always conservative and even more predictably Republican. Again, look at the numbers from the most recent US census, in black and white. The Democratic Party and traditional, conservative, religious Americans, are at war.
  8. The so-called “War on Women,” mentioned above in another category, is wholly made up by the Left to drive a wedge between men and women, with their children becoming collateral damage. Obviously this is bad for America, but what’s less obvious is that it’s driven almost entirely by political greed and opportunism on the Left. It’s incredible, really, yet one more example among many where the Desolators strongly benefit by whatever is really bad for America and American kids.
  9. For years the Democrats have opposed responding forcefully against dangerous terrorist groups overseas, or even against Islamic radicals here in the States, in spite of all the evidence pointing to a truly devastating attack coming our way from these groups. In essence, party leaders are catering to their Leftist base, yet obviously to the detriment of America’s security, at home and abroad, not to mention the crushing economic impact of such an attack. Millions could be thrown out of their jobs. By refusing to identify the radical Islamist, the Jihadi, enemy, the Left has tied the hands of our law enforcement and our military, increasingly making every American dangerously vulnerable. Again, the Left is appealing to their fringe voter base, just another in a long list of policies that are bad for America.


Today’s Democrats are wholly compromised by power-party politics. They are not the Democrats of Harry Truman or John Kennedy. Anything goes as long as they continue to win. They are power-hungry Desolators, determined to push a radical, even secular agenda (Obama Care, steep government regulations, attacking the American Middle Class, open borders, the destruction of the traditional family, iron-fisted global warming control and accompanying heavy taxes, increased funding for abortions, making concessions to our worst enemies, and weakening law enforcement, our military and national defense, etc., etc.). In very fact, the Left is willing to risk destroying our nation in order to maintain political power and control over what was once a free and independent American citizenry.

So, do you need a further example?

There’s a courageous American Muslim trying to reform his faith, to make it less militant and less prone to support terrorism. His name is Zuhdi Jasser. All he asks is for a fair and open discussion on the dangers of the more radical forms of Islam. Yet the Left has mounted a relentless attack on the man and his mission, attempting to destroy and eliminate him, and at the least, to shut him up, calling his words “hate speech” and his campaign as “bigotry and fascism.”


Of course, if anyone wants to criticize Christianity, the Left salivates, opening the forum wide for that one. If Christianity can be painted as bad or “regressive,” or “unfair,” look out, the Left will sound the horn of rabid support. But never Islam (see our Posts, ISIS LINKS TO THE AMERICAN LEFT, and ANYONE BUT CHRISTIANS, for the reason why). To the Left, Islam’s a sacred cow, so to speak. The Left accuses anyone who raises even simple questions as “Islamophobic.”

Yet how many times have you heard the Left ever criticize anyone of being “Christophobic”?

And you never will. Double standard? Should be obvious.

Of course we know that Leftist thought has always been fundamentally emoted (based in emotion). “I feel for the ‘poor,’ I feel for the ‘underdog’.”

Ironically, the Left claims to be based in logic, but in reality they are the most fundamentally emotional group in history, hopelessly knee-jerk and ideologically compromised, through and through.

Of course—and this is the danger—only a totalitarian movement, a tyrannical governmental response can have the power to force people to end up doing what is economically, morally, even logically irrational. That, in a nutshell, is why the Modern Democrat, who is no longer a democrat, but a flaming Leftist or Collectivist, is so dangerous to the well-being of this nation.

In reality, nothing threatens us more.

And that, all said and done, is why we at www.desolators.com were born.



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