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These past few weeks, horrible revelations have emerged about how the Planned Parenthood Organization appears to be trafficking in human fetus/baby organs and body parts.

Yes, that’s right, baby body parts—heads, limbs, organs:

It’s beyond belief, the barbarism. ISIS, you’ve got nothing on these guys. The video camera caught people talking about such practices as if they are normal, expected, routine, like cleaning your teeth at the dentist. They even laughed about the carnage on camera.

 That’s right.

 They laughed.

 About dead and desecrated human babies.

One reputable report, cleared by a Federal Judge, tells how these Desolators, through their affiliates, ship baby heads around the nation, at a huge profit, to buyers in various locales. (SOURCE:

That’s right, Dr. Mengele-like discussions caught on camera, allegedly showing Planned Parenthood officials haggling over the price of baby parts, while nibbling on salad and sipping wine, and stating that they preferred to receive shipments of heads “with the eyes closed” which they considered otherwise “a bit disturbing.”

A bit disturbing? Really?

That just amazes me beyond words.

Of course, these revelations are horrible in and of themselves:

But far worse, I believe, is what such disclosures say about us as a society, and even more troubling (if that’s possible) what such actions, in the end, will do to us.

One example:

This type of orientation or mindset can be seen today in the Netherlands. There the institution of government-assisted suicide has become an ingrained icon of the culture, where today one-fifth—one in five—of their professionally assisted “suicides” is done without the patient’s consent!

THAT USED TO BE CALLED MURDER, once upon a time, when our Christian culture had a heart and soul.

Here’s the deal:

With just a little creative musing, we can well imagine where this all leads:

Of course, it began with the desire on the part of some to relieve the suffering of the terminally ill. (Good intentions always pave the way to…where?) Today, however, those “good intentions” have become a way of removing those who’ve become a “burden” to the nation’s healthcare system budget, human beings who have become “a burden,” and unable, for various reasons, to speak for themselves and to fight and live but a few more precious moments.


We used to leave such decisions to God. Increasingly Big Brother—the Nanny State—is forcefully commandeering that role.

But there may be a silver lining.

Perhaps these recent TV exposures will help throw open a window, at the least, upon these bloody back-room torture chambers (literally) where the unspeakable is done, creating a multi-billion dollar abortion industry for Planned Parenthood and others. And perhaps this will illuminate a grisly industry of corruption such wanton practices have created.


Maybe in all this we can finally turn the tide on the selfish and wanton and highly profitable institution of corruption which has claimed the lives of more than 50 million American babies since Roe v. Wade was passed by our apparently unconscionable, even dishonorable, Supreme Court.

We’ll see.

In the interim, again, I worry most that these recent revelations will simply be swept under the rug, business as usual:

And in the process, we, as Americans will slip that much further down that inhuman road from which few escape, the road of self-absorption, of jaded, narcissistic detachment where we cry more for the “endangered” arroyo toad in California than we do for a human baby, the quintessence of pure, innocent, God-given life.

With the miracle advent of ultra-sound, the living fetus can be observed, her determined little heart beating with that irreplaceable, God-given life that we used to view as sacred:

Foolishly, I once hoped that if we could actually see this growing human-baby struggling to live and join us in our world, that such a God-given miracle would be enough to change even the most jaded, die-hard defender of abortion.

Now, however, I fear that we have reached the point of no return.


Still, in my own heart, I do not want to believe we’ve become so horribly jaded. I believe this tide can and must be turned:

These Desolators, if challenged effectively, will like so many roaches, scatter and flee the light.

Such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it seeks, is the liberty of appearing, if for but a brief moment.

In fact, in the end, that’s all truth needs, and it will prevail.




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