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Published on August 4th, 2016 | by Rick Robison




  • We are blind to who the enemy is today, the enemy attacking America. This makes blood shoot from my eyes. In the minds of many of our leaders, the greatest existential threat we face today is being accused of “Islamophobia.” Such causes our leaders to freeze in fear when they should be strengthening, and educating, our citizens.
  • We have forgotten who we are as a culture, our sacred history, beliefs, and traditions. In essence, due primarily to the curse of modern cultural relativism, taught as a form of secular “religion” in our schools and universities, we are forgetting the absolute priceless nature of our Judeo-Christian heritage, why and how it has saved us over and over in history, and why we must continue to fight to preserve it today.

In essence, we are so badly compromised (more so, poisoned) with today’s cultural relativism that we’ve lost the will to defend our own unique way of life. Most of our children (and too many of their parents) don’t have a clue.

By ignoring these growing threats facing us, and how best to deal with them, we are running from the kinds of preparation and sacrifice that will ultimately save us and our children and grandchildren. Such is not only foolish in the extreme, but the product of our surrendering to those (again, mostly on the Left) who desire to see American broken down and “humbled.”

“Facts do not cease to exist simply because they are ignored.”

                                                          –Aldous Huxley (Brave New World, 1932)


The so-called “War On Terror” has always been, at its foundation, a War On Tyrants, driven by the four modern generations of Jihadi Terrorists. This movement today has been building over the past century (though it began in the 7th Century), its godly calling (the radicals believe) is to challenge and conquer the West, which is led by the United States.


These Warriors of the Faith (Mujahedin or Jihadi) believe that America is the “House of War,” (with Islamic Lands being the “House of Islam”). America also commands the cursed title: “the Great Satan” or the Anti-Christ (Al-Dajal), the embodiment of all that’s evil in the world. This was taught by the 1st modern Jihadi Generation, from the 1930s through the 1950s, led by the infamous “Muslim Brotherhood” and such diehard founders as Hassan Al-Banna and Sa’id Al-Qutb, and others. (Incidentally, these early radicals admired Lenin, Trosky, and Hitler for their totalitarian command of the people they conquered. More importantly, they were often educated by our Leftist university institutions, which had nothing good to say about the Christian West. These lies were readily lapped up by the radical Jihadis, translated today into many of the teachings of ISIS and Al-Qaeda.)

Mostly, today however, America is simply getting in Allah’s way.

Because America is perceived to be in retreat in the world, both the 3rd and 4th Generation of Holy Warriors (sometimes in alliance with the New Axis of Iran-Russia-China) must fill the power vacuum left by the retreating Americans, especially in the strategically positioned Middle East.


“The price of freedom is always eternal vigilance.”

                                                          –Thomas Jefferson

Unless we as Americans (no one else can do it) can rally a strong, dependable, trusted alliance with the larger, and more moderate, Muslim World, against these two virulent, even cancerous, powers, we will lose this war. And if we lose this war we will sacrifice ours, and more importantly future generations, freedoms, cultural identity, and quite possibly our lives.


Over the past century, the four key generations of Jihadi power, using terror, have challenged the West, led by the United States, because America is the embodiment of the Great Satan and the “House of War” (as Muhammad the Prophet described). But mostly, as we’ve mentioned, because “the United States is getting in Allah’s way of ultimate victory over all nations.”

The original Islamic “Al-Fatiha,” The Opening, militarily invading the Christian lands of the early Middle Ages (the 7th Century), was encouraged by the weakness and corruption of the Christian nations, and also the weakness and collapse of the Persian Empire. In essence, The Opening, the invitation to Jihadi invasion, was (and is today) always caused by whomever Islam’s prime enemy at the time happened to be, by demonstrating weakness before the Jihadis.


The modern “Al-Fatiha,” the Opening, was in effect launched by President Obama, who is seen as leading a great American retreat and capitulation movement of weakness, and of surrender. Because America is seen as in retreat and leaving a power vacuum in the Middle East, these Jihadis, but more threatening, the New Axis (Iran-Russia-China), are all rushing to the region to fill the void.

And unless we as a people can rally against this scourge, and fully understand what is happening to us and why, these radical Islamist zealots will wreak havoc on our economy and cost the lives of many more thousands. This is a long-term play for them. In the words of one radical: “The Americans have all the clocks, but we have all the time.”

Our leaders, by their weakness, have placed a huge bull’s eye on our backs. When it comes again, 9/11 will look like a practice run.


The Opening must be countered. It has the potential of doing massive harm to us, or being just a footnote in history, depending upon the skill, and determination, of our challenge to radical Islamism over the coming weeks, months, and years. And unless we are willing to explain and identify exactly what “Al-Fatiha” is to every American, we will never be capable of raising enough support among our people to stop it.

How can we defeat an enemy “that does not exist” (at least in the minds of the Left today)? In the end, our survival as a nation and people, and as a Judeo-Christian culture, will be determined by us, alone, through the choices we make and by our willingness to embrace the truth and then act on it with courage and strength.

Running from the truth is not what Americans do. Confronting evil has always saved us from evil. Our belief that America is exceptional, that we do things different from the rest of the world, is essential to our survival.

Once more we must stand with our Muslim friends and allies and welcome all just peoples to join us in victory over tyranny. It’s been done before in past centuries—putting the Genie back in the bottle.

It can be done again.



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