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Published on April 5th, 2016 | by Rick Robison



PACIFISM IS NOT CHRISTIAN LOVE Last week I watched a lecture given by a professor of political science at a major religious university. The topic was Christian love and what it means and how to embrace it in our lives. Certainly a worthy topic. However, I came away disappointed with what I heard and the blatant misinterpretation of holy writ. The professor, like nearly all today who populate our political and social science departments of our colleges and universities, was promoting modern, Leftist utopianism, pure and simple, carefully disguised as the “true teachings” of Jesus Christ, the doctrine of “turning the other cheek.” I could not let this stand, so I wrote the professor. I wanted to explain to him that pacifism in an evil world is not, and never has been, “Christian love.” Sometimes the highest level of Christian love is, in fact, tough love. So, while I give him the chance to respond, here is what I wrote to this professor: If your point regarding the “power” of non-violence, and “turning the other cheek” in good Christian fashion, was meant for each of us in our daily lives, in our interactions with family, neighbors, friends and co-workers, in this, yes, I can see your point. However, that’s not what you said in your lecture. And that’s not what you specialize in professionally. You’re a political science professor. Your classes include “The Story or History of Peace” and “How To Fashion A Just Society.” Your presentation was focused not only on personal relations, but on relations between nations and in dealing with aggressors, tyrants, and some of the world’s truly evil men and movements. Sadly, in true Leftist fashion, you cherry-pick your scriptural examples, carefully avoiding those that would indicate that you are off the mark. What you advocate is nearly all contained within the theoretical. Apparently you’ve never field tested your pacifist ideas in a warzone, on the ground, in the bloody trenches of life’s most dangerous conflicts. You’ve failed to factor in the kinds of serial killers, murderers, and professional rapist that we encounter in our world today (and throughout history). In essence, you are hiding behind a highly cloistered ivory tower, calling upon your pacifist upbringing and theoretical training. In such, I fear the damage you are doing to hundreds of students every year by actually promoting a personal and national pacifism designed to “disarm our enemy with love and kindness.” Obviously you have good intentions, but like the Left in America today, we know with what the road to hell is paved. What’s worse, you are teaching these young, impressionable students and sending them off into an increasingly hostile world with these erroneous notions. I’ve had my daughters study and graduate from (your school) and I fear for them in our world every day, my observations coming from more than a quarter century of on the ground experience in many dangerous regions. As regular readers to Desolators.com website are aware, I am a former U.S. Diplomat. I attended the American University In Cairo, Egypt in my younger years. I have an M.A. in Arabic & Middle East Studies. I’ve worked throughout the Middle East in a unique capacity (as I will discuss in a moment). I would love to see our world as you describe it. In reality, however, it is anything but. It is a dangerous place, populated by a certain percentage of truly evil people. In such a world, pacifism and “peace at any price” is not the answer. Such just gets innocent people killed, and unnecessarily. Since you are obviously teaching some dangerously false concepts (by looking at your course titles) to a host of students, I wish to know your actual field experience, in what war zones or areas of real life and death conflict that you’ve been able to prove these theories as workable. More to the point here, as I see them explained (in your presentation) I don’t agree that this is what Christ taught, either in word or in action, or what the Sons of Mosiah and Ammon taught, again in word and in deed. Can you imagine the blood that Ammon spilt defending the king’s flocks and servants? Was not Ammon one of the most righteous men of Holy Scripture? When Christ faced true corruption and evil in the Lord’s House (the temple), he dealt with such things, at least twice, with a strong, even violent, response, taking a whip and a cane and driving the money changers and swindlers from his father’s house. Such men were evil, taking advantage of the poorest among them, people who were suffering at their hand. When Captain Moroni’s people were attacked, he did not offer condolences to families of the dead and wounded, or group hugs, but gathered his army, fashioned the Title of Liberty, and penetrated into the enemy’s lands to clean out the threat with extreme violence. Obviously it made him sorrowful to do this—he stated as much several times—but again, when facing true evil sometimes there is no other choice…again, in the real world. Finally, from personal experience: When I was operating in the Middle East years ago, I was point man in a most dangerous penetration of a highly brutal and bloody terrorist organization. Believe me, like ISIS today, they would have “loved” to have their enemies (the Christian West, led by the Americans) turn the other cheek. Through much risk, we were able to turn a terrorist member, who agreed to assist us for lots of cash. He was obviously corrupt through and through. He had been involved in terrorism for many years. When I would meet with him (in full disguise, by the way, and with solid back-up—we could never trust him fully) I would peer into his eyes and see, essentially…nothing…just a black hole, an empty void where a soul should have been. His hands were bloody. He was pure evil and would have done anything to anybody for the right price. But by using him effectively we headed off several potential terrorist attacks at that time (as the Gulf War began) potentially saving many lives. The point is that in the real world sometimes love is not the answer…unless you want to call it “tough love.” I could cite multiple examples from my own past, as well as from scripture. I am confident as I watched you speak that you have nothing but the best intentions. However, in the real world, intentions are not good enough. What you are proposing, again in the real world, too often gets people killed. What’s important in this example is that some of us are in a position to impact peoples’ thinking, especially the young and malleable. I hope that you, in the future, will come to balance what you teach, offering practical exceptions for true evil. We saw what turning the other cheek, and trying to peacefully negotiate with Adolf Hitler, got us. Tens of millions died in a horrible fashion, and unnecessarily. It pains me to think that your students will go into the world unprepared for the realities they will face, which will only worsen over the coming years. Surely you understand that there are truly evil individuals out there who (in the case of ISIS), when taking a village or city (in Iraq and Syria) castrate, then behead the men, and enslave and perpetually rape the women and girls until they die an early, tortured death. They believe this is what their god wants them to do to the Christian and the infidel. They live to terrorize hoping that their horrifying reputation will instill fear and panic in the hearts of their enemies (who they see as God’s enemies) so that their prey will lay down their weapons rather than risk fighting them. We know that they are thrilled when faced with Christians who submit, who turn the other cheek. They wish that Europe and America would do the very thing you advocated in your presentation. It would make their public beheadings and the enslavement and endemic abuse that much easier. I am pretty certain that this is not what God wants of his Saints. But please, if I’m wrong, tell me where. One more perspective. Can you imagine how a student in your class feels who has lost a brother, a husband, or father to fighting these terrorists today, or perhaps someone who lost a loved one to the 9/11 attacks or other terrorist attacks in America and abroad, listening to your denigrating the use of violence against true evil? How about those Americans who fought to destroy Nazism and Japanese Imperialism? These were unspeakably brutal and evil forces that could never be negotiated with. How does a student in your class feel who lost a grandfather to fighting this global scourge? How would she feel having her father’s sacrifice in effect denigrated, or certainly diminished, by your words? The Elite Left in America has sought for years to promote their utopian ideals, yet too often at the expense of the lives of innocent people forced to live amid all too real threats from the truly evil. I’ve seen too many lives ruined and way too many suffer and die needlessly because good men and women, due to Leftist-pacifist ideology, were unwilling to stand up and confront true evil. I only hope that you will respond to my challenge and perhaps, just maybe, begin to include a bit more of the real world in your curriculum and start arming your students with the truth. Sometimes evil cannot be destroyed by turning the other cheek. In fact, Jesus never intended this to be when confronting true evil. In his words, Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword” (Matthew 10:34). Our challenge, and the purpose of our agency (free will), is to learn in life when to turn the other cheek and when to fight to the death. Certainly Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Nephi, Helaman, Captain Moroni, Mormon, and his well-known son, all knew the answer to this question. Certainly our Savior understood. In fact, I have never been more confident that, in this life, it is essential to our progression and our salvation to learn this most important lesson. Please help your students understand this critical life lesson before they walk out your classroom door…please.



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