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Published on July 11th, 2015 | by Rick Robison




Back in the “dirty 60s and 70s” the Environmentalist Movement warned the nation that our water was “poisoned with all sorts of chemicals, fertilizer, pesticides, industrial waste” such that it was killing us stone-dead. So, people took them seriously, very seriously, and spawned a new industry.

Bottled water.

We bought billions of these little “purified” plastic gems, toting them around, sucking in their sparkling healthiness, and feeling so smug. Then, we found out that most peoples’ tap water was just as healthy, or better, than the bottled version. And now we are being told that all these billions and billions of plastic bottles are “destroying the planet” so now we need to “knock it off” and just get a drink prior to leaving the house or the office.

Okay. Why didn’t I think of that?


I now recall back in the 1970s, being told by the “Experts,” and by the unapproachable icon Time Magazine, no less, that the world was entering into a new ice age in which millions would die of starvation and resulting disease. The Experts back then even went so far as to recommend releasing billions of tons of carbon dioxide (no less) into the atmosphere in order to warm the climate to counteract the soon-to-come return of the woolly mammoth, and such.

I recall my teachers lamenting our ice-bound, frigid world where we’d spend our coming pathetic adulthood. “At least you won’t have to worry about getting fat,” I remember one teacher saying.

Well, we know now how that “Ice Age”-thing played out. But I’m still a bit miffed about not getting a single snow-day shutdown at my high school, let alone college.

Bummer, dude!


But no need to worry, my friend. The “Experts” weren’t through with us, though a colleague reminds me continually of the true definition of an “expert”: “An ex is a has-been,” and “a spert is a drip under pressure.”

A few years ago, a good-hearted Leftist neighbor of mine came to me saying, regarding the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill of April 2010, “Rick, I’m so angry! This is a disaster! It will take years, if ever, to recover from this ‘environmental apocalypse.’ How could these greedy oil companies do something like this to us?” (He said it like he was certain they did it on purpose, and to him personally!)

Obviously the man was distraught, so I tried to calm him. But more so he wanted to make a point to me that since I was the dreaded “C” word (a Conservative), that I needed to take some of the blame. Surely, he intimated, that I must know just how vulnerable is our delicate world and that Mother Earth needed the Leftist Community, and their Environmentalist Wackos, to hold these greedy capitalists’ feet to the fire for their “premeditated crimes.”

Just like the “world’s downtrodden poor,” Mother Earth also needed the “socially just” liberal Left to protect her.

Well, I told my friend that I’d had some special experience with ruptured oil wells pouring crude into our oceans. I had been assigned to the US Gulf War Task Force during and after the Gulf War, and had seen first-hand the incredible environmental terrorism that Saddam Hussein had unleashed on Kuwait and on the Persian Gulf when it became obvious that the US was serious about kicking that madman out of tiny Kuwait (in February 1991).


Recall, Saddam blew up over 700 oil wells, many in Gulf waters, spewing millions of gallons of hydrocarbons (oil, gas) into the sea. They called it “the largest and worst man-caused environmental disaster in history.” It took many long months to cap the wells and stop the flow into the water, and also onto the desert. The place was a mess. I saw it firsthand, even took lots of priceless photos. On days when the smoke from the oil fires blew over the city back then, the sun turned blood-red or a sickly yellow. The place looked like a scene from Dante’s Inferno.

I remember the environmentalists lamenting the end of the world as we know it, an “environmental Armageddon.” How tragic, even criminal, is mankind to rape and pollute Mother Earth with such impunity. We’re doomed! (And then, of course, the inevitable): The Government must control, tax and punish the polluters!

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

So when my friend wanted to take me to task over the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, I was ready for him. I just smiled and explained, “No, friend, I’ve seen this before, even far worse. The oil company will clean up as much as they can, and the sea—Mother Nature—will do the rest.”

Of course, that’s not what he wanted to hear, but that’s precisely what has happened since. The oil from the BP spill is now gone. In fact, scientists were beside themselves trying to figure out where all that oil went.

Later, so was my friend. So I explained.

Did you know that penetrating the world’s vast seas and oceans are fissures in the sea bottom which leak hydrocarbons 365 days a year, millions of barrels, untold tons and tons of oil “pollutants.” Yet, we rarely see that oil floating on the surface of our oceans (oil is lighter than water, and so it usually floats). So, where does it go

In essence, the ocean eats it, and some evaporates. That’s right, our incredible, God-given oceans are equipped to consume the mess, and the salty sea never complains what’s on the menu. It scrubs it all professionally, and with impunity.


My point to the Left in this country and around the world is simple: I’m not an environmental engineer or any kind of specialist. But in nearly every past case I’ve studied, or had a personal stake in, I am consistently amazed at: 1) Just how capable the earth is at healing itself, and in correcting the foibles of men, nature, and the untimely acts of God that have plagued this earth from it’s creation; and 2) Just how arrogant mankind can be thinking that we really can have any serious impact, for good or ill, on our incredible, God-given planet.

And though I’m not an expert, I am a thinker, and an observer. I see plants turning lush and green absorbing the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and then producing in turn the oxygen we breathe, cranking out literally tons every second. Amazing!

I see some cities where lots of vehicles and people are concentrated and I see foul air. But that’s localized, so I travel out into the countryside and drink in Mother Nature’s pure, life-giving oxygen and wonder “why doesn’t the foul air of the city, in the next valley overflow into this pristine valley, and if it did, wouldn’t the plants get a wonderful shot of higher levels of carbon dioxide to nibble on?

Then I sit in a crowded office conference room, drinking in the stuffy, exhaled, “used” air and wonder, what is the level or percentage of carbon dioxide in this room? Is it perhaps even more than what I’m breathing outside in my city streets? In some really stuffy rooms, I think the answer is yes. The room doesn’t have oxygen producers (plants), but lots and lots of CO exhalers. So, I run the numbers.


So, if that’s the case, then why aren’t we meeting outside? Because it’s not private and not convenient. It’s often uncomfortable, even dangerous. More so, it’s not helping us do our jobs and make a living and support our families. So we stay in the stuffy, but secure, space and get the job done.

By forcing people to take mass transit instead of their own private cars is also not private and certainly not convenient. It also doesn’t help us do our jobs and make a living and support our families and build and protect our nation.

So why make a fuss over localized levels of increased carbon dioxide? It seems to me—though I’m not an expert (did I mention that?)—that we have a whole lot more important problems (lack of sufficient good jobs, a flagging economy, America’s moral decay, national and private debt and excessive spending, nanny-state dependence, ISIS and al-Qaeda’s brutal expansion, Iran’s drive for a nuke bomb that will change every equation, President O’s gutting our military, brutal city crime, gangs, drugs, civil and ethnic unrest, the attacks by the Left on our Christian heritage, and of course topping it all off, inept government leadership) to spend even a moment’s effort “trying to limit our carbon footprint” or some such lunacy.

While we all want a cleaner environment and less polluted air and water, such also comes at a price. Using wisdom and logic we need to balance these costs against the benefits. So, it just appears to this long-suffering observer that those who seem easily distracted by such peripheral nonsense need to get a grip and then take a good, hard look at the kinds of threats that can really do you some serious harm.

I mean, really. To me it all seems so crystal clear, even through the smoky air.




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