Big Lie (Taqiya)

Published on April 8th, 2015 | by Rick Robison



(This post is a bit long. I could not cut it without doing you, the reader, a grave disservice. This is perhaps the most important post yet. It’s a serious warning, containing information you will not hear from our mainstream media, or from most leaders today, all steeped in Political Correctness. I view that as inexcusable, maybe even criminal.)

1-  Modern Islam is the “religion of peace”:

Islam is a lot of things, but the “Religion of Peace” it’s not.

While I have great respect for Islam, as practiced by my many good and honest Muslim friends—strong families, solid work ethic, an admirable culture—Muslims I honor and have joined with in the Mosque many times—however, the Islamist radicals salted among them in many lands, do not, and never have, practiced a “religion of peace.”

In fact the word “Islam” does not mean “peace.” It means “submission,” meaning submission to Allah, or God. The Islamists envision a world where Allah and Islam dominate and control people and resources. Muslims claim that under past Islamic governments that Christians, Jews, and others were allowed to “practice” their religion. In some cases, that was true…to a point, but at a high cost (the topic of another discussion).

In reality, the precise definition of the word “Islam” tells you everything you need to know about the challenge we, as a free people, face.

The fundamentalist Islamic version, as practiced by al-Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and others, is inherently totalitarian. It is also militant and expansionist, when no one with military power pushes back. The radicals use any means available, including deceit, terror, bribery, and murder. It is caustic and coercive. It always attacks liberty wherever it gains power.

The early Islamic Empire flourished through pillage and plunder. When the Empire’s expansion was halted by European military and technical advances, the empire began to die. Throughout its history, under Muslim rule, conquered men were executed or neutered, and women inseminated. The history is there for anyone to see, most of the truly damning historical accounts from Muslim sources, proudly recorded and passed on as proof of Allah’s favor. Again, not in all conquered lands, but in most.

I’ve lived under multiple Islamic governments for years, seen this firsthand. As well, I’ve studied the history (see Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis, by Bat Ye’or; or The Closed Circle, by David Pryce Jones; or What Went Wrong, by Bernard Lewis, to name but a few). Fundamentalist Islam is fiercely totalitarian. Sharia Law (Islamic Law), if implemented in full, is bold-faced tyranny, plain and simple. This was true a millennium ago, a century ago, and is true today. Islam only brings “peace” when the world is eventually subjugated and subdued, when it “submits” (to Islam). Then, yes, there will be “peace,” if your definition is that you’ve stopped fighting back, accepted conversion, submission, or death.

At least you’ve still got a “choice,” right?

2-  The Arab/Israeli conflict is the cause of the Islamist terror rushing at us:

The Left, in alliance with several mostly Arab-socialist, anti-Christian factions and foreign states, has been shouting this one from the minarets for decades. This is pure propaganda. Israel is a tiny atoll, a sliver of land in the heart of a mighty Islamic Sea. It lacks oil, or any valuable resources. It should be wholly ignored and forgotten by the world. But, thanks to the Left and their allies, Israel is in the world’s crosshairs.

Does Israel deserve the stigma? Are they the aggressor?

The easiest way to expose this fallacy is through a simple statement: If Muslim Nations suddenly put down their weapons and left Israel alone tomorrow and went home in peace, peace would reign in the Middle East, on all sides. But if Israel suddenly dropped its weaponry, the nation would be quickly overrun, plundered, the population pillaged and massacred. Israel would, in fact, cease to exist. A second holocaust would ensue.

With Israel wiped out, would the terror and aggression from the Islamists end? Not hardly.

With victory over Israel, these radical Islamist groups would be emboldened and continue their Jihad against us until we surrender, submitting to the One True God and His Prophet. Without pushback, militant Islam has always continued to attack, to plunder. Allah proves his honor, and ultimate power, through Muslim military victories and—this is key—to plunder the enemy’s wealth (resources, land, cash, oil, houses, autos, and most importantly, women). America has never understood this essential element, the requisite plunder of what is most precious to the enemy, which is designed to bring him shame before God and men. (An entire Post will be dedicated to this one, little understood, foundational element of Jihad, soon.) Until America understands this simple historical truth, we will continue to put our nation, our families and our own lives, at risk.

This is a fool’s game which the Left in this country, and abroad, has dragged us into.

We are under attack, from a variety of terrorist and Islamist factions, nearly all not involved with Israel at all. That’s the dirty little secret; that’s why the Arab/Israeli conflict will always be a side-show, or a straw man, a false flag, running interference for the real war, one that’s been going on now for well over a millennium.

3-  If America wasn’t interfering in Muslim business, these radical groups would not be attacking us. It’s our fault. As well, the poverty “we’ve given to the world” breeds terror:

Nothing I hear regularly makes blood shoot from my eyes like this Mammoth Lie. I’ve fought against and studied the Islamist movement that attacks the West, in general, and America in particular, for more than three decades. This is a militant force that has been building a long time—centuries—though what we’re seeing today is different in key ways. True, it’s grounded in power, in control, in spreading the faith, in male ego, but mostly in enhancing Islamic honor and in eliminating centuries of Islamic failure and the resulting shame. More so, it has become increasingly lethal due to the availability of modern technologies and weaponry.

Poverty is not the catalyst, never has been. If it were then where are all the Bangladeshi, Haitian, Santhal, Pilipino, Munda, Bushman, multiple Australian Aborigines, and Khasi terrorist movements? These are some of the poorest and most oppressed, yet happy and peaceful, peoples on earth. Look at the degrading poverty on the Navajo Reservation in the American Southwest, yet where are the crazed Navajo “Jihadis”?

It’s a fact that the nineteen 9/11 terrorists were mostly from upper middle class, even wealthy, families. Most were Saudi, sporting one of the highest standards of living on earth. Osama bin Laden was a multi-multi-millionaire. I’ve questioned many terrorists and radicals over the years. None were poor. Such nonsense is promoted by the Left, part of their “war on the rich” structural and motivational dogma, their “gospel.”

Wait! The Secular Left has a “religious” dogma? You bet it does!

The Left’s political platform of making war on the rich, and creating “victimized” constituents—the more the merrier—has been their game plan for years. The ends, of course, justify the means, even if they are bold-faced lies.

In reality, Radical Islam suffers from several forms of psychosis, in general, and paranoia, in particular. It’s essential that it fool itself that it’s somehow being “victimized.” More so, that Allah’s true faith has been “shamed” by America and is being kept from Allah’s “predestined” world domination by various “conspiracies” and “secret alliances against Islam, led by America and the Jews.” It’s uncanny, in key ways, radical Islam patterns its justification for war after nearly identical former Nazis doctrines.

In reality, if you look at the Islamists’ prime motivators today, from al-Qaeda, through their spore, ISIS, and on through Iran and other despotic states, such dreams of Islamic Socialist Utopia are not much removed from the failed philosophies of today’s American and European Leftists. It’s not to say they are the same movements, only that philosophically they are kindred spirits, both having no problem using the Big Lie to win. The Islamists even have a name and title for it: taqiya.

Increasingly, I am convinced that this is the most important political truth of our time, and the most dangerous.

4-  We need to pull stakes in the Middle East, go home, and let the many factions over there fight it out between themselves:

I hear this nonsense all the time. It’s akin to the deception found in number 3, above.

In addition to what I just covered, the risk we face in the modern world today is precisely because our world is so modern, and shrinking by the minute. The true danger to America comes from the evolving nature of modern terrorist tactics, how these increasingly deadly armies are formed and why, and who supports them and why.

As well, without understanding these foundational doctrinal cancers metastasizing within the Left, and also the Islamist terror movements of today, then it’s easy to take the simplistic approach of “let’s just go home.” Without the facts, it’s easy to slip into the isolationist, head-in-the-sand mode.

No doubt, some in America have forgotten the lessons of 9/11. It’s understandable. Many don’t even recall the event. They were too young, or not born yet. Remember, what we face today is the critical 3rd Generation of Jihadis. This is the “critical-mass generation,” the one that will change every equation, buy and steal, then fully utilize a vast array of sophisticated, modern technologies, weaponry that will rock your world.

What’s worse, I believe, unless we can utterly incapacitate, shame and discredit this 3rd Generation, the Fourth Generation will build on the 3rd, manned by millions of educated, indoctrinated, coldblooded young Jihadis, a plundering, murderous army destined to attain fatal (for us) global reach.

Those radicals growing up now are being subjected to the most horrid brainwashing, their homes decorated with the bloody heads of the “infidel,” thousands of women captives serving these fighters as sex-slaves—technologically sophisticated, media capable, fed on hate and magnificently funded, perfectly programmed and directed. In the words of Dr. Bernard Lewis, the world’s greatest scholar on radical Islam, “We either bring them (Muslims) freedom…or they destroy us.”

We will live, or die, based upon the greater Islamic Community—a billion and a half strong—which is currently being terrorized and cowered by these Islamists. Unless the larger Muslim community believes that they have a dependable protector and ally in America, they will either stay neutral and keep their heads down, or actually join with the militants. In their bloodthirsty, lethal world, surrounded by beheaders, rapists, and slavers, with no one to turn to, they’d be fools to do otherwise.

“Either we bring them freedom, or they destroy us.”

Obviously, we can’t retreat and simply go home. In the end, we have no choice, we never have, though many today still shade their eyes from the proverbial writing on the wall, (which happens to be in neon!). Still, the Leftists among us continue to push America down that road to defeat, actually condemning America for its past “crimes.” Even President Obama has taken his Apology Tour on the road to the nations of the Middle East. Such weakness—whether his apologies were justified or not—paints America as quivering and in retreat. Such is the absolute worst message we can send our surging enemies, but more so our allies, right now.

These Leftist Desolators tell us that “America is no longer a superpower.” And our enemies are loving it! But it’s getting people killed, and I blame the Left in this country as much as the terrorists, because the Left has considered peoples’ lives of less value than their own political agenda and power.

5-  Anyone with an Arab, Iranian, Egyptian, Turkish, Kurdish, or Pakistani surname and background understands how best to deal with the cauldron of the Middle East:

This is one of the truly great fallacies of our time. Middle Easterners make the absolute worst so-called Middle East experts. Why? It’s that “forest for the trees” thing. I’ve worked with many hundreds of Arabs, Iranians, Paks, and Turks—Egyptians, Lebanese, Yemenis, Syrians, Jordanians, etc. Yet in the end, with many of them intelligent and capable, I’ve never found a single one who did not approach this “craziest cul-de-sac on earth” with even a grain of objectivity.

It’s just not possible.

I’ve debriefed hundreds of assets and sources—hundreds—and seldom found a report I could take at face value. We used to refer to it as “Arab crap.” Not, mind you, because we thought the messenger an idiot, nor did we think the reporter wasn’t sincere. His passion—the blood in his eyes—was, in fact, the problem. The Middle Easterner is so steeped in prejudice, in hatred, and plagued continually by an endless litany of evolving conspiracies, which rattle his brain and rupture his judgment, which makes separating fact from fancy a veritable minefield.

Bottom line: Never trust a native “expert” on Middle East political, military, and cultural trends or conditions. Listen to them at your peril. But if you must, verify, verify, verify.

6-  The Americans are only interested in Middle East lands to exploit the oil resources:

This one, as ridiculous as it is, seems to have nine lives. Hopefully, one day, people will come to see this for what it is:

100-proof claptrap.

Here’s why:

Take Kuwait. Is the extensive Kuwait oil industry run by foreigners? Yes, to a large degree, but at the invitation of the Kuwaitis. It’s theirs, they own it, they’re in charge. For decades now (less the months under Saddam Hussein’s occupation), Kuwaitis have maintained one of the top standards of living in the world by using, and sometimes abusing, foreign labor, technology, and expertise. Who gets the lion’s share of Kuwaiti oil profits? Kuwaitis, of course. Same with the UAE. A trip through the Dubai International Airport is one of the most eye-popping experiences on earth, an 8th Wonder, dripping in gold and celestial-like opulence. More so, when we liberated Kuwait, we could have simply stayed and commandeered the oil fields, pushing the Kuwaitis out. Who would have stopped us? But we did just the opposite, making the Kuwaitis one of our strongest allies and friends in the region, and some of the richest people on earth.

Kuwait is free, its oil owned by Kuwaitis. It’s a modern, sophisticated nation. Period, end of discussion.

Does America and the West want the oil of the Gulf to flow unimpeded? Of course. The global oil markets are integrated, the world’s economy wholly dependent upon unrestricted flow. Do some nations, and people, get richer from the process? Of course. Is that wrong? That depends upon your perspective, I guess. However, we’ve built today in the world the highest standard of living in global history, based to a large degree on the use of hydrocarbons (oil and natural gas).

Our national security depends upon it—our standard of living, most peoples’ jobs, our children’s future, the works. We are Hydrocarbon Man and Woman, whether we like it or not. I’ve been in the thick of it (read between the lines here) and never seen any evidence that America is enriching itself unjustly anywhere on earth as we facilitate the flow and protection of Middle East oil. The entire world benefits by this complicated and efficient system. America shoulders the lion’s share of the security burden. We have for years.

It’s a ridiculous lie, and a major leg in the Left’s global doctrine, this claim that America is only in the Middle East to “steal the oil.” Come on, my Leftist friends, you Desolators of the Highest Order, you can do better than that!

7-  The Middle East is a mysterious land that has nothing to do with me:

Again, 9/11 should have totally erased such simpleton thinking. Recall that single devastating event, which could have been much worse, cost nearly 3,000 innocent American lives, perhaps two trillion dollars in destructive cost and lost revenue, plunging America into a deep recession, costing millions of jobs, much anxiety and fear, and launching wars that we are still fighting.

The Middle East has everything to do with you. In fact America has been dealing with the Middle East since its founding. The Marine Corps’ Hymn, “The Shores of Tripoli,” reminds us of our wars against the Arab Barbary Pirates around 1800, our alliances with the Turkish Ottoman Sultan, with the Moroccan Kings, with Jordan’s Kings, with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and of course Kuwait, and others. And with Israel, our most abused ally. Oil has been a factor, no one denies, though as shown above, not in the way many think.

More so, our Judeo-Christian Culture is Middle Eastern through and through. This is the cradle of not only the Jewish faith, but Christianity. Islam, in fact, through military conquest, stole a predominantly Christian Middle East in the 7th Century, through “al-Fatha,” The Opening. By seizing Christian and pagan lands in a sweeping military campaign, Muslims conquered the Mediterranean basin, from Spain to Palestine, then spreading throughout Southwest Asia and Anatolia (Modern Turkey—the heartland of Christianity in the Early Middle Ages), including Mesopotamia (Syria, Iraq, Iran), into Central Asia and India, clear to the gates of China. As well, Islam conquered much of North Africa, and through trade, spread the Religion of the Prophet into Southeast Asia.

American Christian heritage is Middle Eastern—our most important religious holidays, Christmas and Easter, both are steeped in Middle East tradition. Millions of Muslims live in America. Islam is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, growing global faith. Mosques are springing up all over the Land of the Free. Salt Lake City, Utah, the conservative capital of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), for heaven’s sake, has multiple mosques and Islamic centers!

But most importantly, today, these radical and militant Islamists have a plan, which includes putting you in their sights. Whether you want it or not, Islam wants you.

9/11 was only a precursor. Those “honored” 19 Hijackers were but a vanguard. A multi-front thrust is coming. There are numerous powers, including nations, which will bankroll a major attack on the American homeland, or on US military bases abroad. That’s why, as I’ve advocated for about three decades now, we need to get up to speed, shed our self-defeating and dangerous Political Correctness, master what we’ve refused to learn thus far, and start viewing this threat for what it is.

Without such a steely-eyed approach, without understanding the true nature of this enemy, the America you know today will not survive. And if America shrinks, the world could collapse. Without a skilled and focused pushback, millions will die, or be enslaved. And without a powerful US stand, the Islamists will attack the homeland, sooner or later.

This, I believe, is the second greatest challenge of our time.

The first, I will discuss in an upcoming post. (Hint: It’s not global warming.)


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