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Published on January 9th, 2017 | by Rick Robison




Today the Secular-Progressives claim that they look only to science, that Christianity is a cult that “shackles, imprisons, and persecutes.” They ridicule most types of organized religion, but save their highest scorn for Christians. They also claim to have freed themselves from the “chains of religiosity.”

Themselves using the words of intolerance and hate, the Left regularly labels Christians and Christian doctrine as “hateful,” “misogynistic,” and “homophobic.” They claim that Christians are old-fashioned, reactionary, and just plain mean! Christians, they say, need to “get with the times” and embrace the “modern” culture of open and “free” love (meaning sex, of course).

In truth, their so-called “new morality” we see promoted, and practiced, today everywhere (what I call the American “Sex in the City” culture) is really just the old immorality repackaged. Any serious historian has seen this before, cropping up again and again over the centuries. It was first exposed for what it is by ancient prophets, warned against continually in holy writ. Jesus himself admonished his followers to avoid “lusting after another person,” saying that such was, in truth, “committing adultery in one’s heart” (Matthew 5:28).  That which has always been identified as immoral and to be avoided has come roaring back in America since at least the 1960s and with a vengeance.

The more things change, the more they remain the same.


What we see today is actually very similar to the ancient pagan worship of the God Ba’al, practiced in the Middle East millennia ago. So, why do we see it being resurrected today? Simple. It’s sold to the people now as it was anciently as so-called “free” love, honoring Mother Earth, and certainly a whole lotta fun!

Again, not much has changed in 4,000 years.

To make the point, let’s compare the pagan Ba’al worship back then to what I call Modern Paganism today, as preached in the “Church of the Holy Hookup,” found in every city, in every nightclub or hotspot resort throughout this great land. I have a close friend, who prior to getting married, had bedded 45 different women of varying ages, from 16 to 50, and all this while still in his twenties. And I don’t think he had to work at it, for others I know have chalked up several times this tally by the time they were 30.

So, let’s compare the “sacred tenets” of both faiths, as they are practiced, then and now:

  • Then, as now, what has been deemed consistently “sexual perversion” from the beginning of time, was practiced daily within the tenets of Ba’al Worship, including homosexual liaisons, paying Ba’al Temple prostitutes, both men and women, for an evening of entertainment (no questions asked, if you’ve got the cash—What happens in Vegas…), men and women offering their young daughters, even babies, to the temple priests and priestesses, etc. From the earliest human records and archeological evidence, certainly from scripture, such practices were considered abhorrent by Christians and by the Jewish prophets.
  • Ba’al Worship lauded the value of excessive hedonism—sex, drugs, rock and roll. In fact, the sexual partying excesses by worshippers was actually considered “honoring” the great god Ba’al. Men and women were even commanded by Ba’al to use each other’s bodies for self-gratification. Obviously, today, just by watching many television programs, certainly many movies, we see this identical standard promoted and used to sell related (or even unrelated) products and services. Our children are being taught in school how to “install” condoms and access birth control so that their hedonistic lifestyle in grade school and junior high won’t be impacted negatively. Heaven forbid if someone is “punished with a baby,” in the now infamous words of President Barack Obama.
  • Today, on the Left, the true “sacrament” of their sensual “worship” is, in many peoples’ minds, the access to free and easy abortion of a baby who just happens to be unlucky enough to be conceived during a fling. To millions aborting a human fetus is as common as pulling a wisdom tooth, and even more common (3 to 1) than removing an appendix. This is not, however, the first time men and women have held human life so cheaply. In the ancient temples to Ba’al women would bring their unwanted newborn baby girls to be handed over to temple priests for child sacrifice on the bloody altars of Ba’al. Often the screaming child was dismembered by a priest while chanting sacred verses. Perhaps a woman found herself with an unwanted pregnancy, a baby she could not afford, or too often, found “inconvenient to care for and raise.” Girls were especially unwanted, while strapping sons were usually kept as insurance against enemies and, the greatest enemy of all, old age. Today each year upwards of a million innocent babies are aborted in America, often dismembered in the gruesome process, in most cases because the mother finds the pregnancy “inconvenient.” In Russia, from the time of the Soviet Union, abortion was effectively the only form of birth control available, the state controlled, communist economy unable to successfully manufacture effective and safe birth control pills or devices. Tragically, a typical Soviet women reportedly had an average of eight abortions in her lifetime. Today we look back and condemn the unholy, barbaric practices within Ba’al worship. Perhaps we should also look a bit closer to home.
  • Ba’al commanded the worship of the earth, as well as the earth’s gods, including the ancient “Mother Earth Goddess.” What Christians define as fornication or adultery was, to Ba’al worshippers, “natural and desirable,” and more so, a tribute to the gods and their sensual, anthropomorphic nature. The Earth Goddess was a goddess of fertility. Therefore, to honor her, places were dedicated within these pagan temples where sexual rites and sexual acts were performed. The Earth Goddess equaled “sexual freedom.” So called “free love” was considered a means of honoring the gods. As well, by worshipping Mother Earth, one could avoid hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, plagues, and pestilences. Those who would not (usually Christians) were ridiculed as “rubes” and fools, but more so, a danger to the greater pagan population. Persecution, even murder, followed. In essence, like the beliefs of radical environmentalists today, by “appeasing” Mother Earth, one could supposedly control the weather, the temperature, and the climate. By giving Mother Earth what she wanted (children to sacrifice on her temple altars) the seas could be calmed and the weather controlled. Today, again we see many who have similar beliefs (though of course refusing to make the connection), likewise claiming arrogantly that their beliefs are, “obviously science,” and those “rubes and fools” who question the “science” are “dangerous to the rest of society.”

Again, the more things change….

  • Ba’al and the Left today have another key tenet in common, that of controlling people through confiscating their wealth and their production. Taxation has always been a tool of tyranny over people, their families, and their lives. Anciently, when a poor family couldn’t pay, they were then commanded to “donate” (I loved how President Bill Clinton used to refer to government taxes as “donations”) a child to be sacrificed to Ba’al. Incredibly, people were so cowered by these powerful “religious” Elites, threatening that “the seas will rise and sweep you and your family’s home away” that they would actually give in and surrender up a child for gruesome sacrifice! The temples, in cahoots with the local government, would be used to keep people in line and submissive. Today, America’s elites, mostly located on either East or West coasts, work together in an attempt to keep the rest of the nation—“fly-over-country, the hoi polloi, the unscrubbed masses—dutifully in line. Since in their minds “the masses are asses” these Leftist Elites believe that it’s up to them to “properly use” the confiscated wealth of the people for “worthy ends.” Of course, in the case of both Ba’al’s priests and the Left today, America’s Desolators, such always means lining their own pockets first (as Al Gore has done to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars). As well, the policies of the Elites always end up bankrupting the nation and compromising our moral foundation.


Both the Left in America today, and the ancients, together saw the greatest threat to their control coming from the traditional family unit, headed by a father and a mother. Therefore both have attempted to weaken the family as the basic unit of society and the foundation of a free, law-abiding, and prosperous nation.

The Great Society welfare programs, launched by the Democratic Party in the 1960s, has done more damage to the American family, particularly the Black American family, than any other action or policy since slavery. The numbers are staggering. In the early 1960s (prior to the Democrats launching their “Great Society”), single black mothers were a small minority, only about 20 percent of the total. Today that number is close to 75 percent of all black births going to single mothers! For the U.S. population as a whole, early 1960s: 7 percent of babies born to single women. Today that figure is over 40 percent! As a result, poverty among single women with children has skyrocketed, and remains steady in America. (It appears that when you pay people to be poor and dependent on the Nanny State, you get a whole lot more poor people!)

National policies, promoted in the interest of “freeing women” by financially supporting single mothers, have, in effect, driven a wedge between fathers and mothers in lower class and lower-middle class families, literally shattering the family unit and making the Federal Government the Great Benefactor for many tens-of-millions. We are now seeing literally entire generations of endemically, and perpetually poverty-stricken unwed mothers and fatherless children, and in the most prosperous nation on earth!

And the Left continues to clamor for more single mothers, and more children to place on their welfare rolls, even advertising to attract these dependent “clients.” Obviously, while the Left will never admit it, they continue to build their political base and to control a key constituency by confiscating and then handing out trillions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to their political loyalists and supporters.

If this is not the most blatant, and most insidious, picture of official graft and corruption (in dollars spent and lives ruined) we’ve seen in our history, I don’t know what is.

More so, the worshippers of Ba’al would be pleased, for Ba’al, too, advocated that families be “taxed” into grinding poverty, even destroyed, thus providing more unwanted children to feed Ba’al. For relief, the pagan temples promised people “blessings” if they would bring their “excess children” to the priests and priestesses as “gifts to Ba’al,” a sort of sacrament to the gods. Families were literally broken apart, and kept small and controlled by the Elites of their day, much like our Government pushes to fill the welfare rolls with as many federally-dependent people as possible. For once a person is hooked on the government “temple,” they are always easier to control, and more so, to “milk” politically.

Of course, holy writ is filled with warnings about sacrificing our freedoms to these parasites, these all-knowing Elites (“the wisdom of the ‘wise’ shall perish”—Isaiah 29:14; 1 Corin. 1:19) who, from the beginning of time, continue to plague mankind and attempt to dangle the carrot of hedonism, free sex, and Mother Earth Worship as their gospel, with “holy abortion” or child sacrifice as their sacrament. The parallels between today’s “new morality” and the old immorality—and its associated dangers—are too many to ignore…unless, of course, you want to, regardless of the truth, regardless of what God has warned of time and again, from holy writ, from the words of the prophets, apostles, and religious leaders.

It’s amazing what people will swallow if it’s presented by the “Elite” as the “science of the gods.”


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