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Published on April 5th, 2015 | by Rick Robison



“In the name of Allah, the merciful and compassionate.

“The confrontation we are calling for with the apostate regimes…knows the dialogue of bullets, the ideals of assassination, bombing, and destruction, and the diplomacy of the cannon and machine-gun.

“Islamic governments…will never be established through peaceful solutions and cooperative councils. They are established as they always have been…            

“by pen and gun                      

“by word and bullet

“by tongue and teeth…”




We live in contradictory times. Too many people don’t want to give these critical issues much thought. American Idol, or the latest episode of Survivor, is all the “reality” they want. I suspect what we really fear is change. The devil we know… Sure, Saddam Hussein was bad, but just look at what we’ve got now! Bring back the Butcher of Baghdad, please, or someone like him right away. At least we can depend on his tyranny, and as far as we know he wasn’t coming after us here in Peoria or Bakersfield like al-Qaeda or ISIS will do.

That’s where the deceptive Middle East “smoke and mirrors” come in. Too many people are wholly ignorant of America’s equities in this fight, equities that will impact our security and prosperity for a century to come, the perfect storm that will kick the legs out from beneath your children and grandchildren, threatening them for much of their lives.

Today, due to rapid technological advances, which include the most sweeping demographic (population and immigration) changes in history, the world’s dangers rush at us like a runaway scud missile. Modern technology, specifically mass destruction weaponry, gives one person, one “lone-wolf” terrorist—or a tight cadre—the silent, undetected power to destroy an entire city, murdering tens of thousands.

Tyranny and terror have been weaponized.

That’s the difference we face today, a difference too many are ignoring.

This is real, with demographics, technology, and billions in Middle East petrodollars (dollars made from the sale of oil) all rushing together to fuel and empower the Islamist Revolution, as jihadi (holy warrior) terrorist numbers swell by the tens-of-thousands in many lands, concentrating in the Middle East. These unprecedented historical trends have been accelerating now for more than half-a-century. While some have fought to warn us, too many of our leaders seem clueless, denying that any force could be so technologically devastating and any faction so passionately evil, as to slit our throats with glee.


There is hope, however, if we wake in time. If we will only listen, history can teach us essential truths. In the seventh century A.D., Islamic armies rolled out of Arabia and within a hundred years conquered from Marrakech to Bangladesh, across North Africa to Spain, and to India, later even penetrating Southeast Asia through traditional trading routes. Millions of Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Hindus, and others were murdered. This massive military expansion into formerly non-Muslim territory, encompassing parts of three continents, had been Christian for hundreds of years, as well as many other religions. In fact, nearly all the Middle East and North Africa was a Christian world prior to the Muslim invasion in the seventh century. How was it possible these “backwater” camel-soldiers of Islam could defeat the Christian world’s finest armies seemingly without opposition?

The reason was simple: The Muslims were united and their enemies, especially the Christians, were not. Christian lands were squabbling, divided, and hopelessly corrupt. Leaders buried their heads in the sand, or worried only about local, or personal, issues. They didn’t have time or interest in such threats. (Sound familiar?) Easy pickings for the Jihadi (holy warrior), much like today in Syria and Iraq and elsewhere.

Actually these Jihadi warriors who led an expansionist, militant Islam were a relatively weak enemy, rolling out of a land of poverty and ignorance. In unity, and in faith in a higher order, however, the Muslims found power.

“The first thing which our beloved brothers in Iraq (al-Qaeda in Iraq) must realize is the critical nature of unity.”

— Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s principal leader, July 5, 2007

Until recently, these Islamists, and the terrorists they funded and encouraged, remained weak, poorly trained and marginally educated. A host of Kalashnikov-wielding, “Allahu Akbar!” (God is the Greatest!)-chanting fanatics could not stand against even one U.S. Marine platoon, or in most cases, even a squad. In the past the radicals were generally undisciplined and inept.

Terror’s critical 3rd Generation (ISIS) is changing all that. This is a different creature.

Capitalizing on a combination of the aforementioned demographic (population) surge, ever-improving technologies, improved training, lots of petro-dollar cash, cash from kidnapping and human (slave) trafficking, and increased backing from within rogue nations, all combine to create a new Jihadi creature, a terrible, deadly beast.

Yet in most U.S. political circles we continue to underestimate this threat. I had a liberal professor-friend tell me recently that the terrorists “will run out of steam by themselves.” He said, “Look, Rick, we don’t need to worry about these fanatics. They’ll give it up soon on their own. 9/11 was an anomaly. They are not a long-term threat.”

I haven’t talked to my Leftist friend during these recent events, as we’ve watched ISIS roll through the Middle East. To be sure, he’s gotten real quiet. Tragically, (as it always does) the American Left has consistently misinterpreted religion and religious fanatics. In truth, the Left fears religion for the wrong reasons.

I am convinced that the Left in this country, and in Europe, is intellectually and emotionally ill-equipped to defeat this enemy, an enemy whose motivations, tactics, and goals these Modern Secular-Progressives are hard-wired to misinterpret, as they have consistently done since at least the 1980s.

Please, America, nothing is of greater importance right now. And this is not a Republican or Democrat issue. It must not be a partisan political tool or weapon, used by the unscrupulous to gain and hold power. Please, while we still can, set aside your divisiveness and laser-focus our economic, political, and military might directly on this enemy, crushing these murderous thugs, and their tyrant-mentors, while they are yet weak.

When ISIS consolidates in the heart of the Middle East, they will place America in their sights. Once they reach global operational capability, it will be too late. We may not get a second chance.



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