Desolating the People

Published on March 28th, 2017 | by Rick Robison




Why does the Left, as the saying goes, “never meet a tax it doesn’t like”? The answer goes to the heart of the concept of preferring plunder to production and is as old as humankind.

You’d think it would be obvious that a free and open society always out-produces a controlled, constipated, big government, Nanny-state economy. It’s a no-brainer. Every historical example proves the point. When people are allowed to fully innovate, build, and create, without government encroachments through excessive taxation and regulation, such a free capitalistic climate always benefits the largest number of people at the least cost. These are eternal principles our nation was built upon, and an important reason why we’ve maintained the highest standard of living in the world’s long history.

In reality, the Left in our country (and in the world)—these Desolators of uncommon envy, even hatred, for people who succeed and produce—has for most of a century, progressively (meaning ‘by littles’) worked to limit freedom and individual prosperity. They’ve resorted to every conceivable scheme, including accusing free-market entrepreneurs of “social injustice” and “environmental terrorism.”

Over-time their accusations have been exposed as political gamesmanship based upon faulty and deceptive models. Simply, their political ideology is flawed. We see this today with the radical environmentalist movement. Still, they continue to come up with new “charges” in their unrelenting mission to take control of society’s wealth and freedom of choice, by bureaucratic fiat, including punitive regulation, and taxation, sapping our nation’s unmatched prosperity, as well as curtailing traditional American liberties and personal freedoms.

The perfect example was President Obama’s infamous “Obama Care” scheme.

Suddenly, now, the Left sees that their road to political and social totalitarianism has been cut off at the pass by the election of Donald Trump. They are in full panic-mode. They see that someone other than a Constitution-hating, America-hating, Israel-hating, Iran-loving, terrorist-enabling ruler with a pen and a phone, is now at the helm.

This was not supposed to happen!

Now we’re subjected to a daily tsunami of liberal “Paul Reveres” beside themselves, screaming “Trump is coming, Trump is coming!” Of course, the Trump Administration just barely arrived, yet the Left’s hysterics multiply exponentially, warning of Trump’s incompetence and inherent evil, and “the destruction he will surely unleash on the world.” They scream; they cry: “The world will now hate us; the terrorists will terrorize, and global tyranny will spread like wildfire!”

Have these people been living in a cave through the past eight years of stagnation, corruption, death on a massive scale, and most dangerous of all, America’s political, military, and economic slide, and surrender, in the world?

Still, the Left views the successful among us as the worst kind of villains, people who’ve “stolen their wealth from someone else.” So, these Desolators work to capture the courts, the universities and schools, the media, and Hollywood, promoting the false notion that anyone’s good fortune “must be shared” and controlled by our “beloved” Government Elites.

In fact, from our first days in public school, our teachers have enforced that principle by insisting that if you bring a personal snack for yourself to enjoy during class, then you’d better have “brought enough for everyone!” Though most of us are fine with sharing, sharing is never optional under these tyrants. We see this philosophy in team competition where “everyone gets a trophy,” or where it’s not allowed to keep score, because “that might make some feel inferior.” As a result, the Left has forced Americans to “share” by robbing people of their God-given right to choose who they share their hard-earned production with. Who you give your resources to use to be the most sacred of personal and individual rights. Not anymore. It is, in fact, the Left’s love of punishing and plundering the successful that is their “religion,” in very fact, and has been for a long time.

Every freedom-loving American should be insulted and angered by such forced egalitarianism on the part of these liberals. If the Left wants (which they don’t) to give their own, personal money away, that’s fine, of course. I would applaud them. But taking other American’s money, essentially at gunpoint, is immoral and should be illegal. In truth, we know that their “social justice” policies are not only destructive to the creation of wealth and prosperity and weaken our nation, but are also anything but “equal,” for they steal from one group and give primarily to those who support these Elites with their votes.

Why isn’t that labeled by every fair-minded American for exactly what it is: Political Corruption.

The Left’s fascination with pillage and plunder of anyone deemed successful in society is ingrained in their DNA. In reality, most Leftists do not understand what it takes to actually plan, finance, produce, and build something of real value, and then market it at a profit, creating jobs and a higher standard of living for all, strengthening and improving society in the process.

The Left, from Lenin, Marx, Mao, Pol Pot, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, to Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, all have equated capitalism with exploitation. Their Leftist kneejerk reaction is to tax and regulate the hell out of the successful and prosperous. It amounts to the age-old belief of the pirate’s “right” to plunder the proverbial “Fat Cats,” to “spread the wealth,” and then like Robin Hood (in their own deluded minds) spread “social justice” throughout the land.

Of course, the trouble with Socialism is that “eventually you run out of other peoples’ money” (or goods and services), bringing on the inevitable collapse. As explained at the first of this piece, a nation’s (and an individual’s) worth, to a large degree, is what they can build, manufacture, fix, or innovate, bringing “value-added” to society. Merely plundering the wealth of others without actually creating new wealth is the formula for misery and destruction. More so, it is immoral. It is theft by bureaucratic fiat. That’s why government “collectivism” is, in practice, the equal sharing of misery, and always will be.

Though the Left loves to pillage and plunder, such is always a dead-end road. It is theft and oppression of those heroic builders and producers. Just because a group of Elites decide to do it, doesn’t make it right. What’s worse, as Benjamin Franklin warned us, “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”

No thinking man or woman ever chooses socialism over a free and open market, certainly not if they are actually responsible for creating and building up the prosperity of a family, a community, or a nation.

Still, from the late 1800s, up to and including the Woodrow Wilson Administration in the early part of the 1900s, these Leftist-Progressives have worked tirelessly to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” (in the now infamous words of President Barack Obama). And in a major way, little by little (progressively) they’ve succeeded.

Injected bacillus-like into America’s youth, Leftist doctrines accelerated during the 1960s and 1970s, even conquering most of our schools, using such weapons as Howard Zinn’s widely promoted, anti-American textbook, The Peoples’ History of the United States. As well, works by Betty Friedan, such as The Feminine Mystique, and Silent Spring by Rachel Carson—the secular “Bibles” of the Left—together brainwashed a generation of young American minds. Regardless of the fact that these works have been largely discredited today, their impact remains, primarily because most Americans have not been taught how to think critically and logically challenge the Desolating Elites.

Today the Left accelerates its efforts to spread propaganda, believing that the ends always justify the means, those ends being a “secular utopian world.” They’ve even determined, unilaterally, that such a worthy outcome is worth the lying, cheating, and stealing necessary to successfully carry it through to fruition. As we’ve seen, from the beginning of this movement, which is essentially totalitarian, that stealing and holding political power, and ensuring “social justice,” (whatever that means) is actually worth sacrificing our hard-fought prosperity and personal freedom. In the minds of many Leftists it’s even worth sacrificing literally millions of innocent lives.

What they don’t tell you is that a world which willingly exchanges its freedom and prosperity for “equality of outcomes” always ends up corrupting itself and harming the most vulnerable in society, robbing them of self-respect, self-reliance, and our traditional religious moral foundation. We’ve seen this in every past Leftist-totalitarian movement, whether National Socialist (Nazi), fascist, or communist. Sacrificing personal freedom to a godless, secular “utopia” always ends up killing millions and wholly corrupting, and diminishing, those few survivors.

Sadly, such is the world in which we now live. “Social justice” over genuine opportunity, “equality of outcomes” over equality of opportunity. This is the true battle we face today, some call it “The Culture War.”

At stake is literally the freedom, peace, and prosperity of millions yet unborn.

These Desolators among us have done their work well. Whether America’s youth can be once again taught the inspired truths of prosperity, individual responsibility, and how precious and fragile is our Divinely-gifted liberty, remains to be seen. Sadly, I give our chances less than 50-50.

Truly America’s Founding Fathers would be appalled if they could see our day, the age of pillage, plunder, and deceit.

–John Locke



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