Desolating the People

Published on April 2nd, 2015 | by Rick Robison




The modern Secular-Progressives, The so-called “Left,” practice an ancient and deceptive art, that of Priestcraft.

I realize that’s a bold statement. Let me explain.

The history of the world is the history of men exploiting other men, and especially women and children. Ancient Egypt is an excellent example. There dozens, even hundreds, of gods were created by officials, who then claimed that they, as the priestly class, were essential to act as go-betweens, intercessors or mediators between the ignorant masses and these “temperamental” gods, “who can seriously hurt you.”


This was the beginning of Priestcraft—the controlling of the common man, in alliance with Pharaoh and king, to make sure that people were dumbed-down, humbled to tow the line, to work like submissive slaves and pay their taxes to the king, and offerings to the gods’ elite (and well-fed) representatives.

In a word, Priestcraft.

This is, perhaps, the oldest scam in the history. Much could be said to demonstrate just how insidious this form of “leadership” has been, and how much suffering it has caused—wars, poverty, ignorance, slavery, oppression, abuse, all the while claiming to be “enlightened,” these Elites, after all, are just “looking out for the little guy.” Today we can see the fruits of this kind of leadership ravaging economies, robbing us of personal liberties, and corrupting the moral foundation of whole societies.


A long story short—Once, centuries ago, a Pharaoh in Egypt determined that his pagan-worshipping people needed to free themselves from Egypt’s many parasitic priests. Egyptian Priestcraft was a huge burden on the poor, had been for centuries. Akhenaten, Egypt’s wisest and most unique pharaoh, believed that all the gods of Egypt were false gods, all but The One True God of Heaven. He could see how the priests of each of these hundreds of Egyptian god-cults burdened and beleaguered the people, forcing them to support the many pagan temples (and especially each temple’s highly paid priests). Akhenaten determined that worshipping the one true god of heaven, “Aten,” would free his people from the multiplicity of bureaucratic, parasitic temple officials, requiring these priests to seek gainful employment for once.

Of course, he was right. Egypt began a period of freedom and prosperity it had not known. However, these Priests had other ideas. They got rid of Akhenaten and his “One True God,” returning Egypt to profitable rule by Priestcraft, opening the myriad of public-supported temples, expanding once more the ruling elites’ oppression of the people. We’ve seen this pattern emerge countless times in history. But, once, long ago, under Akhenaten, Egypt became a marvel of the ancient world. Today, however, it is a used-up, dusty, diseased and crumbling shell of its former, grand-self.

Akhenaten tried, but Priestcraft prevailed.

Today, in most of the world, the ugly profession of Priestcraft has re-emerged, with a modern vengeance, in a new and more dangerous form—Secular-Progressivism. I’m sure that the fiercely secular Leftists reading this are squirming. Equating them with religious Priests?!

Okay, here’s the facts:


The “Enlightenment,” Darwinism, and the emerging secular society, all have attacked the West’s Judeo-Christian foundation and heritage, replacing it with a new kind of Ruling Elite, a secular, statist, bureaucratic elite, one that began calling itself “progressive” in order to mask what it truly is.

Progressive-Leftist Elites have, for a century, understood that they could not “fundamentally transform the United States of America” in one fell-swoop. Change needed to be implemented “progressively,” by littles, over time. Hence, the name, expanding power to the government slowly, bit by bit, claiming it was for “the people,” for “social justice,” “for the children,” or “the environment.”

This take-over was by a cadre of so-called “experts,” many from academia, the media, from Hollywood, Big Union, and from, yes, Big Business allied with Big Government. Crony Capitalism. (One of the greatest lies of Western history is the one claiming that the Conservative-Right in this country controls American Big Business. Today, nothing could be further from the truth. President Obama’s largest donors are a majority of the CEOs and owners of America’s largest, Fortune-500 companies. Look it up. That’s a fact.)


The Left today, which commands government bureaucrats, the banks, Wall Street, the teachers’ unions, in fact nearly all unions, works to replace the old Judeo-Christian power centers with secular, leftist entities, who, as the Priests of old, act as go-betweens, mediating between the Ruling Elites and the masses. Different name, same creature.

More sophisticated, perhaps, but nothing more than old-fashioned Priestcraft.


“By their fruits ye shall know them.” What do they actually do? That’s the key. The New Priestcraft Elites claims that only they can save America. These, the agents of Desolation, act as go-betweens, moving back and forth between us and our new god, Government…for a price, of course.

The New Priestcraft, just like the old, also believes that everything belongs to the gods (Government), and as Government’s official mediators, it is up to these Elites (the secular priests) to decide who gets what, and which elements of the economy and society are to be subsidized, and which are to be taxed “nigh unto death.” Since God (the Government) owns everything, then it is up to the Elites, alone, to decide what we get to keep.

That’s why The Left has always hated the Christian religion, because it is essentially an individual, personal religion, founded upon a personal God, one who mankind can approach as individuals, without these mercenary-intermediaries, these “Priests of the Most High.”

Just as Akhenaten taught.

Since the Reformation (both Protestant and Catholic) Christianity has been a threat to The Left. These Desolators hate Christianity because it is difficult to control and co-opt, but mostly because the God of Heaven is a rival to the God of Government—always has been, always will.

This personal, even personalized, God prevents the Elites from shaping society in their own image, frustrating their inevitable mission of becoming “The Great Benefactors of All Mankind.”


Finally, and most importantly, Priestcraft has always been parasitic. In a word, totalitarian. Such is the Left today, and to a tee, because the three (Priestcraft, the Political Left, and Bureaucratic Government) are fusing into the same creature, but in different forms. A sort of Unholy Trinity. All are secretive (in spite of the Obama Administration claiming, when elected, that his would be “the most transparent administration in American history.”) By design, these Desolators keep people in the dark about their true intentions, all the while insisting that “we must trust them” and surrender more of our liberties.


They require that we offer on their vaunted altars the future wealth and security of our children, and the precious liberties for which our forefathers fought and died. We must sacrifice our sacred Constitution to the God of Government, if not willingly, then by force.

My Leftist friends, you mean you didn’t know that you were embracing Priestcraft? That these purveyors of “social justice” didn’t tell you in advance what you needed to know, about Obama Care, about their surreptitious use of the IRS, the NSA, the ATF? About what they were doing, or not doing, in Benghazi to protect our official emissaries? Of course they didn’t! That’s why Priestcraft, from the beginning, is so very evil. It takes away your personal choices, it tells you that “it always knows better,” it practices sleight of hand, and in subtle ways it convinces you, over time, to fall down and worship at the secular altar of the Big Nanny State. In fact, it lives by the Big Lie. It could not survive otherwise.


Priestcraft, at its core, has been resurrected in the modern world. It is operated by the Secular-Progressives among us, and it is here to stay, unless we can break from its mesmerizing gaze, reject its seductive handouts, which are shackling our citizens and bankrupting our nation, and return to the individual liberty and earned prosperity envisioned by our nation’s founders.

Akhenaten knew. He was brave, honest, and wise, though it cost him his life.

If we will be honest with ourselves, we can know too, and by allying with like-minded, freedom-loving patriots, perhaps we can avoid the disaster awaiting this once great nation at the hands of the purveyors of modern Priestcraft, the Desolators.


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