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Published on March 29th, 2015 | by Rick Robison




Over my 61 years in the thick of it, I’ve known both warriors and community organizers, personally, up close. Each is mutually exclusive in key ways. In fact, I don’t think it possible to be both, certainly not at the same time.

It’s not to say that Warriors can’t be good Organizers. Or is it to say that Organizers can’t succeed on the battlefield. What it does say, and I hope to prove in the following few paragraphs, that each role has a mindset, a culture, which always works against the other.

Some of the bravest warriors I’ve known are not necessarily soldiers. They are quadriplegics, mothers, fathers, homeless shelter operators, cancer patients, especially children, and clergy, both men and women. The warrior mind, but more so, heart, is a rare thing in today’s world. It’s uniquely fashioned, and I believe God-given. It approaches a challenge willing to learn—a humble, teachable soul, willing to submit to whatever God, or man, or nature afflicts on him or her, keeping complaints within and refusing to cast blame on others. The Warrior is a survivor, but more so, a savior of others, especially those not as strong or fortunate. These ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq are not warriors. They are tyrants, parasites, even cowards, brutalizing the weak and innocent.

In today’s world, if you are a true Warrior, be grateful. Be at peace. You are one of God’s chosen, one who is divinely endowed to change things for the better. You are God’s gift to a struggling, fearful world.

A Community Organizer, however, is an entirely different critter. He exists, like a virus, to inject himself into a community to infect the masses with envy, jealousy, and, if he is particularly effective, rage. He promotes from the rooftops such statements as “You can’t do this on your own! You need me!” “It’s not your fault, the Man won’t let you succeed!” “They owe it to you.” And my personal favorite, “You didn’t build that on your own! It takes a village, or a union, or a party, or a government—especially a government!”

  • Making the World A Worse Place

The Community Organizer is never grateful for anything, can never be at peace, nor let anyone around him be. The Community Organizer canonizes complaints and makes holy an eternal litany of grievances. The Community Organizer never accepts responsibility for anything that goes wrong. Most of all, as all tyrants have done from the beginning of time, the Community Organizer singles out, then soils, those who are “to blame.” He lives to spawn envy and almost always makes the world a worse place than he found it. The Community Organizer projects upon the crowd his own personal feelings of weakness and inadequacy, but mostly, whether he wants to or not, his own brand of native cowardice. That is why Community Organizers are never Warriors. What he lacks within is what leads him to Community Organizing in the first place.

I believe we are now entering the Age of Desolation, brought to us by some of history’s most treacherous and dangerous Community Organizers. Look around. They’re everywhere.

In 2008, and again in 2012, for some reason, enough Americans believed that a “social justice advocate,” a law professor raised in a most anti-American environment and schooled by some of America’s most dangerous revolutionaries and radicals, was just what the doctor ordered.

  • Suffering An Acute Case of “Hope & Change”

In reality, America suffered from an acute case of “hope and change,” wrapped in an attractive package of wishful thinking, and tied up with the bow of “white man’s guilt.” In fairness to America, we wanted to believe that this man could bring us together. That’s all coming apart now, and will get worse, precisely because the Community Organizer neither comprehends, nor is willing to admit, that everything he has ever learned and lived for, is wrong.

The tragedy in all this is the human cost, the thousands, perhaps millions and more who have, and will, suffer at the hands of such inept leadership, “leadership” that is really none at all.

What America needs now is a Warrior. Someone with the courage, understanding, and resolve of, say, Winston Churchill, who was the only leader of his age who understood the deadly rise, and true nature, of Nazi Germany and how to defeat it—a strong and wise Warrior with a velvet hand—a realist who will not only comprehend what is truly going on in the world, but how best to counter the evil, and bring prosperity and stability back home. Unfortunately, at least for two years more, America and the world will not have that luxury. We will continue to be led by an arrogant idealist, a talk-meister-extraordinaire.

In the end, I hope that America will come to its senses and understand the critical difference between types of leaders, then throw off the Community Organizers amongst us, at least for a time. Sadly, history offers no example of a people or nation ridding itself of this scourge of false hope and change, permanently.

It’s in our nature, I guess, our genes. We are too easily seduced by the man or woman who, in the immortal words of Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro, say, “Vote for me and all your dreams will come true!”

  • Seeking Utopia

In our world today, dreams and nightmares too often meld, delivered to you on a silver platter by the professional organizer, the man or woman who proclaims that a government-controlled “utopia” is just around the corner, if we will just give up “a few” of our precious freedoms.

Yet, history is filled with endless, failed examples (the Soviet Union, Communist China, Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, Pol Pot, Cuba, the French Revolution, on and on) of what happens when Community Organizers have their way with us—a hundred million and more exploited, tortured, killed—the predictable legacy, the only legacy, of the world’s Desolators.

“What has always made the State a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven”—Friedrich Holderlin.


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