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Everyone’s heard of the event, even seen some pictures. I determined to sit through the entire execution-by-fire video, a task I did not want, for obvious reasons.

In the past, I’ve been called “a militarist” by the Left. True, I’ve dealt with these fanatics before in the Middle East, staring into their hollow eyes, revealing a black void where a soul ought to be. I’ve fought against them, in Iraq, and several other parts of the Middle East. Still, in this recent atrocity, I needed to see it, at least on video, the barbarity we’ve all come to expect from these savages.

What I saw sickened me. Still, once again, it was anything but new. This movement is a culture of terror, which has been with us a long time. In fact, in recent years, this is what I’ve identified as the “Critical 3rd Generation” of Jihadi barbarian. What is new, however, is their swelling numbers, and their metastasizing level of sophistication in self-promotion, in creating the carefully crafted image they want to project to very specific, even tailored, audiences.

What follows is my best assessment of what is taking place in the Greater Middle East, and in the world, all of which involves this ongoing Islamist insurgency, now called “ISIS.”

More importantly, the following also involves you.


The first modern Jihadi generation began in the 1930s and 40s, which included the birth of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and elsewhere. Hassan al-Banna, and Sayid al-Qutb, and others, determined that the corrupt and morally decadent Christian nations of Europe and America were ripe for destruction. They also determined to make war on their own corrupt, “un-Islamic” regimes, centered in the Middle East. They called for young Islamist revolutionaries to take advantage of this perceived Christian and Jewish weakness and go on the attack.

The leaders of this 1st Generation were enchanted by the fascist and socialist movements of the early 20th century, inspired and motivated by the Secular-Progressive Leftists in America and Europe. The Fascists and Communists (two sides of the same coin) promoted command and control (totalitarian) philosophies and methods that awestruck these budding Islamists. We know this by an even superficial review of the writings and speeches of this 1st Islamist Generation—blaming the Christian Crusades, Western Imperialism, Capitalism’s excesses, and the competitive nature of “Christian democracy” and republican freedoms, all of which challenged Islam’s “promised victory over the world.”

This was the modern world’s first encounter with a resurgent Islam. And of course, according to the Jihadis, as well as the American Left, everyone’s problems were the fault of Judeo-Christian-Capitalist excesses. Today we see the same Leftist anti-reason being taught in our schools, in our media, and by our leaders, including President Obama.


Then in the 1960s and 70s, the 2nd Islamist-Jihadi Generation emerged, in an increasing number of lands, including Europe. The principal war Islam fought during that period was the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December, 1979, though other “provocations” by mostly Israel and Europe, but also the US, brought the Jihadis out in force. Due to political and military weakness, however, the Jihadis resorted primarily to terrorist attacks against perceived “soft” targets. Hit, terrorize, then run. Thousands of mostly innocent people died, including many Americans, these atrocities spilling over into the 1980s.


Today we face what should have been completely predictable, this Critical 3rd Generation of Terrorist. By now even the most detached among us ought to be detecting a pattern here. More importantly, when discussing the matter with the “Islamist Terrorist Deniers” (such as our President), is the fact that this movement was not, and is not, motivated by past “American atrocities against Islam.” In reality, such has never been the case, though some of these more savvy, and politically aware, Jihadis (those educated by Western Leftists, in Western Universities) have been rising to claim such motivations, seeing the political advantage of doing so.

In reality, this enemy has had us in their sights now for a century, and more. The Islamists hate us, and always have, for basically one reason:  America is the only viable opponent to the eventual Islamic triumph and domination in the world, known to Muslims as “The Caliphate,” Allah’s Kingdom on Earth. We are the Great Satan, Dar al-Kharb (The House of War), Allah’s Diseased Deniers, The Christian Idolaters, and finally, al-Dajjal (the Anti-Christ) (yes, Islam teaches that Jesus Christ is but one of several of Allah’s ancient prophets, but not the Son of God. That’s where Christians “got all messed up”).

Let me say it one more time: We are squarely in the sights of the radical leadership of Islam because, primarily, of who we are and what we stand for. If you don’t believe me, go back and study the writings and speeches of the Muslim Brotherhood founders, the founders of Islamic Jihad, of HAMAS, of Hezbollah, of the Islamic Republic of Iran, of al-Qaeda, and today ISIS. Listen to what these radical leaders preach. Read between the lines. There it is in black and white. And, yes, it’s different from what President Obama and his minions and hangers-on are telling us is ISIS and al-Qaeda’s prime motivators.

Very different.

The truth is that this is a Generational Movement, with ancient roots, a movement that these stalwart followers see no pressing reason to rush. They say: “The Americans have all the clocks, but we have all the time.” Indeed, it has been going on a long time, long before America helped overthrow a hostile regime in Iran in the 1950s, before Israel was born and then fought several wars to defend itself, before America sent Marines into Lebanon, before America drove Saddam from Kuwait, before our Embassies were bombed in the 1980s and 1990s, before the USS Cole was attacked by al-Qaeda off the coast of Yemen, before the US Air Force’s Khobar Towers were attacked or the New York Trade Towers were bombed in 1993, and prior to the 9/11 Trade Towers attacks and America’s subsequent invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. This war has been raging now through Three Generations of Martyrs who’ve determined to demonstrate to Allah (God), that in the highest tradition of the Jihadi Raider, today’s Islamist is still willing to die for the Cause.

(Wait until you see what to expect from the upcoming 4th Generation! The topic of a soon-to-come Post.)

In spite of this very visible war being waged against America and her allies (one I’ve experienced for a quarter century), still America is not being told precisely why these killers are carrying out such horrible acts as burning young air force officers alive, beheading and crucifying children, raping girls and women and selling them into modern slavery. Until America wakes up, and until our leaders and media finally begin telling us the truth, we are not going to respond effectively, nor are we going to see the tide turn in this conflict. If we don’t even recognize the enemy, how do we possibly hope to defeat it?


The following is why we saw such barbarity from the headquarters of ISIS this past week:

The so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS) is not effectively challenged within their borders of Iraq and Syria. In essence, (in spite of President Obama’s assurances) air attacks against ISIS are coming almost solely from American operations. A few Arab Allies are contributing a relative small number of sorties, but America, as always, is carrying the greatest burden. Still, while some damage is being done to ISIS static positions, and some convoys, such attacks are not even close to causing the Islamic State much beyond a mild case of heartburn.

While ISIS advances may be stalemated in Iraq, halting their hoped-for push into Baghdad, the Islamic State sees neighboring Jordan as highly vulnerable, with more than 1,500 Jordanians joining ISIS fighters in Syria and Iraq. Many more radicals within Jordan are anxiously awaiting the call to Jihad against Jordan’s King Abdullah, who ISIS has branded a “puppet of the Americans.” Since Iraq has stalemated, Jordan, which has a majority, potentially hostile, Palestinian population and is politically and economically unstable, is ISIS’s next target.

By burning alive the Jordanian air force pilot, Capt. Mu’ath al-Kassasbeh, the atrocity captured on multiple cameras and then broadcast with a mix of “inspirational music” to a shocked world, ISIS knew that such stark barbarity would further draw a vulnerable Jordan into the fray, which it has.

What ISIS believes, which is far more troubling than whether or not they can destabilize Jordan, is that by burning a Jordanian hero alive, more than any other single factor, this demonstrates just how unafraid ISIS commanders are of any possible punishment by the Obama Administration. In essence, ISIS is shouting to the Muslim World, especially young Muslim men, their primary audience, “We are unstoppable. We fear no power on earth, Allah alone determines our victory. The Americans think they are gods, who can dictate to the honored men of Islam. They are impotent, cowardly girly-men, petrified to challenge the true Warriors of the Faith. Come, join God’s Army. Now is the time. Allah rewards the brave, the valiant, the faithful, with money, land, homes and property, women, concubines, and slaves. If you fail to join us, you will miss this great Godly event, and in the process place the lives and safety of your family (a not-so-subtle threat), as well as your sacred honor, in jeopardy. Allah can and will punish those who fight against Islam, or who run like rabbits from the fight.”

In sum, the brutal execution of Capt. Mu’ath al-Kassasbeh, was yet another stick in the eye of America and President Obama. As well, it is designed to suck Jordan further into the fight, which ISIS strategists believe will bring the downfall of Jordan’s regime, and allow ISIS to occupy additional key Middle East lands and place ISIS on the frontline against Israel. Both al-Qaeda and ISIS believe confronting Israel is essential in their Master Plan to galvanize the Muslim World.

Finally, the brutal execution was a highly effective recruitment video directed at millions of young, frustrated and failing, Muslim men, from 16 to 35 years of age, men who in potentially huge numbers may respond, if given the right incentives.

Of course, the vast majority of these young men won’t risk their lives if they view ISIS as impotent and inept. That’s precisely why the Islamic Republic has been careful to project an image of unstoppable fury, and to cultivate an image of defiance against America. Both tactics are essential.

Buckle up, for without a doubt, we will continue to see such brutal and barbaric displays in the weeks and months ahead. Not only will each planned and orchestrated event capture front page attention, but with each choreographed display that goes unpunished by the Americans, the numbers of young, defiant Islamic men will continue to swell. When America appears weak, such a condition, in the mind of the Muslim male, further verifies America’s shameful, neutered state, that America deserves to be brought down, its death not a tragedy, but a “mercy killing.”

In essence, such is the fallacy of capitulation to this enemy as many in America advocate today, the delusional belief that our resistance to such terror will only create additional Muslim recruits.

America must understand that this is a generational conflict, one that raises its ugly head only when the American enemy appears weak and decadent and in retreat, only when a strategic advantage is perceived. By seeing this enemy for what he is, knowing that the call to Jihad will be received only if these millions of young men see the movement as virile, smart, and effective (meaning “of honor, not of shame”), a movement that cannot be stopped because “Allah has willed it.”

Then, and only then, will recruitments rise to the levels hoped for by ISIS leaders.

Therefore, to defeat this threat we must understand the nature of the threat, the mentality of these young Muslim men and the world in which they live. These fighters, these young Muslim Jihadis, are not stupid. Only when they know for certain that such barbarous acts as we saw this past week will always be punished, swiftly and by at least ten-fold. Only then will the pillage, rape, and murder cease. Only then will these young fighters drop their baklavas, their uniforms and weapons, and melt away. Only then will ISIS crawl back into the hellhole it came from…for a time.

Until America understands these, often harsh, realities, will we begin to see an end to Jihadi terror throughout the world. Only with a continual, ever-present vigilance, will Islamic Lands ever find their way out of the Dark Ages. More importantly, only then will America be safe from Jihadi atrocities and attack.

I know this enemy. There is no other way.


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