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With the recent ruling by the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage in our country, we’ve looked at this controversial issue, easily identifying what we call :

“The Seven Deadly Sins of Gay Marriage”:


The national gay movement holds its cards close to the chest. Soon, however, gay couples, lawyered-up, will demand sacred church marriages, threatening to use activist courts, and the US Justice Department to eliminate any church’s tax exempt status and punish its leaders and members—even jailing them—if they are denied their “rights.”

It’s coming, and you are naïve to believe otherwise.

In fact, it’s already happening. Gay groups have attacked private businesses that, for religious and moral reasons, have refused to participate in gay wedding ceremonies. Private citizens and their businesses have been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for not giving in to supporting gay weddings.


Everything is at stake here, though you may not yet realize where the real danger lies, or where this all ends (and ends is the right word here). Let’s look:


In a 2012 speech by American Masha Gessen, a popular author and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Community spokesperson and activist, a speech that has gone viral, she stated:

“I think that it’s a no brainer that gay people should have the right to marry. But I also think that it’s a no brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. It troubles me because fighting for gay marriage involves lying with what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there, you know, because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that’s a lie. The institution of marriage is going to change and it should change, and again, I don’t think it should exist. …The message on the Pro-Gay Marriage side is a lie, it says ‘don’t worry, marriage will remain just the way it is, it’s just that gays and lesbians will have access to it.’ (Marriage’s ultimate survival) it’s never going to happen (Emphasis added. See Masha Gessen’s speech for yourself on Youtube.).

I’ve read Masha Gessen’s books. She is an excellent author and a brave lesbian woman. With great personal danger to herself, she wrote the definitive Man Without A Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin. She lived in Russia and was targeted by Putin’s henchmen. I respect Ms. Gessen, not only for her professional courage, but more for her honesty regarding the goals and ultimate objectives of the LGBT Community and their allies on the Left. She’d rather be honest than politically devious, like almost everyone else who’s supported the gay marriage movement. (Another Post will be forthcoming documenting this dishonest and deceptive campaign from the LGBT movement, in collusion with the Left.)


The above revelations should not surprise anyone. The Left has been using such tactical weaponry to attack our Judeo-Christian heritage for much of the past century in their ultimate goal of reordering society and using disruptive tactics to further enhance their political power. In reality, one disguised purpose of the Left’s drive to embrace so-called Gay Marriage is to further galvanize the next generation to view Conservative Judeo-Christian tradition with bias, then skepticism, and finally outright hatred. Their plans are succeeding.

“We are five days from the fundamental transformation of the United States of America.”          –Barack Obama (when newly elected in 2008)

Ms. Gessen is absolutely correct. The LGBT Community is a well-paid lackey of the Left, expert in disinformation and deception, using the Gay Marriage agenda to destroy, progressively, traditional marriage and to drive a permanent wedge between the next generation and their ancestors’ values. This of course is designed to destroy foundational social structures, leading inevitably to children and adults abandoning conservative principles of faith in God, self-sufficiency and self-reliance, forced to embrace the secular Nanny State “god” that is rushing to fill the vacuum. This plan is right now successfully swelling the dependency class (look at the numbers), further empowering Leftist leaders in this country, as it’s already done in Europe.

This can’t end well.


If you think that government is too large and intrusive now, just wait until the traditional family comes apart and is no longer the foundation of conceiving, rearing, teaching, providing for and protecting the nation’s offspring. With the destruction of the traditional Christian (or Muslim or Jewish) Family, you won’t be able to grow government fast enough to shoulder the costs—in moral degradation, in homelessness, in almost universal crime, poverty, and drug and alcohol abuse. National despair will eat at our character, and inevitably tyranny will be our lot, our inheritance.

Look around at today’s Leftist Governments. Look at Chicago, Baltimore, or Detroit. We’re there.

Worse, you won’t be able to build prisons fast enough to hold the criminal class that will emerge from the destruction of the traditional family. That’s why this issue is so vital. Yet the Left, in its eternally elitist-arrogance, continues to believe that such “change” will not only be controllable, but “liberating.”

Pure delusion. Political and economic issues are always moral issues at their core. Always.


With federal government recognition of same sex marriage, then mandatory public school sex education for 12 year olds must necessarily including homosexual familiarization, then acceptance, and finally detailed “how-to” instruction. If not, gay political groups will sue to force the issue, calling it “social justice and equality.”

In fact, again, we’re already there.

It’s common knowledge that the traditional gay lifestyle is anything but child-friendly. These unions are typically about the individuals, about “self-fulfillment” about “finding oneself.” The large majority seek sexual fulfillment, and/or security and companionship. They live for themselves with no interest in being saddled with the very long-term costs and responsibilities of birthing and raising children to be productive members of society. Forget the obvious same-sex biological hurdles. In way too many cases (not all, of course), the gay community says “To hell with traditional procreative responsibilities of Christian society, forget the next generation, I’m going to get mine, that’s all that matters!”


I am convinced that Christian opposition to gay marriage today cannot be understood through solely secular eyes. It’s not possible. Consider official government census stats demonstrating how few homosexual unions involve the procreation and rearing of children in their homes (less than one percent of gay couples have children in their own homes under the age of 18—less than one percent!).

As Christians, when considering the procreation of children and the purpose of life, we approach this challenge, and opportunity, from a unique perspective.

For example, originating from sacred writ, we have special insights into the origins of men and women, and our creation as sons and daughters of God. We know how and where the gift of Free Will was introduced, and more importantly, why. Our Heavenly Father has taught us the divine plan of procreating, raising, and loving the children to be raised within earthly families, presided over by a mother and a father. We place eternal value on birthing and raising the next generation of productive members of society.


All these traditional stages in life were designed by our Creator to help us grow, to discover for ourselves the essential, eternal nature of sacrifice and service to others. Adam and Eve set the earthly example. Men and women were created spiritually, emotionally, and biologically, for each other, their ultimate purpose was to “be fruitful, to multiply and replenish the earth.” As you may recall, when Eve transgressed, Adam likewise followed her lead, though both knew such disobedience would force them out of Eden into the cold, cruel world. Still—and this is the point (also made in Milton’s classic Paradise Lost)—the first woman and first man would leave the Garden together, as one, or not at all. Men and women were created specifically for each other, but also as partners with God.

The proper unity of the sexes is the essence of an eternal, Godly Covenant, which Christians are taught from the cradle.

God commanded his children to multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it. Did humans need multiplying? Yes. God’s spirit children needed bodies. The earth was created for this. Did the earth need replenishing? Yes. The land was void of human life, life in God’s own image. It had no purpose. And in the process of subduing (cultivating, tending, protecting, developing), men and women, working side-by-side, were able to create an environment where God’s spirit creations, in effect His children, could be born, nurtured, and taught those eternal values to be then passed onto the next generation.

The entire plan—and the purpose of the earth’s creation—from the beginning rested upon God’s partnership with woman and man, to multiply, replenish, and subdue a wild world. It’s right there in black and white, up-front in the scriptures, in the first couple pages, no less. Both sexes were created as physical, spiritual, and emotional counterparts—equal halves—of “the same flesh.” Male and female were created, from the beginning, to fulfill God’s eternal purpose.

Male and Female are essential to God’s Eternal Plan. They were each created, as described in Genesis, as an equal part of One Eternal Whole.

“Man is not without the woman, nor woman, the man, in the Lord.” No Christian who understands the divine potential for all of God’s children should fail to see how essential, even foundational, is the traditional union of male and female in God’s Plan. It’s why we are here. As Christians, however, too often many of us seem to have forgotten this one essential detail.


Under the covenant God made with Abraham, he was promised that his seed would be without number, “as grains of sand on the seashore.” He was commanded to be fruitful, to multiply and replenish the earth, the same command given to Adam and Eve, and to each of us today. Obviously such a command, in nearly every age, was a life-threatening obligation, and at best, a costly burden and sacrifice for both husband and wife. But there it is, plain as day, in the very first chapter of Genesis.

Unfortunately, this is a heaven-sent responsibility which too many are ignoring, or running from, including a huge percentage of the Gay Community. It goes without saying that the gay sexual union lacks an underlying procreative purpose, but more so, runs counter to it. The gay physical union is, by a spiritual and divinely procreative definition (as contained in holy writ), purely a selfish act, which was forbidden from the beginning.


As modern stewards of God’s Abrahamic Covenant (which remains in effect), we are also commanded to raise a righteous generation. Creating a godly environment for raising children is one of the top two or three reasons we were born. Again, as Christians, we are taught this from the cradle. In fact, looking at the distant past, such an environment did not exist in Sodom and Gomorrah, where the scripture tells us that hedonism (esp. selfish sexual pursuits) ruled, so that children born into that environment “were taught wickedness continually.”

The most innocent, most impressionable members of society did not have the opportunity to choose good over evil (a prime purpose for coming to earth). Since evil was done continually, evil was the only culturally acceptable “choice,” which of course means no choice at all. Satan’s minions had found a clever way to rob mankind of the Godly gift of Agency or Free Will (Satan’s goal from the beginning). With this essential element stolen from mankind at Sodom and Gomorrah, God wiped the slate clean and began again.


Similar examples can be found in ancient Babylon, in the Sumerian cities of Mesopotamia, among the Canaanites of what would become Palestine/Israel, who were so wicked they sacrificed their children to the pagan god Moloch. The Greek cities of the Decapolis (in present-day Jordan and Syria), the Mayan Civilization, the Aztecs and Incas—all were destroyed. In fact, the case could be made that their destruction was due exclusively to their preying upon the most innocent in their societies, that such was a “mercy killing” by God to end the suffering of the children being born into such overwhelming evil.

As Christians, we have powerful insights into the eternal truths regarding the purpose of life. We have the scriptures to guide us, and our religious leaders who we respect and who are called to warn us of approaching evil. The Ancients also had their true prophets and prophetesses, but in the height of their wicked arrogance, rather than listen, they turned on these prophets and killed them.

Are we, today, as Christians, also seeking to silence the prophets, to intimidate them? Or, perhaps we sometimes refuse to speak against what we know is morally wrong because of our fear of criticism, of being publically humiliated on the modern “stocks” of Facebook and other social media?

The pattern is undeniable. The wicked advance boldly when good decides to keep its head down.

We cannot be silent.

This does not mean that we hate those who disagree with us. Please, my Leftist friends, don’t go there. It demeans you. On the contrary, we love our gay friends and pray for them that they might come to a knowledge of the truth.


The Left, however, does not care to know what is truth. When the Left has no moral leg to stand on, it always doubles-down and goes on the attack. This is an age-old tactic, with origins even in the Garden of Eden. Recall, when Lucifer was challenged by God to explain why he’d led Adam and Eve astray, what did he say in his defense? In essence, “How can you be so mean to me, so hateful! I’ve done nothing beyond what has already been done in other places. How can you criticize just me like this! Father, how cruel you are, how hateful and bigoted!”

This tactic is very old and exceedingly threadbare. What’s amazing is that people still fall for it. And what’s even more amazing is when Christians do.

No true Christian wants gays and gay couples to be restricted in their own private relationships. That’s their choice, and their business. We’ve fought against tyrants the world over to protect that choice for all. But just remember my Leftist friends, that right must go both ways.


What we cannot accept is the LGBT Community’s attack on the historically sacred and eternal nature of this institution of traditional, God-sanctioned marriage, then using these poisonous legal tactics to enhance the Left’s political power.

Why Christians Cannot Back Down On This Issue

We know that marriage is sacred, potentially an eternal union, designed by God from the foundation of the world to accomplish one eternal purpose, “To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man and woman.” Eternal life, again by definition, signifies eternal increase, through the union of male and female. Without that increase, the Prophets and the Scriptures tell us, God’s Plan of Salvation is thwarted. The higher laws, and blessings, of traditional marriage (the procreation of God’s children) cannot be attained.

This is the essence—the Alpha and Omega—of why we are here.

Knowing what we know of The Evil One, don’t you think it logical that he would attempt to twist the nature of sacred, God-given marriage? Don’t you think it probable that such a foundational element in God’s plan would be undermined by Satan, then altered, or diluted, even destroyed, using any means possible?


Such is the dilemma faced by supposed Christians today who claim they understand God’s Plan of Salvation, yet at the same time support gay marriage. It’s fascinating to watch them pretzel themselves into unfathomable philosophical configurations in the vain, even quixotic quest, to force both ends to meet.

If a gay couple desires a “wedding,” of course they are free to have one. But they are wrong to use government to force others—essentially at gunpoint, as we’ve seen—to join in or sanction such events. We know this is wrong because it robs the God-given Agency of another. It’s dishonest. It’s tyrannical and totalitarian and steps all over the 1st Amendment. Most of all, it’s attempts to stifle God’s Plan of Salvation.


Again, as Christians, we know that in spite of the popular Leftist mantra of relativism, there is absolute truth. It’s contained in the Holy Scriptures, it’s proclaimed by the prophets, it’s taught by the Holy Spirit. A moral, selfless, giving life is easy to spot. We know it on sight. An immoral, self-serving, sexual gratification-seeking, narcissistic lifestyle that has no interest in raising children in a Godly environment is also glaringly obvious.

We know from history, from life’s best practices, and from the examples of our leaders exactly what we need to do to receive eternal joy and salvation. We know what must be done to multiply and replenish the earth. These are not forbidden secrets buried away in some cave or monastery. We understand that there are purposes, and then, higher purposes. “Many are called, but few are chosen. And why are they not chosen? Because their hearts are set upon the things of this world.”


The Christian Marriage Covenant, for the purpose of eternal increase, if nothing else, is the perfect example of that higher purpose. That’s why the homosexual union falls short, in this world, but more so in the eternities. It’s centered on the participants themselves, first and foremost, and not upon the eternal plan of unselfish creation and service, to multiply and replenish not only this world, but God’s Universe.

It is essential for mankind to overcome the shackling, self-serving schemes which Satan brought to the earth at the time of Eden to bind men down, to rob them of their divine Free Will and their eternal promise, ultimately destroying them.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some fine, sacrificing, gay couples raising wonderful children. Of course there are. We respect them. But statistically, they are a tiny minority, and shrinking. That’s not God’s plan for humankind. It’s counterfeit, and if embraced, it dilutes The Plan and empowers, as proven above, ultimately destructive forces. We have millennia of history, a proven track record, to validate this statement as pure truth.


Traditional Marriage was designed by a loving God for all his children. Please, my friends, don’t join with those who would thwart the plan which God has set in motion. Don’t cheapen, or ignore, this incredible, eternal Plan of Salvation you are privileged to know. For where much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48).

This precious, procreative stewardship you have will one day necessitate an accounting before God. I believe He will look us in the eyes and say, “You were given these eternal covenants and promises, yet you abandoned them. Why?”

For too many, I fear, there will be no answers.



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