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Published on March 28th, 2015 | by Rick Robison


TALKERS VS. DOERS (or, What To Do When A Circus Breaks Out)


Human society evolves. In cycles. First there are warriors, then farmers, then builders, artists, and thinkers. Finally, there are community diversity organizers, or such like that. Inevitably professional talkers take the field. That’s pretty much where we are now in America. And that’s not good. We need productivity, not gab-ability.

You’ll notice that the more clever modern liberals (I prefer “Leftists,” or better still, Desolators) today often end up becoming professional talkers—lawyers, academics, journalists, entertainers, and politicians—professions that also include “community organizers,” various so-called “rights activists,” a type of work where actual, measurable accomplishments (productivity) are rarely necessary to get promoted.

Such professions, however, can and do produce lots of laughs. Send in the clowns.

Like circus clowns, such professionals also learn right away that when you don’t do anything worthwhile, then nothing can ever go wrong. As well, when you don’t do anything significant or risky, you don’t even need to know what you’re talking about. A pie in the face is easy to clean up, and sometimes even tasty.


The only technique required for the professional talker to succeed in dealing with any and all opposition is to feign intellectual superiority, then brand your opponent as: 1) Stupid, 2) Bigoted, 3) Phobic, 4) Greedy, and/or 5) Evil or Hateful. Every modern liberal I’ve ever been attacked by came at me through one or more of these five, narrow-eyed and self-righteous barbs.

Every time. Without fail. Yawn.

Predictably, it doesn’t matter what your sign says, if you’re a Conservative, they’ll brand you a “racist.” Obama’s pat answer to any challenge against his Green Agenda is that the “hateful” opposers “must want dirtier air and water.” Anyone who challenges his climate change agenda is an ignorant “holocaust denier.” Anyone who demands an ID at a voting booth must want a return to “Jim Crow” and to “shackle the black community, once again.” And anyone who wants to secure our national borders from criminals and terrorists must be “racist, undoubtedly a cross-burning, white supremacist.”

Bet the farm, however, that most talkers, if we look into their always veiled past, usually present a shallow or failed resume, a history sporting no genuine, productive, concrete accomplishments—nary-a-one! And productivity? What the hell’s that?!

The proverbial empty suit.

Both Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin were community organizers, and not particularly good at it until they got behind a microphone. The Axis leader and Hitler ally, Benito Mussolini, a hardcore socialist, (Socialism is the political and economic touchstone of National Socialism or Nazism) built his fame before crowds, firing up the frothing masses with his workers’ rights rhetoric and revolutionary zeal. Probably contrary to what you’ve been taught in public school and university, these masses, the so-called “workers, or the proletariat” were the backbone of Europe’s National Socialist movement, which ended up starting the Second World War and costing the lives of 50 to 75 million people! It’s a fact, but sadly you won’t hear it from the Left today, heaven forbid!

Of course, we cannot compare Barack Obama to the above mass-murderers and genocidal madmen. That wouldn’t be fair. President Obama, I believe, is basically a decent man, a good father and husband. But that’s hardly the point. History is a wonderful teacher. It demonstrates how certain techniques always play out (the Big Lie, for example) to sway public opinion and subtly corrupt the people and their leaders until something horrible overtakes us, like the Jewish Holocaust, or Stalin’s Ukrainian genocide, or Mao’s Cultural Revolution, or Cambodia’s Killing Fields, on and on, all combined taking the lives of untold millions of innocent men, women, and children, all delivered to you on a silver platter by some of the most effective community organizers in history.


President Barack Obama, compared to the above talk-meisters and mega-organizers, is a piker. He’s a hopeless lightweight with a vacuous past. We all know this…now. His administration, as well, is peppered with inept “geniuses.” Clowns, really. (Take John Kerry—please!). And if his goals and objectives for America weren’t so destructive, his life would be merely a triviality sporting a comedic, even pathetic, facade. It would be a joke…but it’s not. As is always the case, his ineptitude and native detachment, is getting people killed, and placing America at risk.

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To think that America willingly chose a skilled talker over an accomplished, highly successful and ethical doer during the most recent presidential election, is, simply, incomprehensible. But, of course, Mitt Romney had the gall to oppose The Anointed One in the first place, making Mitt stupid, bigoted, phobic, greedy, and/or hateful or evil.

In a word, “racist.”

Still, I awake everyday and hope that someday, for America’s sake, the Doer will somehow make a comeback. Because, as the saying goes, when you send in the clowns, sooner or later a circus breaks out.


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