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Published on December 10th, 2015 | by Rick Robison




I’m watching the 24-hour news programs coverage of the recent Paris attacks in which an ISIS team of killers struck at multiple locations murdering well over one hundred people and wounding and maiming close to 400. And just like that the media commentator said that she was “shocked” that such an event could happen in the City of Light.

Paraphrasing: “How could anyone be so cruel to attack so many innocent people who were just out for an evening of enjoyment in Paris, a city that never sleeps, a city that celebrates passion for life?”

Really? “Who would do such a thing?” That’s your best response?

Then, now, we witness the carnage in San Bernardino, California, with a gunman (and a woman, in this case) attacking an unprotected (a clue to their targeting preferences?) Christmas party in a local city government complex. Sayd Farook and Tashfeen Malik would have known that the gathering would have no armed security presence. In fact, Farook cased the gathering just prior to returning in full battle dress.

And in all this our media “professional” remains “shocked.”

Please believe me, I am not laughing at our media’s—or anyone’s—blatant naïveté in all this. Such is too serious a matter.


No sooner did the horrible deed go down and our President was on TV running offense for the Left and for radical Muslim leaders, refusing (in spite of overwhelming evidence) to mention anything even remotely related to “Islamic terror” or even Islamic radicalism. Worse—and to his own shameful discredit—he used the crisis as a political wedge, even a weapon, to promote his long-sought, federal gun control agenda, and to criticize (can you believe it?) Americans for not be “tolerant” of those Muslims we live among.

I don’t know about you, but some of my best friends are Muslims and would be the last people to do something as horrible as what was done by these fanatics and murderers.

Mr. President, Americans don’t need lectures. We need leadership!

In reality, the President is consciously practicing the politics of national crisis and fear. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” (In the words of Barack Obama’s own former presidential political advisor, Rahm Emanuel.)

Amazing that our president has no qualms covering for—and he is covering for them just by his inaction—such radical Islamist killers, and for Radical Islam in general, which has killed hundreds of thousands of mostly innocent people—most of them fellow Muslims—over the past two decades, but will feel perfectly comfortable criticizing Christians, conservatives, honest, hardworking, taxpaying American citizens, and those who support the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment (the right to keep and bear arms).


Mind-blowing the world in which we find ourselves, a world that is today so determined to embrace political correctness at any cost, even to the point of national suicide. Then, in the midst of such horrific events our President travels to Paris to participate in an international conference on…wait for it…Global Warming (or climate change, or whatever the nom du jour happens to be at the moment).


Of course this all borders on insanity. But it gets worse:

President Obama felt impelled to explain that the terror we face in the world today is, indeed, directly related to climate change!

And he says such things with a straight face.

What’s even sadder is that nobody even called him on it! There was not a single brave soul in attendance at such a lockstep, starry-eyed, Leftist gathering that would even raise a hand to say, “Mr. President, please show us the direct connect between the two?”

If someone had, I’m certain his response would go something like: “We must fight these evil carbon emissions produced by conniving corporations and greedy capitalists in order to bring the world back in ‘balance’ which will then surely lead to peace and utopian tranquility throughout the Muslim World.”

And all in attendance would of course nod eagerly, clap passionately, and probably swoon.

That is what “shocks” me. To see just how far we’ve sunk into the abyss of fantasy and delusion.

With all that’s transpired in so many parts of the globe over the past four decades, why would anyone be ‘shocked’ at what just happened in Paris, or in San Bernardino, or in seemingly countless other places? In Boston, in Ft. Hood, three times just this year in France alone, Oklahoma, Seattle, Los Angeles, and that’s the short list, and primarily just what’s happened here at home. Abroad tens of thousands and more people have, and are, being butchered by these sadistic, radical Islamists on nearly every continent. And our President and his advisors continue to insist on calling such attacks “workplace violence” or your garden variety “criminal activity.”


Well, these killers are certainly becoming that: “Garden variety,” as in commonplace. But, again, that’s not what makes them so very dangerous to not only those killed or wounded, but to the world as a whole and to our own safety, prosperity, and most importantly, our freedom.

They endanger the survival of our precious liberties. That is, of course, why we are being targeted in the first place, and why the President and his party see this as a potentially “useful crisis” (in their own words).

So, my question to our seemingly perplexed media: Why would anyone be surprised, let alone shocked, by these brutal attacks issuing from radical elements in the Muslim World? Even a superficial review of the history of the expansion of Islam in the world by radical elements would reveal a most recognizable track record, one that has never been easy to overcome (short of a focused, united, dogged determination).


Remember, those who forget history are cursed to repeat it. And that’s what you and I are doing right now.

Since millions of refugees have fled the Middle East, and particularly from Syria and Iraq over the past few years, now flooding Europe and threatening to overwhelm not only their economies, but more so their demographic identities and cultures, why should anyone be shocked? More so, why do we let media spokespersons on our airways who, in the face of overwhelmingly damning evidence, still refuse to call a spade a spade?

Media watchdogs? Hardly.

Lapdogs for the Left.

We know from past evidence, as well as from official ISIS statements, that embedded among these innocent refugees are almost certainly ISIS and al-Qaeda-affiliated operatives. To think otherwise is naïve, while putting innocent people—including our own families—at risk.

More to the point, there’s just no way to vet, to certify, the legitimacy of any of these individuals. You can’t check their past to see if they have a criminal record. Many don’t even have passports, let alone any kind of records you could possibly follow up in Syria or Iraq, even if such was somehow doable, which it’s not. They’ve been caught up in wars and economic collapse for years. The last thing they’d be doing is keeping the kinds of records we could use.


In effect we are taking these mostly poor, downtrodden refugees from sectarian horror, economic collapse, and genocidal war absolutely at face value, no questions asked. Such is a security-man’s ultimate nightmare, what intelligence and security people call a “blind threat” and “impossible to vet.”

So, you witness all the suffering, the mayhem, the blood and gore on the TV recently and you still say that you’re shocked?

For me, I don’t see it. You can be saddened, fearful, confused, and angry, that I understand. But shocked?


This growing, and mutating, threat has plagued me now for over a quarter century. I’ve warned time and again for decades, in my writings, in the media, in hundreds of speeches, that such murderous terror is rushing at us, that such merciless jihadis believe they will win because their motivation is singular—to please Allah (God) and spread his one true faith, Radical Islam, throughout the world. And they believe that their enemy (us) is hopelessly corrupted by an endemically immoral, hedonistic lifestyle.


They need nothing more than to point to an American landfill of on-line pornography, the popularity of gay marriage and the gay lifestyle, the frivolity of social media (which they use as a weapon against us), the garbage that spews from Hollywood every year, and finally to the levels of crime, civil unrest, racial hatred, and fiscal irresponsibility and corruption now built into the American system. In fact, everything I’ve witnessed regarding the radical Islamist enemy over the past 40 years screams that short of a major about-face in America culturally, fiscally, and morally, we may not survive this.

What we’ve seen since 9/11 is only a preamble, a tragic preview of what is to come, the devastation rushing our way, ultimately, by our enemies’ use of weapons of mass destruction.

I’ve had my liberal friends try to tell me that these “workplace violence” attacks (they will never allow the word “Islamist” to be used) is driven by “poverty” and “oppression,” and if we’d just reach out more effectively to these “confused and angry” men and try to “understand them better” then seemingly like magic the threat will dissolve before our eyes. More so, we need to give them more money (in government outreach, “social justice” programs, including make-work, government jobs).



Again, the naiveté of these people (many of whom are working for the Obama Administration) is what is ‘shocking’ to me. The Paris attacks, and San Bernardino, are so blatantly predictable because our enemy sees us as weak and corrupted and “prepared by Allah” to come crashing down. All this makes me want to weep for what has become of our once great nation and people.

I’ve been warning and writing of this growing, mutating threat now for longer than I can remember, and observing it in the field even longer than that. But when trying to get publishers, and leaders—otherwise “educated” men and women—to see the writing on the wall (in neon, by the way) I’ve been told, “Sir, you are overly pessimistic, and over-reactive,” or my personal favorite: “These are regional problems over there which don’t apply to us here.”

No fool like an “educated” fool.

Still, with each new attack the Leftists among us continue to look perplexed, yes shocked, that such things can possibly happen in our modern world, and especially to a nation led by such sympathetic (to our enemies), “socially just” leaders like President Barack Obama.


That’s perhaps the greatest danger of today’s politically correct, mainstream American Leftist culture. By design it blinds the increasingly passive citizen to the truth every time, and it disarms him or her (hence their push for gun control, which has little to do with guns, and a whole lot to do with control), then undermines and weakens key institutions against some of history’s most virulent killers and their apocalyptic movements.


I don’t care if you forget where you heard it as long as you remember it: The so-called “secular-progressive” Left in this country is ideologically hardwired to deal with this enemy in a wholly suicidal fashion. If we continue to follow their lead, we will not be capable of defending ourselves against this surging and mutating scourge on the civilized world.

We will be exposed and ripe for the plucking.

We as a nation are at a crossroads. Please understand that to successfully eliminate this threat—which in the words of our enemy will last a thousand years—we must steel ourselves and turn to a new leader who will have the political will, and moral fortitude and legitimacy, to go on the attack.

Only then.


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