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Fascinating that the modern ISIS Islamist terror-group carries the name of one of the oldest, best known pagan gods of history and antiquity, Isis, a god to which men sacrificed, a god that produced awe and loyalty, even down into our modern day.

While it is probably coincidence that both names are the same, still we think it fascinating the parallels between the ancient pagan cult of Isis and the ISIS brand of radical Islam today. And while the larger Islamic world would reject any and all connection to polytheistic cults of antiquity, in fact most Muslims in the world also reject any connection to these ISIS butchers currently terrorizing much of the Middle East.

Still the topic is worth exploring because of what it reveals.

For thousands of years civilizations the world over, many who embraced the pagan god Isis, have practiced ritual human sacrifice, even the ritual sacrifice of the most innocent among them, the children. Such rituals were performed by Egyptians, Celts, many tribes of ancient Europe, by the Chinese, Etruscans, Carthaginians, Canaanites, even the ancient Israelites, for a time. Also, in the Americas, the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Incas, and several other American Indian tribes. Even the Hawaiians practiced human sacrifice, as did other Pacific Islanders, and many others the world over, too many to count. In fact, one could make the case that the single most important element that brought destruction to many ancient civilizations was their desire to sacrifice human beings, especially those who murdered their children.

Of course, “sacrifice” can mean different things, as we’ve seen with modern ISIS today.

Take the Biblical example of Sodom and Gomorrah. The scripture states that the cities were destroyed by God due to their wickedness. While people argue over whether such was “homosexual wickedness” or some other form of corruption, still one thing can be certain: These two cities in the Dead Sea Plain had become so evil that the most innocent among them, especially the children being born into a fallen and damning environment, had no opportunity to choose good over evil. In other words, God refused to allow his spirit children to be born into a city that “did evil continually,” corrupting the innocent from day-one without the opportunity for the children to choose otherwise.

The two cities were destroyed. Even a patient God, it seems, has his limits.

Many nations and cultures, including the Ancient Israelites, for a time, practiced the abhorrent sacrifice of children to various pagan gods. Europe, Africa, Asia, even America, can claim hundreds of civilizations that carried out such barbaric acts. Many unspeakable examples of the often detailed rituals could be cited. In essence, the case could be made that any civilization that embraces such bloody barbarity is doomed to die a deserved death, and will.

Yes, God has his limits.

That brings us to ISIS today, specifically, and radical Islam in general. In fact, any religion, nation, or political movement that, as a key tenet, advocates the sacrifice of their children, the most innocent among them, will, if history is noted, be destroyed by God. When an Arab mother encourages her daughter to strap a suicide vest on and sacrifice herself, and other innocents, by stepping onto a civilian bus before detonating, that woman’s offering to the Gods of War is really no different from the Canaanite mother tossing her cooing child into the flames of Moloch. When ISIS marches out 21 Christians in a long row and saws off their heads on camera, it is no different that the Aztec priest cutting out the hearts of a string of sacrificial victims on the altar of the God of War, Huitzilopochtli. The caging of a victim and then burning him to death, as ISIS did recently on camera, is no different from the Celtic practice of caging live sacrificial victims, including children, inside Holy Wicker Cages and then immolating them before chanting onlookers.

In reality, the more things change, the more they remain the same. ISIS today in their apparent unbelievable barbarity, are little different from many pagan religions of the past, or barbaric political and military movements of history such as the Nazis. And just as those, over time, were destroyed from off the face of the earth, once again, in all probability, God will not suffer these atrocities to continue in our modern world. In their barbarity, as the past demonstrates, ISIS has doomed their movement to the trash bin of history, though it will require time, personal and national sacrifice, but mostly political leadership, for this to be accomplished. It will require American patriots with the courage and determination to confront this evil.


There are, however, other examples of human sacrifice much closer to home, a sacrifice that was once believed to be, by the Judeo-Christian world, akin to the pagan rites of old, a modern holocaust that brutally takes millions of lives of the most innocent among us. I speak of the sacrifice of millions of unborn children every year, in abortion, throughout the world. America’s toll is bad enough. But in Asia, in Russia, in China, the numbers are staggering. Since the Bolsheviks took over in the former Soviet Union, amazingly abortion has been the principal method of birth control even in Russia today! In China, millions of fetuses were aborted by decree, the government enforcing their One Child Rule. Millions of unborn children, the most innocent and perfect among us (in fact, as Christians believe, the closest to God), sent from a heavenly home to find love and acceptance, yet received in much the same manner as ISIS treats their sacrificial victims. Today these tiny children are brutalized on the all-important Altar of Convenience, the “right to eliminate them” a sacred tenet of the Desolators among us.

As with the atrocities of every evil civilization of the past cited above, make no mistake, America and the world will not escape God’s wrath in this matter. As Jesus said, when someone injures one of these innocent ones, “it would be better for him that he would place a millstone about his neck and drowned himself in the depths of the sea,” (Mark 9:42).

As the Bible warns us, “beware the land that eats its own (children),” (Numbers 13:32).

In effect, that is what we have done and are doing, making us not a whole lot different from ISIS today, and the pagan Isis of old.

My prayer is that people will begin to open their eyes to this woeful hypocrisy of our day, a truth from which we can no longer flee. If we continue much longer, God help us.


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  1. Valerie says:

    What a well written article! I had not made that connection before and especially the part about abortion in the end. Fascinating and yet so sad!

    • John Locke says:

      Valerie, Thanks for the encouraging words. Yes, so much of our world is not as it appears. That’s what we try to do here at, we make those connections and then hope that someone out there has that wonderful “Ah-hah!” moment. Keep reading! All the best, –John Locke

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