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Published on October 2nd, 2015 | by Rick Robison




I doubt that most readers of this blog today remember that ad that used to be in every comic book we, as kids, would buy for 25 cents. It was a picture of a muscular bully on the beach kicking sand in the face of a skinny wimp, and right in front of two beautiful girls, who both appeared disgusted with the weakling who was too much of a wuss to stand up to the bully. By extension, the ad was saying “what woman is going to want a man who is too much of a spindly coward to stand up for himself and those he loves.”

Then, next to that cartoon, was another image, of that same loser after bulking up (on a muscle machine, protein powder, judo book—name your product) and punching out that same bully with a powerful right cross, all the while the girls nearby “oohing and awing” over the “manly-man” who just won their heart.

Here’s the deal:

While such images appear today as the height of all cheese, and today most people would laugh at the clumsy attempt at manipulating the reading customer, still, the underlying principle is as old as men and women have walked the earth. If you don’t want to get walked on, you’ve got to defend yourself.

Now, I also agree, that it takes an even stronger man to sometimes walk away from confrontation. In fact, much of the time that is my strategy for avoiding highly distracting battles, confrontations that nobody wins.

But here’s the kicker: That’s not true all the time.

Today Russia has moved into the Middle East, in coordination with their allies in Syria (the Assad Regime), and in partnership with the Islamic Republic of Iran and their Shi’ite minions. Putin just sent a representative to the American Embassy in Baghdad to warn President Obama “to remove all US aircraft from Syrian airspace or risk a military confrontation.” Then, without warning, Putin and his forces bombed our Syrian rebel allies all to hell, the ones we’ve been training and equipping, killing not only our friends, but also a goodly number of innocent bystanders, including children.

This is crazy, you say!

Then you might add, “I thought that the Russians, including Vladimir Putin, promised President Obama the other day to help the US attack ISIS, who are butchering their way through the Middle East.”

And, of course, I say, “Yes, he did make such a promise, and then in typical ‘Vlad the Impaler’ mode of operation, broke his promise and went on the attack, killing many of our allies, fighters that we’ve spent hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ hard earned money training and equipping.

Oh well. No skin off our nose, right?

Not exactly.

You might say, “Why did President Obama trust this man in the first place? He’s been deceiving others and murdering his way to the top, advancing his expansionist policies since the first day he took power in Moscow.”

And he took power by deception and assassination.

Big surprise, you say.

It gets worse:

Putin and Russia have allied with Iran, which is waging war throughout the Middle East, using their Shi’ite (and some Sunni) confederates, in Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and even North Africa, to sow pain and suffering in order to advance the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regional agenda, all in alliance with Russia.

Obviously Putin has bigger fish to fry.

Top that off, Putin and the Ayatollah’s are laughing at the gullibility of the Obama Administration that appears so desperate to broker some kind of “peace” deal with Iran and to find someone willing to “say” that they will help defeat the butchers of ISIS (or ISIL, as the President insists on calling them).

The dangers are mounting, in a broad field, dangers that threaten to not only blow up the Middle East and shutdown the flow of the world’s lifeline of hydrocarbons (oil and natural gas), but also to spill over into many lands, including here at home in the good ol’ US of A.

Not if, my friends, but when.

The Left today in America and in the world is like the Left of the past century, these so-called “Progressives” who’ve insisted on the insane (and wholly false) mantra: “War is never the answer.”

Trust me, men like Vladimir Putin love to hear that people are embracing such suicidal insanity on a nationwide scale.

Of course, such tyrants are also highly pragmatic. They realize that sooner or later their passivist enemies will come to their senses and begin to resist their aggressions. Putin knows that even Obama, who’s steeped in his Leftist ideology and culture, will one day, finally, be forced to act.

But in the meantime, Putin is also a gambler who plays the odds. He knows that the Obama Administration is in office still for more than one more year. He is certain that if he can keep his actions but a steady crawl towards his goals, on multiple fronts, and act like the “channels of diplomacy are still open with Obama’s Capitulator-In-Chief, Secretary of State John Kerry, then he can continue with a free hand for more than another year before he might have to then toe the line and stop killing people and occupying a multitude of foreign lands—in Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

Even then, if another Leftist Pacifist, like Joe Biden, or Bernie Sanders, gets in as our next president, Putin will celebrate, and continue his personal rampage of pillage, rape, and plunder.

He remains “Putin the Gambler.” He sees the odds and likes what he sees.

What’s the bottom line?

Passivism, like Gandhi advocated, only works with people who’ve got somewhat of a conscience. Attila the Hun eats Gandhis for breakfast. The man, or woman, who will not stand up for him or herself, gets not only beach sand kicked in their faces, but will be driven entirely off the beach, if not brutalized and murdered first.

Such is the way of bullies. And such is the wisdom of that old comic book ad, encouraging the wimp to finally “bulk up” and be a man, not a victim.


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