Big Lie (Taqiya)

Published on April 14th, 2015 | by Rick Robison




Recently President Obama spoke to the National Prayer Breakfast, an annual event held in our nation’s capital the first Thursday of each February. This year President O determined to lecture the gathering of 3,000 Christians from all 50 States. What he said did not make many of the attendees happy. In fact, the history he offered was anything but accurate. What’s worse, he seemed to revel in insulting his hosts, offering a revisionist view of Christian “history” and placating those few Muslims in attendance by linking the Crusades of a thousand years ago with Islamist depredations of today.


It wasn’t the fact that he was critical of Christianity, but that he determined to lecture the audience by citing a nonsensical assortment of supposed Christian depredations: “Lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ. …So this is not unique to one group or one religion. There is a tendency in us, a sinful tendency that can pervert and distort our faith.”

Okay, Mr. President, in all humility, you asked for it.

In truth, the Crusades (which occurred not today, as we see the depredations of ISIS and al-Qaeda, but one thousand years ago) were not Europe’s sortie into imperialism, as some on the Left wrongfully insist. There is no evidence that such was the case. The Pope called for the Crusades in reaction to a full-out Muslim imperialist invasion of the Middle East, the heart and core, even the cradle, of Christianity. The Crusaders were not attacking the Middle East to enrich themselves and to conquer lands for Christ. There is no evidence that such occurred other than in a few isolated instances. The vast majority of Christian kings, princes, and knights, along with thousands of the poor and common, traveled to the Middle East at great personal cost, a large percentage sacrificing their lives to starvation, disease, and attack by local tribal armies bent on plunder and capturing bodies for their slave trade. The Christian’s, in nearly every instance, sought to liberate the holy sites, to offer penance for past sins, to start a new life in the Land of Jesus, and to avenge the depredations by Muslim raiders against humble Christian pilgrims.


This is one of the truly great lies of the Left, over the past century, foisted as a weapon against the Christian Right, claiming that the Crusaders were nothing but pillaging opportunists, using the name of Christ to gain power and line their pockets. The problem with this view is that such does not hold water, as new research has come forth, from both Christian and Muslim sources, to finally correct the record.

What we find is that President Obama’s recent description is not only inaccurate, but insidious and self-serving. The Desolators among us, for political gain, have pounded this theme for years.

The Left knows the Christian Right is no ally.

The Muslims, in attack after attack on Christian and Jewish towns and villages, as well as upon Persian and Hindu lands, record (from their own sources) untold murders, castrations, torture, rape and enslavement. Millions (as hard as that number is to comprehend) were put to the sword, and again, these figures are from Muslim sources.

In 732 AD, a Muslim Army, under the command of General Abd-al-Rahman al-Ghafiqi, invaded across the Pyrenees Mountains into the heart of France. They were not there for the wine. One man alone rallied Europe at the time—Charles Martel, “The Hammer”—halting the advance of Islam into the heart of Christendom, killing General al-Rahman, and driving the Muslims out of France and back into Spain. This one battle, known as the Battle of Tours, almost certainly altered history and saved Christianity…for a time.

Again, Islam continued their attacks, in the east this time, pushing into Austria to the gates of Vienna—twice—almost overwhelming this Christian cultural center. Of course the Muslim war on the Viennese was not to better admire their art and architecture, or to enjoy the chocolate, but to conquer, then plunder anything that could be stripped, sold or traded, especially including women and children.

Muslim raiders attacked Christian shipping in the Mediterranean, taking slaves to auction in the flesh markets of Istanbul, Cairo, Tripoli, and Damascus. They tried to invade the city of Rome, conquering and looting much of the south of the Italian peninsula. Obviously they were not there to learn the finer points of Catholicism.


When the Crusaders marched east, the Christian World was under siege by Islamic Armies, attacking from Spain into France, making war on Russia, Austria, and the Byzantine Empire. Christianity was fighting for its life. The Crusades were purely a defensive move, and an attempt to liberate the Holy Land, particularly Christ’s City of Jerusalem from Muslim military occupation and religious depredation.

From the beginning of time slavery was practiced by all nations, tribes, and peoples. It wasn’t until the 1700s that Christian-led abolitionist movements in England began to fight against this otherwise universal practice of human trafficking. William Wilberforce, for one, at great personal loss, began the Church-based movement to finally outlaw the practice, and bring the full weight and force of the British Empire to put an end to international human trafficking, at least within the Empire. From the time of Christ, Christianity and Christian Nations have, in general, brought stability, innovation, civility, and freedom to an otherwise dark and brutal world. Those who led the fight against slavery in America were nearly all Christian Abolitionists. There are always exceptions, but overall this is a fact of history, yet one the Left, these Desolators among us today, are trying to suppress.

By examining what President Obama told the National Prayer Breakfast that day, obviously America’s Desolators have been highly successful in spreading their lies. His harangue against Christianity has become widely accepted and even now taught in our schools. What a tragedy to truth.


In reality, practically nothing the President said that day rings true. As well, the President seems lost in a time warp, determining to equate ISIS terror today with events and conditions existing one thousand years ago. What does this say to the families of those ISIS captives in Syria and Iraq being tortured, burned alive in cages, raped, enslaved, and beheaded—those Americans, Japanese, Jordanians, Brits, Arabs—Christian, Jewish, and Muslim, and countless others—who have assumed that the leader of the most powerful nation on earth would give a damn about their plight, let alone their survival?

What does it say about a President who would rather falsely, and safely, lecture a gathering of peaceful, merciful, humble Christians, rather than make the truly hard decisions, and take the risk of actually doing something to stop this horrific evil in its tracks?

It takes courage to take on such a large-scale, murderous force for evil.

It tells me President Barack Hussein Obama is the wrong man, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. It also tells me that he’s probably, heaven help us, a coward.

Lord help us when this murderous, lecherous fury lands on our shores, which it will, sooner or later.


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