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Published on June 4th, 2016 | by Rick Robison




I am not a woman, but my wife and I have five daughters. I also have a granddaughter. I see a world that they are inheriting that in many ways is increasingly more hostile and destructive towards women than any time in the past century.

Recently I reread Betty Friedan’s lauded book The Feminine Mystique. Ms. Friedan is considered an American feminist icon. Her book criticizes our patriarchal society and how women have been kept in “bondage” by the American male, and given the responsibility, and necessity, of being “baby factories” and holding the American Family together and doing it, essentially, as beaten down, second-class citizens.

While I’m always fascinated by Ms. Friedan’s conclusions, I suspect that her book—considered by many as the single greatest feminist work in history—has done much damage to women, and certainly to children and families, and to the strength of our nation. Her premise and point: Women are fools to “settle” for building successful homes and families when they could be “famous scientists, lawyers, doctors, and most of all, academicians and writers” (as she was).

Again, I am not a woman. Yet I am confident that what the nation’s feminists are espousing has more to do with capturing and holding national political power than actually improving the lives of individual women in today’s world.

Here’s why:


I’ve observed as women are actually imprisoned in Iran for the “shame” of being raped, stoned in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia for supposed immoral acts, publically flogged for “rebellion against their husbands,” murdered by husbands or family members for “dishonoring the family,” and in some ways worst of all, having young girls forced to have genital mutilation performed on them due to archaic tribal customs in mostly the Middle East and North Africa in an attempt to “keep women chaste.”

When these atrocities, and far more, are being carried out, I’ve never seen America’s famous feminist leaders even raise a finger, or even an eyebrow. Yet, when an American conservative dares to suggest that perhaps we should take a look at the abortion practices in this country as carried out by Planned Parenthood, or when a program providing free birth control (paid at taxpayers’ expense) is discussed being cut, out comes the feminists en masse, picketing the state capitals and Congress, raising holy hell. And if such issues happen to arise during an election year, look out!

(Further evidence of their political motivations.)

Today in the world (and even in the States) we see some of the most visible and brutal acts against innocent women that the Western World has witnessed for years, since long before Ms. Friedan even thought about ignoring her family to write a book. In Syria and Iraq the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS, or ISIL, as President Obama prefers) is growing in power and influence and spreading into towns and villages, brutalizing one after another.

ISIS fighters specifically target women in each of the cities they take. Captured Christian and Yazidi (and others) women are separated from their men, who are then executed, or put to work as slave labor. The captured women, by the thousands, are then sold and resold as sex slaves. Their lives (which are often short) become the worst kind of hellish nightmare.

Women in the Islamic State are categorized basically two ways (and “women” include girls as young as 8 or 9 years!): 1) Wives; or 2) Slaves. Wives include mostly Muslim women who’ve traveled to Syria and Iraq and joined these terrorists to assist in any way they can. Most are married off right away to Jihadi fighters.

Some, if they have specific skills (doctors, nurses, IT specialists, accountants, school teachers) are put to work, but all are soon married to fighters. Within ISIS it is necessary for women to be attached to a man, for her protection, and to preserve her honor. (The fact that women must be “protected” in their system, speaks volumes.)

Again, to my feminist friends, these women are, in essence, even Muslim Women, much closer to chattel, or personal property, than free human beings. They belong to a male (a father, brother, or husband), and at the least are monitored by a male to ensure that they are “protected” and not doing anything that might bring the males associated with them “shame.”


In the case of non-Muslim women, however, an entirely different hell awaits them. Christian and Yazidi women, for example, exist with basically two options: death or slavery. If they are young and pretty, they will be made sex-slaves for ISIS fighters, even those males who are married. Their role is to “relieve the stress of Soldiers of Allah” who presumably come in after a long day of pillage, rape and plunder, and then go pick out a sex slave for an evening of religiously-sanctioned rape (the act actually preceded oftentimes by a “prayer of thanksgiving”!).

These poor women are kept in chains and in close confinement and are often raped many times a day. Most are given contraceptives so that they will remain “available” for their new sole purpose in life, as short as that life will likely be. Their abuse is continual, the horrors they face each day unimaginable.

These Christian and Yazidi girls are often forced to perform porn-inspired acts with these men that injure them viciously. As well, since these girls come from highly “honor-shame” conscious families and cultures, when raped, even when against their will and when they fight back, they are considered “unclean” and filled with shame. Thus, many of these girls seek death as soon as possible. Suicide has taken many.

ISIS fighters sadistically brutalize even the very young girls. Women and girls are trafficked by a large ISIS slave network, which also ships these women to other Middle Eastern states, like Syria, Yemen and even throughout North Africa, where captives are exchanged, sold and re-sold. If a woman tries to escape she is severely punished, and sometimes executed in a horrible way, as a lesson to others to submit and not even think about freedom.


And in all this, where are America’s powerful, and always vocal, feminists? Why do we not hear from them, or see them demonstrating by the thousands, like we saw when they thought the government was about to cut off free contraceptives to college students.

Again, where’s the outrage?

And why are they not standing up against the many women joining this ISIS madness? You’d think that with all the complaints they typically manage, about men, about America’s supposed “war on women,” that they might, perhaps, just maybe muster a few words in support of Christian and Yazidi, sex-trafficked women and girls?

Oh, come ladies. Even though it’s an election year, you can’t be that busy, or that jaded.

Yet, still we wait.

Without a doubt they are politically motivated. Feminists have always seemed to have a focused determination to attack the Right-To-Life Movement and the Christian Right, in general, accusing the Republicans, in an election year strategic tactic, of “waging a war on women.” Exactly where that battle-front is raging currently I’m not sure.


Today the only groups rescuing these Christian women abroad have absolutely nothing to do with our American feminist ladies, not a whit. They are…yes, wait for it…American and European Christian groups, many operating at very high personal risk, trying to rescue even a few, if possible, and putting their people in grave danger in the process, most of them—yes, you guessed it—American males.

Sadly, this is a harsh reality of our time. The Left and those feminists who support Leftist causes are so blatantly hypocritical that they strain at the American Right-To-Life Movement “nats” while swallowing the ISIS Slavers and Beheaders “camels”…so to speak.

These modern Desolators, these Feminist hypocrites, would rather spend their millions gaining greater American political clout, and further bankrolling the breakdown of the traditional American family, than be bothered spending time and money helping young, innocent women in far off lands, lands that while deserving, are never going to be found voting in any upcoming national election. What’s worse, many of the women they’d be helping would be, you also guessed it—Christian.

For me, that says it all, and why I’ll never be an American Feminist booster. Simply, I just couldn’t stomach the hypocrisy. What these feminists stand for is anything but safety, protection, freedom, and the well-being of women, in America, in the world, any place women might actually be suffering or in fact having a real war waged on them.

The Modern American Feminist.





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