Desolating the People

Published on March 29th, 2015 | by Rick Robison



White Guilt & Your War On Women   

How can modern so-called “Liberals” shoulder White Guilt about the brutal practice of slavery more than 150 years after the fact, (I don’t know anyone in my extended family that has ever practiced slavery. Do you?) while at the same time turn their backs on the more than 52 million abortions of the most innocent among us, taking place in this country since the Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade?

Additionally, more than half of those murdered babies were girls, according to statistics, yet for some reason are not worthy of discussion in an age where Conservatives, no less, are accused daily by the Left of waging a “war on women.”

Doesn’t it strike you as just a wee-bit hypocritical? Am I missing something?

The Right Understands, & The Left Sees It As “Open To Interpretation”

More to the point, doesn’t anyone on the Left, particularly among so-called Liberal Christians I know, go to bed at night feeling just a twinge of guilt knowing what we know about where these young souls come from, their Godly potential, and their legitimate, God-given right to life and liberty, not to mention the pursuit of happiness? How does anyone actually believe that these innocent, completely helpless ones, have less rights than the rest of us?

Tell me, why, on the Right, that these issues are so crystal clear, yet on the Left, open to “interpretation,” or more often, not even worthy of serious discussion? Aren’t Americans—Right, Left, or Indifferent (so-called “Moderates”)—weary of this most significant ethical issue being shoved aside? Instead false-flag issues such as so-called “gay marriage,” legalizing pot, animal rights-the snail darter, and so-called “global warming” (replace with any of a dozen current, yet equally frivolous, issues and causes) command the airwaves, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube?

Believing what you believe as a Christian Democrat about where these most innocent spirits come from and their ultimate potential, how can you remain politically manipulated, even silenced, within the very party that claims to stand for equality and social justice? Have you not seen what happens during an abortion, particularly the Dr. Mengele-like late term version? The cold, detached barbarity is Jack-the-Ripper-esque, and in the horrific numbers of little bodies piled up over the years, genocidal. Even today, such carnage continues in the millions in this country and around the globe.

Why Won’t You Explain Your Silence On This Satanic Barbarity?

As yet I’ve never received a coherent response, nor talked with a single Christian Democrat who could look me in the eyes while defending their support of this atrocity.

As a Christian, knowing what you claim to believe, you must accept that this issue goes far beyond just the act of terminating pregnancy. It cuts to the heart of a society’s ethical foundation and moral legitimacy. It is caustic to the soul; it corrupts and destroys; the ultimate selfish act.

Paraphrasing Jesus, “Verily I say unto you, as you did it unto one of the least of these, you did it unto me.”

In the end, my friends, as the most innocent among us are sacrificed by millions on the altar of convenience, or political expedience, or just plain old fashioned selfishness, in reality, all I’ve ever asked of you is just an ounce of honesty…just an ounce, nothing more.

Still, I suspect that your answer may be a long-time coming.

God help America. God help us all.


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