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Published on August 4th, 2015 | by Rick Robison



Reality One: The Desolators in this country have transferred TRILLIONS of dollars from the nation’s producers and successful people to the poor, “free of charge,” “no obligation.”

Reality Two: What do the poor have to show for it? The numbers of poor and dependent continue to rise in all areas—the inner city, the rural regions, even in the suburbs.


Okay, my Leftist Friends, remember: We’ve got eyes on you now.

Time for an accounting. You ask why? For starters, why hasn’t this unfathomable amount of national production—which represents millions of hard working Americans’ blood, sweat, and tears—why hasn’t what amounts to tanker-loads of welfare cash and benefits, raised the poor from poverty to success and prosperity? Your friend Carl Marx promised that by “spreading the wealth around” (also in the words of President Obama) that would “lift all people to a utopian level of prosperity and success.”

It’s not happened. So, my intellectual friends, what’s going on here?

Until the Left in this country can answer that one question honestly, I cannot understand why ANYONE would continue to reward such an obviously bankrupt political model with their vote during election time.

Of course, we know there’s much more at play here, political gamesmanship which the Desolators among us have hidden and honed to a fine art.


The nations’ Leftist politicians have, like heroine dealers, hooked an entire (and growing, by design) segment of our society on “free” government handouts. It’s the Left, again by design, who are empowered politically by making the idle poor, and the working poor, increasingly dependent upon them. We call this “the Nanny State.”

What a tragedy! Millions of human beings, millions and growing.

The nation’s so-called “Liberals” are, in a very real sense, subsidizing poverty. Economics 101—when you pay people to be poor, you always get more poor people. Our Leftist, Socialist Government nurses the dole along, keeping people dependent upon government bennies for nearly every facet of human sustenance.

Such idle dependence often leads to drug and alcohol abuse, then escalating suicide rates and domestic and gang violence. Fatherless, Nanny State Boys, turn to street gangs for protection, desperately seeking purpose and a place in life. Young women, encouraged at younger ages by a rotting culture to become sexually “free and active,” end up pregnant, often with STDs.

Not only has the Left subsidized and enabled all this (with taxpayers’ hard-earned cash), but then encourages these young women to abort their babies in larger, even genocidal, numbers (millions a year worldwide), further empowering the Desolators, who, as we now know, profit financially by actually selling aborted fetuses and baby parts! The Nazi’s Dr. Mengele would be proud. So would the eugenics-advocate founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger (viewed an iconic hero by the Left).

“Woe to them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)


Our Leftist leaders, instead of creating opportunity to build and protect wealth and teach people how to contribute to the nation’s strength and prosperity, for political gain—for votes—promote and subsidize (with your money) bankrupt cultures and lifestyles. This then piles up, generation upon generation, guaranteeing nothing beyond a meager existence for millions, the shackles of the perpetually dependent, in reality, dammed and stunted by those leaders who should be liberating them.

That, in my mind, is criminal.

Human beings have the potential of rising to the stars. Instead, many of our leaders have condemned millions of God’s children to perpetual poverty and despair. It’s so blatantly obvious it’s amazing Americans aren’t marching on Washington en masse demanding change!

Look at the numbers, the millions on welfare, subsidized housing, food stamps, cash payments of all kinds, “free” medical benefits, and educational indoctrination in our public schools. That’s the very short list. Leftist indoctrination of our kids, which the taxpayer funds, is the norm in our schools. 70-plus percent of black women give birth to babies without a father to be found, creating swelling millions of dependents, taught to worship at the feet of the Nanny State. About half of America’s citizens now receive government assistance (the largest percentage are white), those benefits, of course, paid by their hardworking neighbors, who more and more wonder why they work so hard while others ride free on their backs.


We know that “Government” doesn’t pay for these programs. Of course not. Government produces nothing. The American worker and the entrepreneur, the investor and the creator, pay for all these programs. We the citizens, however, must realize that we are, to some degree, all responsible. We continue to re-elect self-serving politicians who continue these fiscally and morally bankrupt programs that sap not just our nation’s wealth and security, but cripple peoples’ lives in the process.

Let’s be honest.

In the long-run, you don’t eliminate poverty without changing this carefully crafted culture of dependence on Big Government. All people matter. And you will never raise them up without also teaching them how to be independent, hard-working, and morally upright and responsible. Of course, such talk does not further the political objectives of the Left in America today. Such talk, in fact, makes them angry…and afraid.


When we enable a dishonest, even insidiously crafted, policy of poverty to continue shackling certain classes of people (all political constituents of the Left, by the way) this is NOT compassion and never will be. It’s exploitation for political gain. It’s condemning people to a form of slavery so that the Left can maintain its power.


What we see in spades is the hypocrisy of the Left, that cares more for its own self-serving political power and the elimination of any challenge from traditional conservatism in this country. The Left claims to be “pragmatists,” to do whatever it takes to “solve problems.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Following that claim, the Left then adds that they are “intellectual pragmatists,” so to “help people” they must “challenge traditional authority” and break down Conservatism, which “doesn’t work.”


In reality, the Left is neither pragmatic nor intellectual. But they are highly totalitarian—true dictators at heart—preaching authoritarianism by carrying forward the destruction of the very moral, civil, and economic freedoms which made America great in the first place.

They preach of “individual rights,” but in practice promote collectivism or socialism, which is the very OPPOSITE of individualism. The Leftist Academic Elite (in our schools and universities) even shout about “enfranchisement (voting rights) and universal suffrage,” but in practice promote judicial and bureaucratic hijacking of the democratic process by using Leftist judges and courts to short-circuit, then counter and steal away, the will of the people.

We’ve seen this time and again over the past decade, in nearly every state in the union.

The Leftists among us talk of “workers’ rights,” but promote the heavy taxation, control, and regulation of our nation’s labor unions and the political hijacking of “free” voting rights within those unions. The Left uses union dues and under-the-table payments and pension schemes to ensure Democratic election victories.

In the end, the Left promises a “Grand Utopia,” “heaven on earth,” if we will but give them free-reign, total election power, to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” (Barack Obama), while at the same time they have a very high toleration for the universal “hell” that totalitarian systems always bring the people. The Left counters, “Just give us more time, more money, and more power, and it will all happen ‘someday’.”

In essence, the Left has always promised much but delivered only misery, economic and moral rot, and inevitable personal and national hopelessness.

So, tell me again, why would anyone in their right mind vote these Desolators into office in the first place? Why will so many voters again, in our next election cycle, return to the Nanny State trough for more freebies?

Well, okay…looks like I just answered my own question.

I hope, however, that you are not one of them.


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