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Islamist global terror may be on the verge of going viral. I realize that this is an alarming statement. It’s true, however, and I’ll explain why.

So, how did we get here?

In essence, through a combination of a modernizing Islamic World, a global technology explosion, particularly in social media and access to modern weaponry; also the existence of a demographic bubble of young, restless Muslim men now coming of age, created by the medical advances which lowered Muslim infant mortality rates over the past 30 years.

More importantly, however, is the disintegrating global moral climate and weak leadership from the Christian West, particularly from the United States.

Add to that multiple corrupt, nepotistic, jaded Muslim Governments, and more so the increasing influence of Salafist-Saudi oil-money poured into propaganda over several decades, hopelessly radicalizing much of a generation of Muslim youth.

Today we see the critical 3rd Generation of Jihadi, the generation that is finally going viral. In fact, it’s happening before our eyes, yet too many still haven’t recognized it.

Sadly, our media lacks the historical perspective and the political objectivity to catch this…so far. In reality, as mentioned, we’ve entered the Age of the 3rd Generation of Islamist Radical. And as long as there is minimal push-back, they will continue to go on the attack. That’s why they’re here, they believe.

The FBI and DHS are warning law enforcement and their families, as well as military personnel and families to be aware of ISIS (or a competitive al-Qaeda) potential targeting, referencing specific ISIS chatter, particularly on social media. Attacks coming to US soil (or originating from local radicals) are likely to happen and should be expected.


Increasingly Jihadi terrorist social media sites are upgrading their “reasons” for attacking the Christian West and America. They’ve learned what to say and how to say it. They’ve come to understand that there’s a massive Leftist propaganda machine called the American Mainstream Media that’s primed and ready to hear and promote their message, especially if it benefits or agrees with the American Left. These young, well-educated (some in Western universities) Jihadis are citing identical arguments that American Leftists, anarchists, even communists (as well as Ron Paul, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton) have made in recent years regarding why America must be “humbled,” and “fundamentally transformed.”

Such statements can be summarized: “We are attacking the Americans because of their past ‘depredations’ against Blacks, Native Americans, women, and other minorities. Because America is raping the world’s resources, destroying the world’s climate, and oppressing innocent Muslims and others, America must be destroyed. Allah commands us to destroy them through ‘Jihad’.”


These terrorists and their Leftist ideological allies in Europe and America, are laughable because while studying the Islamist radical, and working against him over three long decades, I’ve never known a single Jihadi (meaning: those who struggle to spread the faith) who cared a wit for the environment, or for oppressed minorities or women, or in any way showing concern that America was supposedly “stealing” the world’s resources.

Never. Not once. Not a single time. What they now accuse us of is, in fact, a very recent phenomenon.

As further evidence, these were never the reasons claimed by earlier Islamists and terrorists, including Osama bin Ladin, Ramsi Yousef, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Imad Mughniyah, Abu Abbas, Abu-Nidal, and even going back to the Muslim Brotherhood and Sayid al-Kutb, or Hassan al-Banna, from half-a-century ago. They always cited such reasons as the corrupting nature of America’s wealth and success, of American sexual immorality and abortion, of America’s support for “un-Islamic” regimes in Muslim Lands, for America’s corrupting “cultural dominance,” and for arresting and killing Jihadi warriors who were terrorizing the world.

But never, until today, have the Jihadis ever raised issues of “social justice,” or “cultural oppression,” or “raping the environment,” or so-called “equality,” not until this new 3rd Generation, those who’ve been educated in Western universities, watched the many Hollywood productions of anti-American films, and read the classic “hate America first” secular-progressive literature force-fed to our kids in practically every university and public school in the country.

This 3rd Generation of Radical, these tech and media-savvy new generational fighters, simply are learning very effectively how to add “punch” and supposed “legitimacy” to their age-old arguments of conquest in the name of Allah. Today they win sympathy from the many Western Leftist and Anarchist leaders and movements—professional America-haters—and counter criticism for their brutal actions by making supposed “moral equivalency” with America’s sometimes bloody past and the Christian West’s checkered historical reputation (deserved, but more often, not).

Of course, anyone with even a superficial understanding of ISIS and their current depredations, slavery, rape, beheadings, and other war crimes, as well as the propaganda of the Left regarding America’s supposed historical “crimes,” will find these Jihadi accusations laughable. Unfortunately, among today’s American Low Information Voter, an accurate, or even any, historical understanding is effectively nonexistent.


Obviously all this is troubling. It demonstrates the growing media sophistication of ISIS (and the lack of sophistication among Americans), having secured some effective publicity and media savvy, which will make ISIS that much harder to defeat, particularly within global Muslim Communities.

As well, such a traditional Leftist media approach by ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Iran, tends to neutralize the push back from the current American Administration, staffed as we know by many who actually agree with these ISIS and Islamist statements.


Again, as I’ve advocated for years, in the end the battle will be won or lost almost entirely in the Muslim World. We’ve got to counter these disingenuous claims and prove to the world that these radicals are merely calling on the well-played, traditional Leftist mantras of the past century, which tend to resonate with the Low Information Voter (the largest segment of voters on the Left in America today).

This is precisely why President Barack Obama and his Leftist minions are the wrong people, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Handled right, however, we may be able to not only neutralize ISIS propaganda, but also discredit the American Left’s deceitful political agenda and underhanded political tactics, which have for years harmed this great nation.

Let’s hope so. When the American Left, and ISIS, end up adapting each other’s political playbook, even the most detached voter has got to make the connection…right?

I hope so. It’s about time.



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