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Published on March 30th, 2015 | by Rick Robison




I admit it, this one causes blood to shoot from my eyes. I hear it all the time—“If we weren’t ‘over there’ stirring them all up, then none of this ‘ISIS’ threat would exist. It’s America’s fault!”

Rarely will you hear spouted more damaging nonsense.

It always amazes me just how clueless otherwise educated and intelligent human beings can be, and just how foolish and blind the so-called “intellectual elite” have become in our day. You really believe that by confronting evil with a strong hand will, in and of itself, leads directly to increased evil in the world?


(“All it requires for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”—John Kennedy) Do you refrain from arresting bank robbers, fearing that by confronting them, it will lead only to a flood of new bank robbers, rushing forth to avenge those you’ve collared, killed, or imprisoned?

Come on, get serious.

In reality, America faces a threat that has been brewing and mutating for at least three generations. Yes, that’s right, in the modern age we are facing the Third Generation of Jihadi—tech-savvy and far more brutal than either his father, Abdul, or grandfather, Abu-Abdul.

While Jihadi warriors have, for centuries, carried the struggle of spreading “God’s One True Faith” throughout mostly weak Christian, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Hindu, and Buddhist lands, beheading, pillaging and plundering to their heart’s content, still, their brutally expansionist passions were beaten back over the past several centuries by a surging, capable, motivated Christian West.

  • “Weak As A Woman, Abu-Jahl!

Islamic fighters then settled into accepting their fate, generally, until the early 1900s, when the Ottoman Caliphate (Islamist Empire) collapsed. Following a brief stint getting in bed with European powers, Islamic Lands were then divided up and lorded over by a gaggle of local dictators, mostly weak and hopelessly corrupt (with a few notable exceptions). Since that time—the critical three generations—Islam has seen the rebirth of expansionist fervor, emboldened and empowered by a growing lack of resolve in the West.

Look at Europe. Spineless, spent, “Weak as a woman, Abu-Jahl!” In the words of the Jihadis.

  • First Critical Step In Expansionist 101

Like the Nazis who required an enemy to rally against (the Jews), so these modern Islamo-Fascists do the same, identifying America as “The Great Satan,” and Israel, “The Little Satan.” There is little, or nothing, you or I have done to set this calculated, expansionist, misogynistic, even racist, force in motion. You are not to blame. If not America, the Islamists would choose another enemy, first critical step in Expansionist 101. I know this not from some worthless media report or a modern “expert’s” opinion-piece, but from the mouths of these terrorists and fanatics, themselves, first-hand.

Tyrants and the purveyor’s of terror always use this method. It’s the proven path used by the Islamists and their successors from the beginning. For Muhammad it was the Jewish Tribes that opposed him, or the pagans of Mecca. Revolutionaries use it because it works.

  • “Back Off the Knife”

Amazingly, the televised beheadings of men, women, even children recently, were so monumentally barbaric that even the older al-Qaeda terrorist elders (the Second Generation—who are not squeamish about blood, even innocent blood) were repulsed by these graphic images to the point of telling ISIS to back off the knife. But ISIS butchers essentially told them to kiss-off and go back to cowering in their caves, to leave the revolution to the real Jihadis, this latest generation of “true Mujahadin,” the Warriors of the Faith.

Imagine what that says when you actually out-fanatic the fanatics! And since ISIS is the third generation of modern Jihadi, doesn’t it make you wonder what the fourth generation will be like, those growing up with stacks of butcher knives and bloody heads lying about the house? In other words, what happens to the world’s soul when a beheading becomes as common, even passé, as say, a gay wedding in Utah?

Makes you wonder. That said, what I want to tackle here is what this means personally, to you.

Unless we skillfully handle this one, and soon, the world you know today will die. Whether you’re interested in these zealots or not, will not matter. The fact is they have you in their sights. They are determined to turn your world into a living hell, and do it using some proven and effective methods, techniques and technologies that will make September 11, 2001 a picnic, by comparison. These terrorists, this key Third Generation, represent a movement that goes back awhile. Since the early 1980s, when I first began working against several early terrorist factions, I marveled at how well they could mutate to survive, even flourish, and quickly, like a virus-gone-viral, like a serpent shedding its skin.

  • They Can’t Understand It, Can’t See It For What It Is

These were, and are, not young poverty-stricken, jobless men, womanless and frustrated to the point of striking out against America, like a rattler striking at anything during “the blind,” though often portrayed as such by apologists on the Left. These Desolators, like their brother-in-spirit, Vladimir Lenin, have never understood that there are, in fact, things that are more motivating and world-changing than political and economic power. The Left has always feared, and even hated, religion for the wrong reasons. It’s in their collectivist DNA. They strike at it because they can’t understand it, can’t see it for what it is.

Remember, these fanatics are not “victims” of America’s exploitation and depredation in their homelands. These radicals were, and are, Jihadis, and proud of it—most from successful families, men who rise to what they believe is Islam’s greatest call, to “subdue the earth,” to turn Dar al-Harb (the House of War, represented today by America), into Dar al-Islam (the House of…—no, not peace, heaven forbid—Islam does not, nor never has, meant “peace.” It means “submission,” understood as “submission to Allah.”) The whole world must, according to prophecy, submit to Allah, to Islam, and to the teachings of the “Last Prophet,” Muhammad.

“Let it be written, let it be done.”

This war, in one form or another, has been going on for centuries. No amount of apologizing, or tribute (ransom—the Islamic jizya head tax), or sweetness and light, none of it will placate the beheaders. The graphic, on-camera acts of animal barbarism are not done out of rage. Please understand, these are highly choreographed and calculated displays, designed to accomplish basically three things—first, to demonstrate to the Muslim World (their base) the weakness of President Obama, the Americans, and their Arab allies, who appear feckless in their tepid responses; second, as recruitment videos, which indeed bring in young volunteers by the thousands with each public showing. Understand, these cold, arrogant beheaders are considered heroes; and finally, to strike terror in the hearts of the “soft, pampered, and corrupted” Americans and Europeans, who see such acts as too horrible to comprehend.

(Such primal, dehumanizing and dispiriting acts, and the motivations by which they are executed, should cause us an involuntary shudder, if we truly understand where this leads. These metastasizing killers will not spare even our most innocent. Read between the lines, here, please!)

As one who’s stared into the eyes of these animals—one-on-one, up close and personal—witnessing for himself the vacuous, black void where a soul should be, please accept, if nothing else, this one truth: The attacks of nearly every radical Islamist terror group of the past century are not due to anything you, or I, have done. Of course, the Desolators among us have tried to paint such a self-serving picture. It tucks neatly into their overall political agenda. Don’t fall for it. ISIS is not America’s, or Israel’s, fault. These groups, with or without an American or Israeli enemy, would still exist to kill and plunder, moving always against the weakest victims first.

These are really bad men, who use a great religion to steal power, to line their pockets, to justify using and abusing women captives (as the Jihadi warriors of old who spread Islam with the sword, as well as their seed, throughout much of Asia, Africa, and Europe), and execute their sadistic passions on the innocent. Please, please don’t fall for the secular-progressive lies. Such a boneheaded mindset is not noble, nor sophisticated, and it cannot help us now.

In fact, it will get many innocent people killed, as it’s done already.

  • We Have Never Been So Vulnerable

Finally, without a united and effective counter-attack, and soon, which includes US Troops on the ground, ISIS and their allies will consolidate power over these conquered lands in the heart of the Middle East. There they will further entrench, eliminate any internal opposition, and use their captured wealth to further arm and train a swelling army of global Jihadis. With such resources, the next 9/11 will, at the hands of these calculating fanatics, bring America and the West to its collective knees. How do I know this? Because I know how they think and what they dream. And I know the level of sophistication they will call upon to cripple us.

We have never been so vulnerable.

Today we live in a marvelous age. But this same technology, which pampers and coddles us, is a double-edged sword, one that these zealots will turn on us, in our cities, our towns, in our malls and even, heaven forbid, in our schools.

It is coming, if we do nothing. And considering our current president’s mindset, “nothing” may be his preferred plan of “attack,” dictated (and cursed) as always by his Leftist Ideology, as much of a sacred religion to the Desolators as anything in Holy Writ.

For Heaven’s sake, Mr. President, hit back, and hit hard, with skill and surgical devastation, and do it now…before it’s too late.


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