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Published on April 7th, 2015 | by Rick Robison



“I look through the present trouble to a time of tranquility, when we shall have it in our power to set an example to the world.”  

– Thomas Paine (1776)


While blessing the world, American technology is also empowering the terrorist enemy, allowing him to reach further, on multiple fronts, with greater potential influence and devastation. Modern innovations, including mass destruction weaponry and social media, are making the earth’s formerly backwards “Servants of Allah” into aggressive, unforgiving “Warriors of the Faith” whose physical numbers—also due to technology—are multiplying at two or three times our own.

First are weapons technologies, especially the spread of weapons of mass destruction. Technology has miniaturized, made cost effective, and distributed the world’s most dangerous devices to increasingly wider audiences. Technology offers a tiny cadre of Jihadis, acting alone or supported by rogue nations, hellish powers over entire countries or regions. See ISIS, with less than 100,000 members in the Middle East, controlling and threatening, broad swaths of the region, coupled with the willingness of communist, and former communist regimes,  to provide modern weapons technologies to terrorist groups and states. With the marketing skills of the capable entrepreneur and mercenary, the most efficient and effective in earth’s history, weapons are flooding these unstable regions.

Second is the proliferation of information technologies, especially including the internet and social media, along with cell phones encrypted radios, and cheap and easy video and audio software technology, all potent devices in the Global Jihad, and all used operationally by our enemies to recruit fighters and attack us with increasing sophistication.

And finally, Western medical technologies, which have drastically lowered infant mortality rates in Muslim lands, rates that were traditionally sky-high, creating an Islamic World awash in kids, many of them bored and seeking adventure, as well as spiritual purpose, in their lives. The numbers are arresting and, as we shall see, fueling the Global Jihad.


In the struggle for Allah’s supremacy, the jihadis see no hypocrisy, nor do they comprehend the irony, in using American technology to destroy the only nation capable of developing such miraculous systems and devices in the first place. Osama bin Laden admonished his terrorists to use the technology of America and “turn it back upon their own heads.” Yet, the militants seem oblivious to the fact that, for some reason, Allah has not endowed Muslim lands with the capacity to invent any advanced technologies, whatsoever. Muslims must flee to free nations of Europe, Asia, and the Americas to unchain their scientific and medical creativity. If I were a Muslim I would want to know why productivity and ingenuity are practically non-existent in the heart of the Muslim World. And unless Allah would willingly provide me an answer, I would look with a jaundice-eye at these militants who claim to offer a “better way,” as they shout from the radical mosques every day “Islam al-hal!” “Islam is the solution!”

“Freedom of expression is Western terrorism!” 

-Banner displayed at radical Islamist demonstrations, Europe, 2006.


 We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in.”

 – Thomas Paine (1776), U.S. Founding Father


The numbers don’t lie. The GDP (gross domestic product) of all twenty-two Arab countries put together is less than Spain’s by itself. The United States’ GDP alone is more than twenty times greater than all twenty-two Arab countries combined, though these Arab nations contain about 30 percent more people than the USA! The productivity of Islamic countries is pathetic. Such glaring irony and hopeless hypocrisy is pushed aside as the terrorists put their qafiya-wrapped heads together and plot how to destroy the world’s premier center of innovation and success, desperately seeking to thrust the world back into medieval darkness.


More than thirty years ago former Algerian President Houari Boumediene spoke to the United Nations, predicting, “One day millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. They will go to conquer. And they will conquer with their sons; the wombs of our women will give us victory.”

Europe is in trouble. Birth rates have dropped like a stone, except amid the millions of mostly Muslim immigrants to the continent, and within the teeming Muslim populations on Europe’s doorstep to the south—these very foreign-foreigners who eye Europe hungrily. Short of drastic reversals, demographers (population studies experts) project that within twenty to forty years key regions and cities in Europe will have become Islamic. As Muslim critical mass is reached in many areas, sometime within the next decade or more, millions of Christian-Europeans, especially the educated youth, and the financially well-healed, will see the writing on the wall and jump ship for America, Canada, or Australia. The Islamization process can only accelerate. What has brought this on so suddenly; and how does this affect America and the war against Islamist extremism?


Muslims are still having babies while most Christian-Westerners (in Europe, Russia and Canada), as well as the Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese, are not. For centuries Middle Easterners have had high birth rates. Culture dictated that women produce children, especially boys. While lots of children were born, due to backward medical practices and disease, a smaller percentage survived to adulthood. Not anymore. Due to modern medicine, principally antibiotics and better hygiene, innovations and information obtained mostly from the Christian West, babies who would have died are now growing to adulthood. In most Middle East countries today 60 percent (or more) of their citizens are under the age of thirty. These surging Muslim populations are sweeping the world not by proselyting new converts, but by birthing them in millions.

In Europe, many Muslim immigrants refuse to assimilate into European society. Millions see no reason to, as governments have catered to them, even feared them and attempted to buy them off with expensive welfare programs, paid for with brutally high taxes on the backs of the productive, mostly non-Muslim, populations. Obviously, European leaders have appeared weak and impotent in the minds of Europe’s Islamic radicals. As is dictated by the Quran and Muslim culture, which lacks respect for such blatant weakness, Muslim children are becoming increasingly hostile to, and violent towards, Europe’s older secular culture.

Further compounding the problem, in part due to these predatory taxes, “Christian” Europe’s citizens, (and in Russia and within the old Soviet Bloc), too often choose childlessness. If the trend continues Europe’s apparent death-wish will be achieved as European, Russian, Japanese, even Canadian populations decimate themselves in one or two generations just as Muslim populations, both in Europe and in the Middle East, surge to new highs. The raw numbers are stunning and can be found in the CIA’s online World Factbook at:  (


The rock-bottom replacement fertility level for a population (which happens to be the fertility rate of the United States) is 2.1 births per woman in her lifetime. Europe, Russia, and Canada, however, range from 1.8 to a low of 1.4 (Greece and Spain). Japan and China are roughly comparable to Europe’s lowest average.

The outcome of such disastrous trends is easy to project. At this rate Spain’s population will cut itself a quarter or more in just one generation, then chopping that percentage again with the next generation. Worse, these populations will be aging, increasingly sacrificing their former dynamic or innovative structure or nature. These mostly “Christian” nations are literally dying. Many believe we are witnessing the rise of what may be called “Eurabia” as European Muslim births, as well as Muslim immigration into Europe, continues to surge.

By comparison, look at Muslim lands to the south of Europe, bursting at the seams with young people (again, approximate live births per woman in her lifetime):

Saudi Arabia               3.8

Pakistan                       3.8

Yemen                         4.9

Afghanistan                5.4

Somalia                       6.0

Mali                             6.1

Niger                           6.9 !

What do these population trends tell us?

Negative growth rates devastate a population and destroy a nation, especially when compounded over two or three generations.

Worse, a civilizational clash is inevitable in Europe and Russia between traditional Europeans and the more recently-arrived, and growing, Muslims. As the Middle Eastern/South Asian/North African population “pressure cooker” seeks an outlet, European lands located nearby will find themselves under siege. Many experts tell us they already are. Rarely do such cultural/economic/political clashes end well.


Europe’s leaders have failed to learn a critical lesson, even after the “education” of two world wars. A little known event, wholly ignored by the American and international media took place between 2000 and 2003 with the quiet merging of the European Union, the Arab League, and the Palestinian Authority. America’s media barely yawned, rolled over and turned back to the frivolities we are continually subjected to. Few happenings, however, will have a greater long-term impact on America’s security.

Europe has been changing in dangerous ways for years and America doesn’t have the foggiest.

“How horrible, fantastic, incredible, it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a faraway country between people of whom we know nothing.”

                                 – Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain,

radio broadcast to the British people (Sept. 27, 1938),

playing down Nazi Germany’s growing military threat.

The above statement plagued British Prime Minister Chamberlain for the rest of his life. Two days after making such a foolish and weak comment, Chamberlain met with Adolf Hitler and signed the Munich Agreement, allowing Germany to attack and brutalize Czechoslovakia. That evening when returning to England, Chamberlain announced to cheering crowds that he had “secured peace with honor; peace in our time!”

Winston Churchill, however, knew better. Seeing the growing danger, he said: “Those who appease the crocodile will simply be eaten last.” Mr. Churchill was right. Germany’s Hitler used Chamberlain’s weakness against him, secretly preparing for war as Britain sat comfortably before the fireplace, foolishly accepting the “promises” of a genocidal maniac. “Peace in our time.” Only Winston Churchill had understood. Within a year, when Germany was ready, it attacked Great Britain and World War II was fully, yet probably unnecessarily, underway. Perhaps as high as 100 million people, mostly civilians, would die.

Right now the fascist crocodile is lurking among today’s self-deluding, weak “Chamberlains” of America and Europe. Several key foreign policy shifts have taken place in Europe in recent years, again wholly missed by America’s media. These are officially sponsored anti-Judaism or anti-Israelism, tied closely to anti-Americanism, and pro-Islam and pro-Palestinian political strategies. Europe’s leaders in deceptive, self-serving fashion, have not only sold-out America to tyrants and terrorists—now manifest as The Islamic State (ISIS)—but these modern appeasers are actually hoping to placate the Islamist radical “crocs” swimming among them.

Following the 9/11 attacks on U.S. soil, killing 3,000 people (some of them European and Muslim), many Europeans joined Muslims worldwide in celebrating the attacks as if somehow “America deserved it.” Old Europe is just that, fading with each passing day, deluding itself that it can somehow avoid being eaten alive.


Whether President Obama will acknowledge it or not, we are at war, and have been for much of a century, though America’s had few, if any, Winston Churchills to sound the alarm. Europe’s path of preference for appeasement is undermining the war against militant Islam in its various forms. To win, the revolutionaries know they must secure the support of, and then radicalize, the swelling mainstream Muslim community worldwide. Many key leaders of this community live in Europe.

Without the backing of the world’s Muslims, however, the terrorists will not prevail. History teaches that Jihad must expand or die, primarily because it produces nothing useful to mankind. ISIS, and al-Qaeda, must rape, pillage, and plunder to survive and expand their “Caliphate” (Islamic Empire).

Terrorists always require Muslim moderates to provide safe haven, to allow a fertile environment for the recruitment of young suicide killers (the cannon fodder of the revolution), provide funding and support, run political interference against “the diseased Christian nations,” and put pressure on vacillating, weak-kneed world leaders to, at least, remain neutral. Without the loyalty, and the cover, of the greater Muslim community, especially in Europe (where 50 million Muslims now reside), these tyrants and terrorists will fail.

The American retreat in Iraq, combined so well with further capitulation by the Europeans, has empowered the terrorists and their dictator-financiers and backers. Worse, the American defeat has convinced, even forced, Muslim moderates worldwide to run and hide, or throw their support behind the radicals. They have no choice. If ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Iran can convince the majority of Muslims that America is spineless and weak, not to be trusted, and soon to be defeated, the greater Muslim World, (called al-Umma), will get in line behind the radicals. When this happens, American influence will be finished, and so will the world’s last hope of liberty.

However, if American stands strong and is victorious in Iraq, attacking and destroying ISIS and al-Qaeda, and prevents Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, the majority of Muslims in more than 75 nations will see that America is the “strong horse” (in Osama bin Laden’s own words), the “honored victor” which Muslims can depend on, the true Fortress Liberty that will stand firm against terror’s and tyranny’s onslaught.

As well, a determined US victory in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan (against the Taliban) could help the shaky Europeans find their lost backbone, encouraging them to join us in the fight to defeat tyranny and Islamist oppression.

Regardless—and this is the ultimate reality—there is one factor that will rapidly increase the number of Jihadi suicide martyr recruits rushing to destroy America…capitulation and retreat against ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We must not lose this war.

“The ruling to kill the Americans…is an individual duty on every Muslim…in order that their armies move out of all the land of Islam defeated and unable to threaten any Muslim in compliance with the words of Almighty God: ‘Fight the pagans all together as they fight you all together.’  …And peace be upon our Prophet, Muhammad… who said ‘I have been sent with the sword between my hands to ensure that no one but Allah is worshipped.’”

                                       – Osama bin Laden

“The strength and power of despotism consists wholly in the (peoples’) fear of resistance.”

– Thomas Paine (1776)



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