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Published on June 13th, 2015 | by Rick Robison



“Mistakes have been made in this war (the Iraq War). But advancing freedom is never a mistake.”

– William Safire


“The independence of America would have added but little to her own happiness, and been of no benefit to the world, if her government had been formed on the corrupt models of the Old World. It was the opportunity of beginning the world anew…of bringing forward a new system of government in which the rights of all men should be preserved that gave value to independence.”

– Thomas Paine (after the Revolution)

“…the opportunity of beginning the world anew…” The United States of America, since its founding, has freed more captives and destroyed more dictators and evil empires than any other nation, or combination of nations, in history. Thousands of Americans have died fighting to free Muslims, in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Somalia, Bosnia and the former Yugoslavia, and again in Afghanistan and Iraq today. What other nation has been so willing to sacrifice its brightest and best for the freedom of others, including Muslims?

Tyrants fear America’s boundless freedom and unlimited potential, opportunities that millions risk everything each year trying to reach. In contrast, how many attempt to sneak into Cuba, Iran, or North Korea? America is a lighthouse to the world because it embraces liberty and equality unlike any other land. Terrorists fear freedom, American-style, because it offers self-determination, built upon the God-given principles of personal choice and free-will. Liberty will always be the natural enemy of dictators and terrorists.


America is a vision, a beacon, as much as an actual place. Liberty’s seed is universal to the human soul. To these terrorists the most dangerous threat they face is a nation patterned on American freedom, backed by America, and located right in the heart of the Islamic Middle East. Such a nation, freedom’s safe haven, will be the catalyst, the silver bullet, for ultimately defeating tyranny and terror. The seed of liberty, planted and nurtured in fertile ground and defended with patriot’s blood, will spread throughout all lands. America and her allies have already accomplished this on two continents during the recent century by defeating both Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Today these nations are not only free and prosperous, but our finest allies. However, their path to liberty was anything but inevitable, costing the best blood of the 20th century, translated into tens-of-millions of innocent lives.


God help the world if America loses heart and abandons its hope to free the struggling, shackled souls in every land. Who could replace America in the war against tyranny and terror? Could Russia? China? Europe? How do you compare such nations to the United States anymore than Vladimir Lenin compares with Thomas Jefferson, or Josef Stalin to James Madison, or George Washington to the “dictators-for-life” Mao Tse Tung or Napoleon Bonaparte? My friends, these historical examples tell us much. The American ideal of liberty, proclaimed so beautifully in The Declaration of Independence, and restated later in The Gettysburg Address, is the gift of God to all. It is priceless; a legacy of sacrifice offered to the world’s downtrodden and oppressed, and unmatched anywhere.

Most Muslims today live in a rough neighborhood—the craziest cul-de-sac on earth. If you live in the Middle East serial-beheaders are the boys next door. More dangerous, the tyrants and their secret police, the dreaded mukhabarat, know where you live. In these places who would be foolish enough to speak freely or be seen cozying up to the Americans, the advocates of “dreaded liberty”? Many of the world’s moderate, mainstream Muslims exist day-to-day in mortal danger, of their wives and daughters being raped and tortured, their sons snatched away, brutalized and buried alive in unmarked graves. I’ve seen the works of these fanatics and sadistic thug-dictators in many lands. Absolute evil does exist. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

There are, however, Muslims brave enough to stand against terror. These heroes should not have to stand alone. We must vow to never again abandon our allies, no matter the cost. The world doesn’t have to like us, but it is essential they respect us, and if necessary, fear us. Most of all they must trust that America’s word means something.

The majority of Muslims will join the forces of freedom only when they are certain those forces will stand with them. Only when America is publicly, forcefully, committed to absolute victory over tyranny will we find the tide beginning to turn. Our survival depends, first and foremost, on standing united and resolute. Secondly, upon our dependability and honor. In an increasingly shrinking world, serial beheaders are but a few hours from your back door. Soon they’ll be closer.

“If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately.”

 – Thomas Paine



We are being abused and diminished in the international media, yet offering barely a whimper in our own defense. Rumors and conspiracy theories run roughshod over the truth about America in practically every land. Amazingly, many in the Muslim World still think 9/11 was actually carried out by Israel, or by America herself! They actually believe we attacked ourselves to give us the excuse to attack them. No matter what it takes, we must short-circuit this insanity. We will never prevail by losing the media war, which today means social-media, a cornucopia of new technologies for connecting with the world’s citizens.

Initially, we must empower the moderate reformers within the global Islamic community. They are key. We must, with skill and discretion, support leading women’s groups in select regions. The Islamic World’s version of the emerging feminist movement is an ally to freedom. We need to assist them (discreetly, of course), buoy them up, and enhance their effectiveness and influence. How hypocritical that many of America’s well-known feminist leaders are mute on Muslim women’s issues, refusing to join the fight while their sisters struggle beneath the lash, murdered by the thousands for “male honor” in Muslim lands, while huddling beneath a shroud of black? Beyond any doubt history will condemn their silence and political two-facedness when they could actually do some real good.

Other Muslim reformers are found in Middle East and Asian universities, and especially in business and professional organizations. With greater skill and discretion we must reach out to them. Again, they don’t have to like us, but they know (better than we) that we both face the same scourge. The enemy of my enemy…

Finally, we must reach Muslim children and stop the funding of radical madressas (militant Wahhabi-backed Islamic schools preaching hatred) in this country, and abroad. We must make media war on the Wahhabi-Salafi network, in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, and in other places where the cancer of this ultra-radical Salafism (the fanatic creed inspiring Osama bin Laden, and now ISIS) has spread. If we are unable to counter this poison being mainlined into Muslim youth worldwide, we will lose this war. Sooner or later your neighborhood church will be retooled into the conqueror’s mosque. One day someone will ask you (and it won’t be a request) have you bought your prayer rug yet?


This is a race against time, and victory in Iraq and Syria over ISIS and al-Qaeda buys us that time. In this sense Iraq is the modern Alamo. This time it must not fall.

Why is Iraq so critical? Amazingly nearly everyone seems to be missing this:

For centuries Iraq was the political and intellectual capital of the Islamic World. Iraq has always been highly influential within Islam, as it is today. It is the cultural bridge between Sunni and Shiite, between Arab and Persian. A free Iraq, Shiite, Sunni, and Kurdish, can influence for good Muslims in every land. A free, successful, secular Iraq is the prototype for a worldwide Islamic renaissance, creating the long awaited foundation for Muslim enlightenment, even a new culture of personal liberty, for a modern, evolving Islam. This will help alter Muslim societies from within, and help clean out the many infected pockets of terror.

Obviously this won’t happen overnight. But it can happen, if America has the will and the vision, and if American leaders can, for the good of all, pull this war out of the sludge and quicksand of personal political gamesmanship. This is neither a Republican nor Democrat issue. It belongs solely to Liberty, to all peoples, everywhere.

“Our defense is in the preservation of the spirit which prizes liberty as a heritage of all men, in all lands, everywhere. Destroy this spirit and you have planted the seeds of despotism around your own doors.”

– Abraham Lincoln






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