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Published on July 22nd, 2015 | by Rick Robison




Clarence Thomas: “I didn’t think it was a good idea to make poor blacks, or anyone else, more dependent upon government. That would amount to a new kind of enslavement, one which ultimately relied on the generosity and the ever-changing self-interests of politicians and activists.

“It seemed to me that the dependency it fostered might ultimately prove as diabolical as segregation, permanently condemning poor people to the lowest rungs of the socio-economic ladder, by cannibalizing the values without which they had no long-term hope of improving their lot.

“These were rooted in the lessons Daddy had taught me (Clarence Thomas’ ‘daddy’ was really his grandfather, filling in for his real father, who had abandoned his mother and Clarence).”

Judge Thomas was lucky. He had a grandfather who was willing to step in and take the role of his dead-beat dad, who had fathered him and his brother, and then decided to leave and let the government support his young family.

Young Clarence was a bright kid. It didn’t take him long to see that in reality, with the growing seductive plans of the Left in this country, represented by the Democrats, that they would co-opt, or in effect buy-off, large numbers of poor, black Americans, offering to become their Benefactor. Thus, in America, the Nanny State was born, sired by corrupt, dishonest, self-serving politicians.

Later in life, as Clarence was attending Law School, determined to lift his family, including his respected grandfather and grandmother, from poverty, he met John Bolton. Mr. Bolton would later become a prominent lawyer, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, and international political guru. One day they were discussing politics. Clarence was torn between the conservative principles his grandfather had taught him and the Leftist, Big Government—Big Brother seduction as taught by the university he attended.

One day John Bolton said to him: “Clarence, as a member of a group (the Black population) that has been treated shabbily by the majority in this country, why would you want to give that government even more power over your personal life?”

“You know, that stopped me cold in my tracks. I remembered Daddy (grandfather) tell me when I asked him why he’d never gone on public assistance. He told me: ‘Because it takes away your manhood. You do that and they can ask you questions about your life that are none of their business. They can come into your house when they want to, and they can tell you who else can come and go in your house.’

Judge Thomas went on: “Both Daddy and John (Bolton) were actually making the same point. Real freedom meant independence from government intrusion, which in turn meant you must take responsibility for your own actions and decisions. When the government makes those decisions for you, it robs you of your freedom. And wasn’t freedom what Blacks in America were fighting for?”

Clarence Thomas is a great man, one who’s overcome extreme odds to rise to one of the most prominent positions of power in our country. He’s accomplished this not through political maneuvering, or cronyism or corruption or through political pay-offs, which are all so rampant in our government today. He had every opportunity to make a radical Left turn and embrace the politics of buying off the various minority constituencies in this country so prevalent today. Had he done so he would have been well-rewarded, and in an excellent position to join the Left’s systematic plunder of the system.

Instead, he looked within and realized that Conservatism was the only honest, workable, and viable path for a nation desiring to provide the best possible opportunities to ALL its citizens. He could see from personal experience that the Nanny State was like crack cocaine—it produced a short-term lift, but always long-term destruction, both to the individual so hooked, but also to the nation as a whole.

He went on to teach that under a free, capitalist system, that money honestly earned led to political power, as it should. But under a collectivist, a socialist or statist system of the American Left, there was no effective, workable way to create wealth. So, when Leftist leaders controlled the political system, they would rob the wealth of fewer and fewer actual producers, then distributing the politicians’ ill-gotten gains to those who were not working or producing, or to those factions who supported the Left.

Crony “Capitalism,” at its worst and most immoral. As Margaret Thatcher explained: “The problem with Socialism (or Leftist politics) is that sooner or later you run out of other peoples’ money.”


Looked at in another way, the very evil that the modern Leftists, these Desolators, claim to oppose (the successful free marketeers’ “theft” of a nations’ wealth) they in fact embrace themselves by using their own crony political system to turn and plunder the wealth, the rightful property, of those who have succeeded and are successful.

What’s worse, they do it at gunpoint, using the Federal Government bureaucracy and regulatory agencies to harass and threaten those hardworking, producing, successful Americans until they’ve stripped the American carcass clean.

That’s why we define the American Left today as Desolators. Nothing, in our opinion, describes them better.

What’s worse is that this tyrannical control of other peoples’ wealth, which they claim is to ‘help the poor,’ always ends up hurting the poor. It hooks them on meager hand-outs, it gives fathers an excuse, or an out, to abandon their families, knowing that the government will step in and become a surrogate ‘father.’ It thereby desolates the traditional family unit. It leaves boys without fathers, who often turn to gangs to find that leader-image to glom onto. It enables people to become slothful, which often leads to drug and alcohol addiction. It rots a nation’s moral foundation from within.

In reality—and it’s an eternal truth—the Left always fails in the end because it passes out fish, rather than teaching people how to fish and requiring them, through the free market, to do so. This is what God meant, in the beginning, that mankind was to “earn their daily bread by the sweat of their brow.” There is no free lunch. Everything, in the end, has a price.

Humans are by nature lazy. If a seductive politician promises a hand-out (free healthcare, free education, free housing, free jobs, free food stamps, free anything) you can bank on two realities: That 1) there will be lots of takers, and 2) that such “bennies” always come with strings, seen and unseen, the most disruptive always hazardous to the human spirit.

In the end, the Left always offers a seductive, collectivist economic theory, which in reality is empty and void of moral value. It’s a phantom, a shadow of a shadow.

Of course, the proof is all around us. More than 70 percent of black babies are born to single mothers who increasingly, in nearly all cases, turn to the government for support. Such chronic single-mother lifestyles have slowly, steadily become the reality in nearly all of America’s inner cities, and increasingly in the rural regions of our country.

The so-called “safety net” has become a cage, even a prison. Increasingly we see multiple generations in this country of welfare children who’ve never known anything else but the shackles of government dependence. The Left, to maintain their political power, has robbed them of the dignity of an independent, productive life.


Look at the Indian Reservations for an extreme example (though not so extreme anymore). There the government provides every basic need…except hope and genuine opportunity. Alcoholism, murder, drug abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, and suicide are endemic. In fact, they are everywhere now ingrained in the culture.

These were once proud, independent, self-reliant peoples. But enter the so-called “Progressives,” the Leftist bureaucrats of the past century, and today, and you can witness a tragedy of unimaginable proportions. For proof, go live for a couple years (as I have) on the Navajo Reservation, or any large Indian Reservation in this country. Such incredible evil, spawned by our so-called “progressive” government, determined to provide cradle-to-grave bennies for the once proud American Indian. “Tragic and unconscionable” doesn’t begin to describe it.

No, it’s a crime against humanity, let’s be honest, and all in the name of “social justice.”

As Judge Clarence Thomas warned, when the Left prospers, the people suffer, and in the end, pay a heavy price. The Left claims to promote peoples’ ‘rights’ and benefits—handouts—offered by a benevolent, “liberal” US government. In reality, however, America’s greatness was built by the hard-working producers, those who placed their “rights” behind fulfilling their duties to God, to family and to nation. Lacking such traditional values today, America is being diminished just as it finds itself in the sights of some truly dangerous enemies, both at home and abroad.

Enemies, we must point out, who see the American Leftist desolation, and are scheming to take advantage of our growing weakness.

Clarence Thomas, when warning of increasing dependence upon Big Government, was in fact showing greater concern—genuine concern—for the poor in this country and for America as a whole. More so, he is hoping every citizen will understand that the very survival of the American Republic is at stake, a republic that has freed more slaves and destroyed more evil empires than any nation or group of nations in history.

In the end, Judge Thomas offers the wisdom of the ages, hoping that enough Americans will one day come to understand and then turn from our collectivist Big Brother and once more embrace traditional American individualism and self-reliance.

And what a great day that will be.



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