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  • Umm-umm, Love Those Free Lunches!

I served for two years on the Navajo and Southern Ute Indian Reservations in Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico, repairing hogans (traditional Navajo dwellings) and birthing babies, living and working with the people every day. I learned a lot and met some unforgettable survivors.

I’ve also worked in some of the poorest neighborhoods in America, among mostly Blacks and Hispanics. Trust me, there’s no comparison between poor, urban America, and the “Res.” The American Indian Reservations, particularly in the Southwest, and also the Northern Plains, beat the inner-city hands down in hopeless degradation and misery. Still, by scrutinizing the two, we find a perfect, microcosmic environment in which to test some of the most important social and political issues of our time. This is a long and dusty road.

  • Highest Suicide Rates in the World

As mentioned, the Res is a cauldron of despair. Some reservations have the highest rate of suicide in the nation, one of the highest in the world. While living there, it was not unusual for our church, managing small, local congregations scattered about the Res, to hold at least one funeral per month, in each congregation! And tragically nearly always a young Navajo, or Ute, man—a boy really—who killed himself, or in winter, got drunk and passing out in a snow bank somewhere, freezing to death. One young man I knew well, climbed into a dumpster to get warm and passed out, and was crushed to death in the morning when the garbage truck arrived to empty the bin. One tragedy after another, all brought to these formerly proud Native Americans by Big Nanny Government.

The statistics are there, it’s not in dispute by anyone who has lived it. “Hope and Change” has not yet found the lost people of the Reservation.

Welfare payments, commodity food programs, donated clothing, cash payments coming from an Indian casino, or a coal mining operation, etc., etc., operations in which mostly Anglos (whites) run the businesses in behalf of the tribe. Free housing, schooling, including college scholarships (rarely based on scholarship), and, worst of all, the Indian Health Service, providing free government “healthcare” at Federal reservation clinics. Child care, police services, school busing, just about every possible human need identified and met—except, perhaps, the most important of all—human dignity and purpose.

  • A Glimpse Into Our Future

If you want to see how Obama Care, and its inevitable offspring, American Socialized Medicine (so-called “Single Payer Insurance,” which is not insurance at all), will work when the Federal Government runs the show, just look at the American Indian Health Services. This is one of the truly mammoth failures of government, yet most Americans are not even aware that such a bureaucratic nightmare exists.

What’s most tragic in all this? Those who have suffered so very much at the hands of the American Secular-Progressives of our past, who set up the socialized reservation system in the first place (truly Desolators if any group can be), continue to be used and abuse by modern bureaucrats who benefit personally by maintaining, even growing, these Statist-Leftist “benefit” programs.

That said, take a look at the bureaucratic monster that is the American Welfare System today and how it decimates those most vulnerable among us. The Desolators know that we humans are highly vulnerable to creeping dependence, being sucked in when we could very likely have made it on our own.

For example, in the 1960s, President Johnson, claiming to honor the recently assassinated President Kennedy’s “legacy,” launched “The Great Society,” a tsunami of social programs, which his closest aid stated privately, “We (the Democrats) will be able to run on these programs (to win votes) for generations!”

Such self-serving cynicism, bordering on the jaded, criminal contempt for human life and dignity, is appalling.

  • The Official Stats Bear This Out

Since the 1960s and the Government’s so-called “War on Poverty,” we’ve seen the Black Community demolished, as well as millions of poor whites, and especially those on the Indian Reservations. The nuclear family in these neighborhoods, and the Res, families headed by a mother and a father, has been clubbed down and gutted without remorse. In 1965, America saw about 7 percent out-of-wedlock births (single mothers) overall. Today, as a nation, we have approximately 42 percent out of wedlock births overall, with a whopping, and crippling, 70 percent in the Black Community! Though not as high, close behind are the Native American and Hispanic communities (53% and 43% respectively). We are producing the third generation now of perpetually poor, struggling, hopeless and crime-ridden communities where one-third of the Black male population serves at least one prison sentence in their lifetimes, and where millions of young black, Hispanic, and American Indian men kill each other every year, or commit suicide, and/or are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Child abuse is epidemic and rampant; so is gang crime. And for all this devastating failure America paid trillions! Generations of high taxes, extracting the blood, sweat, and tears of hardworking Americans who worked like slaves so others could lounge, and in too many cases, waste their lives away.

  • The Left Is Sweating This One, Hoping No One Pays Attention

While the Left shouts that they “should not be blamed” for these social disasters, the graft and corruption such programs always bring—wasted lives, wasted resources—because they “meant well.” Really? That’s your best excuse? In reality, millions suffer and die, or fail to reach their God-given potential because of the desire of the Desolators to “be able to win elections with these programs for generations.”

Indeed, that is criminal, in my opinion.

Government largesse, however well-intentioned, kills many and renders hopeless and discouraged many millions more. I once walked up to an old Chei (a venerated elder [Grandfather] of the Navajo Tribe) and greeted him, in Navajo. He was seated in front of his hogan. He looked at me, then pointed to a steer (a neutered bull) corralled across the road from his hogan, then said, “My son, see that steer? I’m that animal,” he said. “I belong to another, and I’ve been ‘kept’ all my life, receiving food and care from ‘Wash-shing-don,’ under the glaring eyes of the (BIA—Bureau of Indian Affairs). I exist by their leave. I am their slave, others own my soul,” he concluded.

I sat talking with him for some time, but couldn’t help notice that the man had no fire in his eyes or heart. Such was dead and buried. His children and grandchildren were in worse shape, stolen by alcohol and drugs, but rendered helpless, and hopeless, in the first place by the Desolators.

From the beginning of time, among the first commandments God gave Adam and Eve was to “earn your daily bread by the sweat of your brow.” As far as I know, that directive has not been rescinded.

I also believe that commandment was given for our good.

Earning our own way impacts far more than the actual physical act of working, of being productive. The concept—paying your own way—has spiritual roots and purposes. The world was created, and man and woman placed in it, in order to provide a testing ground, a school of learning to acquire wisdom, knowledge, and experience. We were also meant to be free.

There has never been, and was never meant to be, a “Free Lunch.” Such is a curse, delivered in a most seductive package by men and women who hope to gain power and control over others. To enslave. When people receive “free contraceptives,” or “free food,” or “free housing,” and especially “free healthcare,” someone, somewhere, is having a pound of flesh removed.

  • Corrupting People

This should never be, if for no other reason than the corruption it renders all involved—from the politician who sets the freebies in motion for political gain, to the bureaucrat who is well-paid to oversee the transfer, to the hard working, exhausted, over-tax, forced “donor,” then to the final beneficiary who offers nothing (except his vote) as payment-in-kind. Obviously, the system has corrupted itself. And when you corrupt the system, you end up corrupting people.

Of course, there are some in society who are truly helpless, who need a helping hand. I’m not talking about these people. I know a few, and they receive blessed help, as they should. “Aren’t we all beggars before God?” I don’t begrudge helping the truly needy.

What I’m talking about here are those of sound mind and body who have “given up looking for a job” while millions of jobs go unfilled, or are taken by illegal immigrants. Such is a travesty of justice, which contradicts God’s Law and curses every free man and woman. It weakens our nation, it hampers our efforts to remain a bulwark against tyranny.

Again, that process of desolation.

  • Hating the Giver

It’s not that I’m greedy. Far from it. I know, from personal experience, that the caustic nature of living on the dole will do more harm to a person’s self-worth and moral foundation, far more damage than any cost the rest of us must bear in higher taxes or increased government regulation/interference. What’s worse morally, as more and more people slip into this state of dependency, as my old Navajo friend, that they will, in the end, actually begin to hate the giver. History shows that those hard working citizens who keep this country moving will be hated by those on welfare, turning violently upon them, rejecting their gifts as “meager” or “insultingly small.” In fact, we see it now, every time a Leftist Community Organizer gets before a microphone, stirring the masses to “reject the crumbs” offered by the “greedy rich,” “the One Percenters.”

History is peppered with examples of the Elites attempting to buy off the masses (Ancient Rome, the French Revolution, Czarist Russia, the Philippines, pre-Castro’s Cuba, Greece, Spain, Indonesia, and esp. America today, the list is as long as humanity itself).

  • Producing A Whole Lot More Poor People

Notice, such policies always end badly. Why? Two reasons—First, men and women were not meant to be put on reservations and kept and fed like cattle or slaves. Sooner or later the young lions among them arise. Second, when you, for political reasons, pay people to be poor, you tend to get a whole lot more poor people. (A lot, in fact, though that may be more of a Leftist political strategy than anything.) Then, however, eventually when the bureaucrats and politicians run out of other peoples’ money, which they always do, the whole sick system comes crashing down. People get maimed, destroyed financially, while others are corrupted beyond repair, forced to do things they would not normally do just to survive. In the process, you create a perpetual dependent class, a swelling cauldron of envy, hate, and hopelessness. This is not only tragic, but dangerous, and the worst threat to freedom imaginable.

That’s where we are today. We’re crouched on that dark precipice peering over. Look at the numbers, the national debt, the personal debt, the Inner City…the Res. The system can no longer fund itself. People are growing angry, divided, and vulnerable to tyrants.

Some truths are eternal, at their heart a deeply moral message.

There never is, and never should be, a Free Lunch. The poor can’t afford it. Nobody can.


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