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From the moment the first two Arabs set foot on Arabian sand they pillaged and plundered each other. This is the ancient culture of the raid, built upon stealing and holding power, and power’s Siamese twin, male honor, and upon bringing the enemy shame through looting and rapine of his stewardship. If we go back far enough, likely all cultures experienced similar phases, not just Arabs. What’s unique is that Arab culture tends to hang onto the past a bit better than most, as we’ve seen.

In the seventh century the Prophet Muhammad’s forces rode out of Medina and Mecca and brought the entire Arabian Peninsula under the Banner of Islam. Then the Prophet, who was also General Muhammad, gathered his tribal elders together and told them they must stop plundering each other. He explained that they were now all united in Islam, that they were brothers in faith, forbidden to raid their neighbors for wives, slaves, livestock, and other chattel, as they had for millennia.

This was not, however, what the Arab warriors wanted to hear. Tribal chieftains and warlords panicked, likely saying, “But—but, Muhammad, raiding and plundering is what we do!”

The Prophet’s response was logical to the Arab mind and eagerly accepted: “These lands of Arabia will be forever known as ‘Dar al-Islam’ (the House of Islam, meaning ‘lands under submission to Allah’).” Muhammad explained that the only lawful lands the Muslims could now raid were called “Dar al-Kharb” (The House of War), in other words, the lands to the north of Arabia (Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq) and lands even further north (Turkey and Europe).

Though known by other names at the time, these were all Christian lands when the Islamic military expansion began in the seventh century. They had been Christian for hundreds of years. Contrary to popular, anti-Christian propaganda today, Islam did not raid into a vacuum. They were a conquering, highly imperialist, force, determined to plunder into the heart of Christianity.

Later, Muhammad’s call to conquer new lands was extended by the Khulafa al-Rashidun, the “Four Righteous Caliphs” who took over the Brotherhood of Islam following the death of Muhammad. Lengthen their stride they did, brutally forcing the Banner of Allah into the Christian Middle East, across North Africa, even conquering Spain and holding much of it for 700 years.

The Armies of the Faithful, led by capable Muslim generals, also conquered the Land Between the Two Rivers (Iraq), Iran, Afghanistan, and clear into the Indus Valley, brutalizing India, killing the men or making them eunuch-slaves, and abducting the women and children as “booty,” concubines and slaves, the property of the honored Jihadi. (ISIS is doing precisely the same thing in Syria and Iraq, today.) Dar al-Islam also swept throughout Southeast Asia and into the Philippines. By the early Middle Ages the entire world seemed destined to fall to the proud, the mighty, Sword of Allah.

Never in the majority during the conquest, still the Muslims were cunning and capable, subjecting conquered peoples and expertly squeezing from them taxes (jizya-the head tax), using this plundered, mostly Christian wealth, to finance the ever-expanding Jihad (holy war). As long as Muslim armies were victorious in their raids the Caliphate grew, even prospered. The Muslim raiders consumed fresh lands, peoples, and resources like locusts. Stagnation set in only after expansion was finally stymied. As a poorly producing, mostly parasitic entity, the Caliphate began to cannibalize itself, rotting from within. The corruption, economic lethargy, bureaucratic self-preservation, and lack of innovation we see in the Middle East today are all legacies of the Caliphate’s failure and collapse, mostly under the Turks in later years.

In past confrontations with the Christian West, militant Islam continued to push until meeting stiff resistance. Then the militants would pause to “negotiate,” all the while preparing for the next major thrust from a different angle. This pattern of deception, canonized as “taqiya” (in Arabic), or mandatory dissembling or trickery against the infidel, the enemy of Allah, continues today. In dealing with the Jihadi, there is no such thing as “honor among men,” if one side is non-Islamic. The lands of Islam have always been lands of stark contrast—the best of the best, and worst of the worst.


The victorious Jihadi raider enhanced his honor by shaming weaker male enemies before God:

“We, with God’s help, call on every Muslim who believes in God and wishes to be rewarded to comply with God’s order to kill the Americans and plunder their money wherever and whenever they find it. (Emphasis Added)

-Osama bin Laden

The defeated were “not manly enough” to protect that which was most precious—their “manhood,” their women, children, livestock, and home. Such men stood in disgrace before Allah, men who were impotent in war and undeserving of Allah’s gift of life. The killing of such “men” was not murder, but a “mercy killing.” And the neutering of such shameful weaklings, instead of killing them, was a sublime act of “charity.”


The foundational concept of manly honor in this war has been wholly ignored by our modern, “sophisticated” media and by most leaders. Some of our politicians appear oblivious to the damage their defeatist, shame-filled statements are doing to our country. Such weak statements, in the minds of the Jihadis, always call into question the person’s manhood and worthiness before God. Remember, al-Qaeda determined to move forward with the 9/11 attacks based upon its belief that America would back down rather than fight back with honor. Lacking honor (in their minds) America was ripe for the Sword of Islamic Justice.

ISIS spread out of Syria and took northern Iraq due to a large degree to the same conclusion, that America and her allies had lost their will to resist. They were keying off statements of surrender offered by President Obama on numerous occasions. To ISIS, facing an enemy that is wholly noncommittal is a no brainer. And true to their apparently accurate assessment of the American political leaders, their expansion into Iraq was a cakewalk.


Everywhere we look in the media today, in Congress, in Hollywood, in academia we see them—Girlie-men, hopeless victims of the rabid feminization of the 21st century male, a process going on systemically since the 1960s. From my past clandestine discussions with some of these militants, our enemies are genuinely perplexed over how many such “men” have attained positions of power in America. What type of faint-hearted, defeatist, emasculated system, they wonder, promotes such weaklings to positions of prominence?

This is a serious matter. Our enemy will determine how to fashion his next attack on the American homeland based upon his perception of the strengths and weaknesses of the American male and where and how he is best defeated. The preservation of manly honor in the heart of the Jihadi terrorist is key to understanding what motivates and stimulates him. On 9/11, the al-Qaeda homicide airline hijackers counted on the American males to passively, obediently submit and stay in their seats. Their trainers had even promised the hijackers they would.

However, United Flight 93, both men and women, perhaps with greater information available to them than the other flights, refused to submit. They rose up and defeated the terrorists before they could strike their target, likely the US Capitol. We should be trumpeting this victory, this “manly honor,” which involved American women heroes, too, throughout the Muslim World. We should write songs, do TV specials and movies targeted directly to the global Muslim audience, translated into multiple languages. Our enemies understand the symbolism even if we don’t. United Flight 93 was a great victory for America. Never let the Muslim World forget. Our lives, our future well-being, our very survival, depend on it.

Remember the words of al-Qaeda:

“We, with God’s help, call on every Muslim who believes in God and wishes to be rewarded to comply with God’s order to kill the Americans and plunder their money wherever and whenever they find it” (emphasis added).

You’d think killing us would be enough. It’s not.


For the Islamists to succeed, the “Great Satan” (America) must be remembered as a “hiss and a byword,” a cursed, unclean, shameful land and people (Dar al-Kharb) to be defeated, trampled underfoot, and wholly forgotten by God and men. The process and justification for this is through pillage, rape, and plunder, by brutalizing and penetrating the American male’s stewardship. The Jihadis must show the world that America cannot be trusted or depended upon. Our allies must abandon us, believing we are not to be trusted. This is essential to ISIS’s victory.

Defeating a morally weak enemy such as America, they teach, is not only justified, it is an obligation before God, much as was the destruction of the shameful and weak cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by Allah. This is why it is absolutely vital that America avoid even the appearance of weakness. With capitulation to the terrorists our options vanish. As we plead and beseech, the Jihadis become more disgusted with us, more convinced our death is a mercy killing.

In the face of this enemy we must show only unity and resolve. Negotiation can only occur after the militants have been utterly and soundly defeated. In fact, it would be best if we took no prisoners.

In essence, if we are strong and united and always prepared for war we will prevail. And freedom will prevail.

“And if you would like to have good relations with the Iranian nation in the future, recognize the Iranian nation’s right. Recognize the Iranian nation’s greatness. And bow down before the greatness of the Iranian nation and surrender. If you do not accept to do this, the Iranian Nation will later force you to surrender and bow down.”

-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, aired on Islamic Republic of Iran News Network Television (IRINN), August 15, 2006


“The sun never shined on a cause of greater worth (America). ‘Tis not the affair of a city, a county, a province, or a kingdom; but of…the habitable globe. ‘Tis not the concern of a day, a year, or an age; posterity are virtually involved in the contest, and will be more or less affected even to the end of time, by the proceedings now.”                       

– Thomas Paine, American Founding Father




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