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In a 2012 speech by Masha Gessen, a popular author and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Community spokesperson and activist, a speech that has gone viral, she stated:

“I think that it’s a no brainer that gay people should have the right to marry. But I also think that it’s a no brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. It troubles me because fighting for gay marriage involves lying with what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there, you know, because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that’s a lie. The institution of marriage is going to change and it should change, and again, I don’t think it should exist. …The message on the Pro-Gay Marriage side is a lie, it says ‘don’t worry, marriage will remain just the way it is, it’s just that gays and lesbians will have access to it.’ (Marriage’s survival) it’s never going to happen (Emphasis added. See Masha Gessen’s speech on Youtube.).

I’ve read other works by Masha Gessen. She is an excellent author and a brave lesbian woman. With great personal danger to herself, she wrote the timely and important Man Without A Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin. She lived in Russia and was targeted by Putin’s henchmen. I respect Ms. Gessen, not only for her professionalism, but more for her honesty regarding the goals and ultimate objectives of the LGBT Community and their ties to the Left.


The above revelations should not surprise anyone. The Left has been using such tactical weaponry to attack our Judeo-Christian foundation for much of the past century in their ultimate quest to wholly reorder society, using disruptive tactics to further enhance their political power.


“We are five days from the fundamental transformation of the United States of America.”

                                           –Barack Obama (when newly elected in 2008)


Ms. Gessen is absolutely correct. The LGBT Community is a lackey of the Left, using the Gay Marriage agenda to destroy, progressively, traditional marriage, weakening ancient, foundational social structures, leading inevitably to children and adults abandoning conservative principles of self-sufficiency and self-reliance in the traditional, conservative family unit, forced to embrace the Nanny State. Such planned breakdown will swell the dependency class, further empowering Leftist leaders in this country, as it’s already done in Europe.

How do we know this? Because the same pattern is obvious anywhere anti-Christian, anti-traditional marriage political movements have, by littles, replaced traditional Christian-conservative families with mostly childless, godless, non-traditional “family” entities, comprised of singles living together, both gay and straight. Without nuclear families, children, to nurture and support, millions leave the workforce and rely solely upon the government dole, a debilitating personal choice and at huge cost to taxpayers. Throughout Europe, Christianity is in its death-throes, with child-rearing done by a relative handful of “odd-ball” holdouts, millions actually paid cash by the government to have a token child, who is then raised by a nanny, all supported by big government.


Demographically, morally, and economically, Europe is dying. And they have the Leftist, anti-Christian political activist movements, to blame. History (if it’s not written by these same Leftists) will not go easy on these Desolators of traditional Christian society. The “fundamental transformation” of President Obama and his minions carries dangerous side-effects, as we will see.


These deceitful utopian schemes of the Left always end up breaking down traditional families and virtually killing off the procreation of children within the nuclear family. The numbers don’t lie (see Within a single generation, an essentially Leftist Europe will cease to exist as alien cultural, religious, and economic forces, mostly Islamic from the Middle East, pick the skeleton clean.

Morally and demographically murdering Europe, the Left now sets its sights on America.

To accomplish their deceit, these Desolators are, progressively, changing American’s views on what constitutes “marriage.” Hollywood, the media, academia, our public schools, even our leaders, all combine to bombard America with propaganda to change the definition of marriage and attack traditional marriage as being “uncool” and essentially “bigoted” and “hateful,” even “racist,” always the ultimate attack word. The parallel war on Christianity, which the Left is also waging, is an essential element of that campaign.


The Left’s goal is simple, to swell the ranks of America’s Leftist core by further growing the government dependent classes, shackling, looting, and blackmailing free enterprise and attacking America’s productive class. Their goal, which is right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, is to overload the system economically, but more so, morally, thus rotting, then eliminating, traditional Christian values from within.


With federal government recognition of same sex marriage, then mandatory public school sex education for 12 year olds must necessarily including homosexual indoctrination, encouraging experimentation, including how-to instruction. If not, gay political groups will sue to force the issue in the courts. In fact, it’s already in the works.


The Secular-Progressive Left won’t allow this to end with simply government and institutional recognition of gay marriage. (See Ms. Gessen’s observations, above.) That’s what “progressive” means—little baby steps to a much more intrusive and disruptive ultimate goal. Conservative America is the proverbial frog in the boiling pot and in the crosshairs. The Left will use this perfect wedge issue to eventually alter, then destroy, traditional American families, which were once religious, free, and self-reliant.

And that’s just the beginning.


This remains the classic example of a slippery slope. Gay marriage is not, and never has been, “marriage,” as defined by all cultures, nations, religions, and by Mother Nature, herself, since Adam first got a world-changing glimpse of Eve. Playing hardball politics, the Left has successfully dragged us through the mire and down that slippery slope. The cauldron looms dark as we drop faster and faster. What’s worse is where this all ends.

So, let’s look.

If you think that government is too large and intrusive now, just wait until the traditional family comes undone and is no longer the foundation of conceiving, rearing, teaching, providing for, and protecting the nation’s offspring. In its incalculable arrogance Big Government actually believes it can replace the traditional conservative family and then step successfully into that role and pick up the pieces.

With the destruction of the traditional Christian (or Muslim, or Jewish, or Hindu) Family, you won’t be able to grow government fast enough or large enough to shoulder the costs—in moral degradation, in homelessness, in almost universal crime, poverty, and drug and alcohol abuse. National despair will eat at our character, and inevitably tyranny will be our inheritance. Conditions will get so bad that people will demand a strongman (or woman) to control the rampant, almost universal, predatory evil.

Look around at today’s Leftist Governments. Look at Chicago, Baltimore, or Detroit. We’re there.

Inevitably, you won’t be able to build prisons fast enough to hold the criminal class that will emerge from the destruction of the traditional family. That’s why this issue is so vital. Yet the Left, in its eternally elitist-arrogance, continues to believe that such “change” will not only be controllable, but “liberating.”


Today the gay movement is desensitizing the nation’s citizens, particularly our children, cheapening marriage, and wearing people down progressively by accusing the supporters of traditional, Christian marriage as being “hateful” and “bigoted.” This is not only a lie, but also a coordinated, focused strategy designed, over many years, to fundamentally transform the world’s most influential nation.


The Left is cunning. It sees the gay movement for what it is—a political sledgehammer, a social and economic weapon of unstoppable brutality. Such is tragic, because these Desolators are using the gay community for their own corrosive political agenda. I understand a little how a gay person feels about the world and how the world perceives him or her. I have close friends who’ve suffered with discrimination, with stigma, wanting so very much to be considered “normal” (whatever that means). I have a gay friend who grew to manhood being beaten by his father in some kind of twisted plan to “toughen him up as a man.” He suffered unspeakable torment, just hoping for the time, in some distant land, where he could escape and finally find love and acceptance. His father, very proud and foolish, of course succeeded only in tormenting and driving his son away.

No one wants to feel that there’s something amiss in his or her life. But let me say with as much conviction as I can muster—the forced legalization of gay marriage by an intrusive government, and the forcing of religious people to go against their own sacred convictions, will not fill that void for gay individuals. Oh, some, the coldhearted and sadistic, the selfish, will enjoy the thought of the government forcing others to do their bidding.

Most gays, however, the ones I know, do not relish the idea of forcing others in line at gunpoint by Leftist Thought Police. In their hearts many thoughtful gays understand that our civilization cannot survive with the destruction of the traditional Judeo-Christian family unit. The forced legalization of so-called Gay Marriage will not strengthen society, nor will it produce anything but resentment and further social and moral fracturing. We’re already pushed to our limits, our nation factionalized more so than we’ve been since the Civil War.

But of course, to the community organizers on the Left, that’s their perfect world—a political bonanza they’ve sought by pushing this corrosive issue (as outlined above, and as attested by honest LGBT spokespersons).


According to recent US national census data, only about one-half of one percent of gay couples in this country have children under the age of 18. The overwhelming majority don’t have children at all, nor do they raise children in the walls of their homes. To say that it is necessary to “strengthen” marriage and the family by opening it up to gay people is disingenuous, at best.


It’s common knowledge that the traditional gay lifestyle is anything but child-friendly. These unions are typically about the individuals, about “self-fulfillment” about “finding oneself.” The large majority seek sexual fulfillment, or security and companionship, above all. They seek what they think is “love.” Their quest, however, is hollow, void of eternal perspective or substance. They live for themselves with no interest in being saddled with the very long-term costs and responsibilities of raising children to be productive members of society. The gay community, in many (not all, of course) cases, says “To hell with traditional procreative responsibilities of Christian society, I’m going to get mine, all else be damned!”


In sum, what would solve this problem, for both the gay community, and the larger conservative religious community, would be to get the government out of the equation. It should be dealt with on the individual state level, the way the Constitution was designed. If gay couples want to exchange vows, they find a church, or a courthouse, or a magistrate, or a friend, who will officiate over their wedding. And if the larger community, or a private business, or a church decides not to participate, then in the free country that we hope we still have, that individual, or business, or church, can freely make that choice without the fear of being attacked by authorities. Laws that provide for civil unions and their several protections extended to all, should be made, and enforced, on the local level. Washington has no business here.

Of course, for the Left, this has never been solely about “gay rights,” civil protections, or any logical, workable solution. So, we can be quite certain that a Constitutional approach will be avoided like the plague.

It doesn’t fit the agenda.

The Left uses any and every political weapon it can co-opt, coerce, or steal, to further undermine the traditional family, Christianity, and the Conservative American tradition. It does this in the name of “fairness,” though in reality it’s pure power politics.

In spite of being a minority in this country, the Secular-Progressive Left wields a political sledgehammer better than any activist group in history, though if I were them, that’s not a “quality” I would be proud of.

Why? Because in the words of Masha Gessen, “It’s a lie.”


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  1. John Locke says:

    Dear BS,
    I am saddened by what appears to be your most troubled and probably abused past existence, which you’ve undoubtedly had to survive. I’m sure you’ve learned a lot over the years, though I have no idea how old you are. Your venom is probably understandable considering the environment you’ve grown up in. Christianity, especially the European variety, has been off the rails now for centuries. It’s obvious, just look at how The Church has been corrupted and co-opted, by Govt, as well as by other powerful interests. If you know your European history, that’s precisely why my ancestors left Europe, to finally be able to live free and worship God after their own conscience. Obviously you’ve got a problem with the Post of mine that you chose to skim. I’d encourage you to read more of what I’ve written, which includes a variety of topics, all highly pertinent to what’s going on in the world. I recognize that many Christians do not live their religion, or in many more cases, ignorantly worship a God they know nothing about. We all live in challenging times, I don’t want to unnecessarily condemn anyone. Unfortunately people tend to skim the surface, then take the easy road and form judgments based upon half-truths and pre-conceived notions. It’s human nature. The better way, however, is rarely a cake-walk. You’ve got to earn it. I hope that my writings help challenge peoples’ often erroneous pre-conceptions–about religion, about God, about Govt, and our world, and to help people see that perhaps there might just be a better way of looking at an issue, a more worthy way, one that takes people to a higher plain. Certainly no one has all the answers, but I do appreciate you taking the time to read, and then to respond. Remember to embrace your challenges, and do it every day with an open mind. Such hurdles will always be your best teachers and your most valuable life-lessons. All the best, –John Locke

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