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Published on April 6th, 2015 | by Rick Robison




Recently I got into a rather heated discussion with a good friend, a Liberal friend. The confrontation did not go well. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good man, a fine father and churchman, and a dedicated public and private servant. He is well respected in the community. Still, in his heart of hearts, he’s a Leftist, an unwitting enabler of the secular-progressive Desolators among us, though he remains in denial, unwilling to admit it…yet.

He argued that freedom was not the ultimate objective in life, at least when dealing with property rights and neighborhood architectural character. We were caught up in, and still are, a neighborhood challenge from a decided minority of local activists, our own beloved cadre of “community organizers,” who are determined to turn our neighborhood into a Local Historic District (LHD). In a nutshell, a LHD effectively shuts down every homeowner who wants to make any substantial, or even minor, remodel on his or her own, personal home. At least not without prior approval from “the committee.”

Yes, we’re talking private property, which the homeowner bought and is paying for, and paying exorbitant property taxes on, all so that a government bureau, comprised almost entirely of like-minded Leftists, will dictate to the property owner what she can, and cannot do, with her own home, garage, and yard.

Welcome to the Socialist States of America, here in beautiful, formerly free, Salt Lake City, Utah, SSA.

Obviously, the Constitutional Rights of the citizens in these targeted neighborhoods mean nothing to such activists who are determined to control otherwise free peoples’ lives, and hijack their personal property because “they know better.” Life, liberty, and property, it seems, mean nothing to these people.

In sum, my friend and I find ourselves on opposite ends of the argument. As we were hashing it out, he made a statement that floored me. He said, “Look, Rick, you’ve got to decide which is more important—the necessity of ‘preserving’ the unique architectural character of the neighborhood, or your rights and liberties to do with your property what you will. Preservation or freedom,” he concluded. “Which one is most important to you?” He said it as if I should be willing to surrender my freedoms so as to “preserve” what a tiny minority of people believe needs preserving in the first place, also intimating in that statement that those who want the freedom to make their own decisions, by definition, don’t want to preserve the unique character of what they have.

I looked at him in amazement and said. “My friend, without freedom, in the end you will have nothing anyway. Freedom helps guarantee and protect all these wonderful architectural assets for which you’ve got the warm and fuzzies. Yes—and I can’t say it more fervently—freedom is infinitely more important that anything material, or anything created by the hand of man, including stately mansions, or eighty year old bungalows. What good is ‘preserving’ anything if it must then be “enjoyed” by men in chains?

By trying to preserve the material, at the expense of personal freedom, in the end, as Benjamin Franklin warned, you will have neither freedom, nor the security of the material. Such possessions, in an environment of bondage to government elites who “know better,” always end up stealing your birthright and taking far more than just your property rights. As Americans, we’ve always had the freedom to build and improve. Take that away and you rob more than peoples’ property. You remove their will, then their personal fortitude and independence, and finally their heart and soul.

When I see where these so-called “experts” want to take us, in spite of a large democratically tested majority opposing them, I feel violated. Worse, I see any hope for the future slipping quietly through our hands. This is not the America our ancestors fought and died to build and preserve.

With the conclusion of our discussion, I was amazed at his expression of incomprehension. He simply could not see it. That was the real tragedy I experienced that day.

This caustic ideal, embraced by more and more Americans, which claims that freedom is a “threat,” or a danger, that must be caged and shackled by the “experts,” by those who “know better,” is by far the greatest political nemesis we face as a free people. We are—or should be—the example to the nations of what can be accomplished by an unfettered people. On the other hand, if we are going to be hobbled and persecuted for those freedoms, especially by our own city officials and activist community organizers, then we have turned a dangerous corner in this country.

Sadly, even tragically, my friend went his way unconvinced. How I wish that he could see the error of his ways and return to the same free thoughts that once made his American ancestors the envy of the world and the most successful nation of liberty-loving patriots in history.

But alas, the Desolators of today, the Secular-Progressive “experts” have gotten their tentacles deep into his soul. Perhaps one day he will see what these destroyers are doing to his nation. I only hope that by then, it’s not too late…for him, and for us.


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