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Published on March 31st, 2016 | by Rick Robison




In the early days of our new nation more than two centuries ago, our Founding Fathers were united in their support of the four essential elements for the survival of our republic. What I’ve done here is to glean from their writings the four elements that can be found prominently represented in speeches and writings of nearly all from the 1760s through the 1790s:


1)    The Preservation of Judeo-Christian Marriage:

No nation will survive the weakening or the destruction of the God-given, universal institution of marriage and the traditional family. In a vibrant and healthy society the family is supported and protected in order to produce strong, faithful, hardworking, and law-abiding future citizens. Any nation or society that makes it public policy to weaken the family unit, or to replace the traditional two parent unit with Nanny State Government welfare programs which always lead to the break-up of traditional families, creating an increasing number of single-parent families, is in effect, over time, committing national suicide.


2)    The Essence of National Industriousness and Free Markets:

A nation’s strength lies also in its ability to create and produce services, products including innovative medicines, time-saving devices, modern modes of transport, dynamic, relevant educational institutions, efficient product distribution and transport, and quality, wholesome entertainment to promote the general well-being of society. Also, a nation cannot be strong and its citizens prosper if there are few or poorly paying jobs, ever-increasing crime and the accompanying societal fear and entrenching, and a crumbling, dangerous infrastructure. Most of all, if a nation’s military is poorly equipped and trained, it will lack the skill and motivation to protect and serve. A nation that is not industrious, failing to teach its children the essential value of hard work and solid capitalist principles, is a nation in decline and soon to be relegated to the trash heap of history. Socialism is the proven path to economic and moral decay, and, as it’s always been, the equal sharing of misery.


3)    Religiosity:

Our nation was founded on the principles of individual liberty and national consent born directly from our Judeo-Christian heritage. This is essential; it’s what makes America unique in the world, and the essence of what has produced the “miracle of Western Civilization.” America’s key institutions received their uniquely vibrant character from their Christian heritage. The Revolution grew from the pulpit of several leading American patriot-ministers who taught these principles to their congregations throughout the 18th Century, culminating in the rebellion against King George’s tyranny. Our nation’s emphasis from the beginning on Christian personal agency (liberty), personal responsibility and personal salvation have driven these revolutionary ideas at every turn, and through every crisis. The slavery abolitionist movement in England, and later in America, was wholly promoted by Christian religious movements, led by Christian leaders in both countries, like John Newton and William Wilberforce, and Elizabeth Coltman Heyrick and William Lloyd Garrison. Today religion in America continues to help all American’s link personal moral behavior to an all-knowing, yet benevolent deity, one who cares about the well-being of each citizen, and the well-being of our nation. Without that sincere religiosity, America as we know it—especially our individual liberty—will cease to exist.


4)    Good Old Fashioned American Honesty:

Our Founding Fathers stated that the American Republic is unique and that the system of government we’ve created, with God’s help, will not suit an immoral, a corrupt, and a dishonest people. Honest Abe and the famous story of George Washington’s “I cannot tell a lie” were not told to us as children to entertain. Honesty in our lives and in government are essential to our survival as a nation. Sadly, today, corruption has seeped into our government, as well as within society at large, to an alarming degree. Comparable to the past Clinton Administration, the Obama Administration appears to be the most corrupt yet to occupy the White House. Yet, we’ve been warned time and again, that lacking a strong American character of native honesty—in business, in government, in education, in our pop culture—we as a nation will fall. If America ever becomes comfortable with the current sinking levels of civility, morality, dishonesty, and crime, and stops enforcing the laws designed to maintain a high moral standard, we will cease to be the great American nation. It is safe to say that today we are past merely flirting with that possibility. We have dug ourselves a deep, dark hole.


Our Founders were clear. This is to die for. Our next president needs to be able to challenge all Americans to recommit to returning America to these essential elements of moral and secular security and stability. Whomever the next president is, I hope that he or she has the wisdom, and the personal moral foundation, to make the case effectively to all Americans and to lead by example.

If not, I fear that the next election (2016) may be our last.



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