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Published on September 5th, 2015 | by Rick Robison



“Keep a sharp eye”—Captain Jack

So, you want it “easy to skim”? You ask, we deliver:

The Desolators are among us. They’ve been with us more than a century.

So, if in fact they are real, where did they come from?

Actually, the Desolators appeared in the late 1800s. They are true Progressives, meaning they seek political change not through violent revolution, but gradually, progressively, one baby step at a time.

You didn’t know that that is what “Progressive” means? You thought it meant “forward looking” or “innovative.”

Join the club. These secular-progressive Leftists have been cloaking their true identities, and intentions, for a long time. In fact, they plan to deceive you. It’s their only hope of success.


At first they were outwardly religious. In practice, however, they embraced secretly the atheistic philosophers, both in Europe, like Friedrich Nietzsche (“God is dead”), and later in America (John Dewey and Margaret Sanger, who hated Christianity). They knew that if their budding Leftist movement was to prosper it could not, at first, be viewed as anti-God.

When did they become so powerful?

Later, as they gained political momentum and control, in the universities, in the media, in the labor unions, with President Woodrow Wilson and with President F.D. Roosevelt, they moved openly and harshly against traditional Christianity. We see this attack accelerating today. They see Christianity as essentially conservative and therefore an ideological enemy.

Many of these early Progressives or Leftists were also advocates of eugenics.

What is eugenics?

It’s a now discredited “science” of forcefully culling and shaping a population, based upon beliefs of the superiority of “white races” over dark ones. In other words, you abort the dark ones, and encourage the birth of white, “acceptable” ones. The Nazis were followers of these early American Progressives and their radical, even genocidal, policies on eugenics.

The Nazis?!!! I thought the Conservatives were the Nazis! That’s what the Left and their minions in the media and in our schools always shout every chance they get.

Look, don’t feel bad. Americans have been deceived by the Secular-Progressives for years. Yet, the Left has been petrified for decades, afraid that Americans would indeed one day learn exactly who they are and where these Leftist, in reality, originated, and the evil they’ve done. So, with the help of the complicit media and our schools and universities, their history was rewritten, cloaking a boatload of really ugly sins. (SOURCE:


It’s the historical truth. The Democratic Party, from its birth, championed the removal of Native Americans from their lands (President Andrew Jackson-D), human slavery (the majority of Democrats opposed President Lincoln, a Republican, from his desire to free the slaves), eugenics, genetic racism (President Woodrow Wilson-D, Margaret Sanger-D), World War I (President Wilson-D), the Founders of the Klu Klux Klan (all were members of the Democratic Party), support for the Bolshevik (communist) Revolution in Russia (all were American Democrats and Socialists in the 1920s), opposition to the 1960s Civil Rights Movement (all Southern Democrats in the House and Senate), support for the Viet Nam War (President’s Kennedy and Johnson’s war, both Democrats).

The list goes on and on, including the rise of ISIS in the Middle East today (due to President Obama’s lack of strategic experience and insight by withdrawing all US troops from what was a peaceful Iraq).

“Close your eyes and pretend it’s all a bad dream. That’s how I get by” –Captain Jack

Margaret Sanger, Democrat and the founder of Planned Parenthood, was an avowed eugenicist and racist, yet even today, remains an icon of the Democratic Party. (SOURCE:

So these Progressives, these Leftists, these Big Government, anti-religion activists have been with us a long time. So why haven’t I heard about them?

Good question! 

From the beginning, true Progressives always flee the light. They have to. To succeed they must keep the larger population ignorant of their plans. Recall what President Obama (whose parents, and closest mentors, were hard-core Leftists, even communists (SOURCE: let slip to a group of his supporters when winning the 2008 presidential election: “We are five days from the fundamental transformation of the United States of America.” (SOURCE:

This statement is so critically enlightening (and not a slip-up the Left typically makes) that we include President Obama’s statement on the logo of our official website (above). 

Of course these Progressives couldn’t do this without accomplices, which we find in our media, in our public schools and universities, in Hollywood, and among our most influential leaders. In reality, you have been lied to for years.

The Left believes “it’s for your own good.”

How do you feel about that?

Okay, so you’ve explained where Progressives come from. How do these so-called “Desolators” fit in?

Another excellent question.

First, a definition:

Desolator: Someone who makes desolate, void of inhabitants; barren, without children; a destroyer; someone who lays waste; a depopulator who forsakes and abandons. 

Obviously a Desolator is something bad.

During the 1960s, using the unpopular Vietnam War as a rallying cry, these secular-progressives, following the radical marching orders of Saul Alinsky, fully mutated, producing the hardcore Leftists we have today in the Democratic Party.


In the ‘60s they determined to bring America crashing down. Hundreds of military buildings and “unsuitable” institutions were targeted for bombing and destruction in America, another fact generally written out of our history books. These attacks were deadly. I remember them well, one near my home at a National Guard Armory building, the blast rattling our windows. (SOURCE: )

These former Progressives were tired of being patient to accomplish their leftist transformation of America. So they went militant, using Saul Alinsky’s manual “Rules for Radicals” (which Alinsky, by the way, amazingly dedicated “to Lucifer, The First Radical,” and on which a young Hillary Rodham (Clinton) wrote her university thesis) (SOURCE:

During the turbulent ‘60s and ‘70s these Progressives finally transformed fully into Desolators.

They’ve been Desolators ever since (though they call themselves “Liberals,” a gross misnomer, if not an outright lie). 

If you haven’t yet noticed, the Democratic Party today is not your grandparents Democratic Party. The Party of Harry Truman and John Kennedy is dead, or more accurately, like the Walking Dead, mutated. It is today an aggressive, neo-socialist entity, advocating an array of caustic policies that will, if implemented, “fundamentally transform the United States of America,” as President Obama has promised:

But not in a good way.

Okay, so you want to call them “Desolators.” Maybe they are, maybe they’re not. But what if the America they eventually produce becomes that elusive “socialist utopia” the Left has promised for a century and more. Wouldn’t that be a good thing?

If in fact their policies could produce such a utopia then, yes, I would not call them Desolators. But their policies can never produce anything but moral decay and economic destruction. Study your history. Look at where such a deadly Leftist agenda always takes you.  

The problem is never the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?” –Captain Jack

America is a free and prosperous miracle because it followed eternal, God-given principles of sacred, personal liberty and limited government. Our Founders spent years researching these principles. They warned continually where the path of “big government-collectivism,” so-called “State-ism” or Socialism, always leads. (SOURCE:


“Social justice” sounds great as a catch-phrase, so does the “equal distribution of wealth.” But catch-phrases seldom equate with truth. Such, in practice, assumes that someone other than you (meaning Big Government, or in George Orwell’s words, “Big Brother”) will decide what is “just” with your money and property, or with your children. The “equal distribution of resources” in “fairness” assumes that someone is all-knowing and will, with God-like wisdom and precision, equitably distribute your hard-earned wealth.

What’s worse, the Nanny State always does this, inevitably, at gunpoint.


Of course, this wholly ignores whether any person or government in fact has the right in the first place to take your money and property and give it to another (usually to those who promise to vote for these Desolators in the first place), and in the process, steal away your God-given liberties. More so, it assumes that such absolute power, concentrated in the hands of an “all-knowing” federal mega-government, will not in the end corrupt itself.

Of course it will. It always has. It’s human nature.

Political greed and the lust for more and more power creep in, inevitably, and soon those in power are oppressors and exploiters, rather than liberators or benefactors. There isn’t a single example from history that counters this statement of eternal truth.

Not one.

Okay, so they get a little out of hand. Isn’t that better than free-market Capitalism which tends to exploit those at the bottom?

Of course, Capitalism is hardly perfect. But show me a system that is, in practice, fairer and more honest in the end. (SOURCE: 

When in power, to survive the Desolators must always destroy civility and opportunity in the name of stealing greater and greater political power for themselves. In essence, what’s good for the Desolators is bad for you and me, for the people and for our nation.

These Progressives preach “population control,” including unfettered abortion (even the house-of-horrors late-term variety), and in the end leave a nation barren, aging and dying, and morally compromised.

No better definition of the word Desolation than America’s abortion industry, and no better Desolator than those who fund and support this grisly, immoral industry.

But it doesn’t end there. It can’t: 

The Desolators push for weakening and degrading our military, amazingly at a time when China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and ISIS and al-Qaeda are ramping-up to war on multiple fronts, including massive terrorist attacks in America. The Desolators are undermining the Great American Middle Class, regulating to death the backbone of America’s prosperity, the American small, family business.


The government literally preys upon them, plundering their wealth and loading them with burdensome regulations and mandatory requirements, too many to keep track of.


The Desolators’ strategy seeks to further splinter the nation into politically-exploitable factions, including women, gays, ethnic minorities, union labor, environmentalists, illegal immigrants, on and on. The so-called “War on Women” is the perfect example, a myth manufactured from whole-cloth by the Desolators in their desperate attempt to maintain political power, regardless of what their divisive policies do to the fabric of our nation.

Yes, my friend, the Desolators are real.

They are doing their level best to destroy your nation, basically because they think America, and you, deserve it. 

If you think the way they do, then I suspect you may be one of them.

And that’s a sad thing. 

But if you don’t, if you see America as the world’s last, best hope to preserve the eternal principles of liberty, global prosperity and peace, then I hope you’ll continue to educate yourself. Then, you must get politically active and use your new-found knowledge to counter this destructive force sweeping our globe.

Listen to each political candidate, to his or her words and the often hidden meaning behind those words.

The Desolators always tip their hand. Just like President Obama, they can’t help themselves.

Believe me, the Desolators will not stop until they’ve completely controlled, plundered and gutted the greatest nation on earth. More so, they will not stop until you are in chains, wholly dependent upon them for your every need, and at their beckon call at election time.

But it’s not too late. Not yet.

“You’ve stolen me and I’m here to take myself back” –Captain Jack

Keep a sharp eye!





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