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Published on April 1st, 2015 | by Rick Robison




President Barack Obama just announced that he will, once more, with the stroke of his well-worn pen, normalize relations with the “Republic” of Cuba, one of the most despotic and brutal communist dictatorships and supporters of terrorism on earth.

President Obama said, “Let us leave behind the legacy of both colonization and communism…these 50 years have shown that isolation has not worked.  It’s time for a new approach.”

I’m sorry, but that’s blatantly deceptive and hopelessly idiotic.

First, comparing colonization and communism, and with a straight face? Colonization has been both good and bad, depending upon where it was implemented, when taking a long-term look at how people have progressed economically, politically, and intellectually under the many, varied colonial governments in several parts of the world.

Communism, however, murdered more than 100 million souls in the past century and imprisoned and impoverished billions more, creating economic and political hellholes that treat human beings as worthless, expendable cogs in the communist wheel of history. Communism is, in reality, a death sentence.

Second of all, our Cuba policy has, in fact, done its job. By isolating and countering Cuba’s passion to export communist revolution abroad over the past 50 years, our policy towards Cuba has limited the damage they could have done, including countless mass-murders in several strategic regions and nations. Of course, such American successes are always hard to measure, but it can be done. I’ve seen these successes firsthand.

True, inside the island nation of Cuba, thanks to the Castro Brothers and their minions, our influence has been minimal to non-existent. There Cuba, for decades, has jailed and tortured (real torture, by the way) and murdered many thousands of political opponents, silencing and putting on ice anyone brave enough to criticize the dictators, even minutely.

However, for some reason (not explained by the Obama Administration in his official statement), the President has said, in essence, “Let’s give the Cubans everything they’ve ever wanted and demand practically nothing in return.”

That, in sum, is what our President has done.

Tell me where it’s ever been good foreign policy to reward one of your most vehement enemies by opening up the coffers, in effect the American taxpayer’s wallet, and showering these tired, jaded Bolsheviks with beaucoup bennies. How does such blind generosity ever right the wrongs, or atone for totalitarian evil on a grand scale, and so close to our border?

The real world doesn’t work that way.

Yet, from what we’ve seen thus far, it appears that America is making all the concessions. The communist hardliners in Havana remain as stingy as they’ve ever been. More important, how can anyone believe that they will use their newfound access to the wealth, technology, and information of the United States to not simply double-down and expand the oppression against Cuban reformists, against anti-communist activists, against trade unions (which are still outlawed in Cuba), against a free press and freedom of religion, or any of the institutions that make up a free and prosperous society?

Once again, the Capitulator-in-Chief, Barack Obama, has no clothes. He’s a weak, empty suit with Leftist ideological trim who either hasn’t a clue, or worse, doesn’t care whether the “secular-progressive” Cuban regime joins the free world or not. (I give it better than even odds that Obama did this primarily to appease his Leftist base, who have always admired the Cuban communist revolutionaries.)

In reality, even if it wanted to give something back, Cuba has little or nothing to offer the US and the world. Their nation was plundered into an economic basket-case by a tight cadre of ideologues, hardcore revolutionaries sporting a bankrupt secular “religion,” a political philosophy that always leaves misery and death in its wake.

History’s numbers don’t lie.

The “Workers’ Utopia” that the Communist Revolution in Cuba was suppose to guarantee, turned sour like every other Marxist takeover—a comfortable, easy life for the Communist Elite, the Nomenklatura, the “right-minded” Socialist Aristocracy, but grinding poverty and political oppression for the workers, the masses, the common man and woman. I’ve seen this, on the ground, in the former Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe. Communism is pure evil.

Cuba should be a prosperous and beautiful place. It is anything but. I know something about the Castro Brothers’ totalitarian circus. Established by an elite “brotherhood” of Marxist revolutionaries, men like Che Guevara, Raul Castro, Camilo Cienfuegos, Juan Almeida Bosque, Alberto Granado, and of course, Fidel Castro himself. What’s amazing is that from the start these parasites were all lionized and romanticized in American and European film and song, and embraced as rock stars by the American Left.

Since taking power by force of arms in the 1950s, with the backing of the Soviet Union early on, they butchered thousands of Cubans, and forced to flee many tens-of-thousands more, who sought freedom in the United States, in Europe, and other Latin American countries. Then, with little or no regard for the well-being of the world’s most vulnerable, they exported communist revolution throughout Central and South America, in Africa, and Asia.

Wherever Cuba has sent their communist agents, community organizers and terrorists, they’ve brought death and suffering on a grand scale. (Community organizers tend to do that.) But nowhere, not in a single country, can you find where Cuba has actually made life better for the poor, as they are continually touted by the American Left as doing, and of course by their own propaganda and disinformation ministries, patterned after the old Soviet Ministry of Dezinformatzia (Disinformation), perhaps the single most important wing of the KGB.

Today the Big Lie is alive and well and working hard in Cuba, now resurrected, recycled, and polished anew by the Obama Administration here at home. And using the Big Lie as a weapon, the Left always ends up destroying the Great Middle Class. It must to retain power. The Castros did it in Cuba, and Barack Obama is doing it here in America.

While Cuba has spent the past 60 years impoverishing its own people and exporting corruption and misery abroad, the American Left, our own Desolators, have fawned over these aging revolutionaries, singing their praises, seeing themselves in their proud, activist faces, and longing for the totalitarian “utopia” that Castro promised all who would follow him. In the real world, however, we’ve watched the people of Cuba mourn, suffer, and die under the statist lash.

So why has this gone on for so long? Several reasons.

First, America has not wanted to press for normalizing relations until Cuba was willing to stop enslaving and oppressing its own people and stop exporting communist revolution abroad. We know, however, that little has changed in Cuba.

Second, the communist hardliners in Cuba have refused, for fifty years and more, to have anything to do with the United States. I remember meeting the Cuban charge d’affaires in a Middle East country, Cuba’s highest ranking diplomat assigned there. He was introduced to me by the Bolivian ambassador. I can still recall the hatred in his eyes as we shook hands. In his mind he was meeting the Devil himself. No overtures or gestures of friendship on my part could break through his venomous hatred for the official representative of the “criminal” Uncle Sam. To him I was Darth Vader, Ronald Reagan, and Hannibal the Cannibal (Silence of the Lambs) all rolled into one.

Today, the Hardliners, the Communist Cool-Aid Drinkers, according to several reports, are beside themselves that President Raul Castro has now done this terrible thing and agreed with Obama to establish relations. I understand they’re livid.

So, President Obama should first get his facts straight on the matter. Cuba’s isolation is not our fault. These communist gangsters have been far more prejudice and hate-driven towards us. We don’t obsess over Cuba. In fact, most Americans never even think about the place, or the living hell Castro has fashioned with his own hands and then franchised to the world.

When Cuba stops shackling and murdering its own people, and stops exporting communist misery abroad, then we talk. That should be the only response by Obama to Cuba.

Unfortunately, for mostly Leftist ideological purposes, he doesn’t see it that way.

Finally, Cuba has joined forces with our enemies, even terrorist groups, all hoping, one way or another, to drive a stake through the heart of the American “Great Satan.” Cuba has, for decades, benefitted by standing as the Numero Uno America-Basher among the America-haters globally. Cuba is on the exclusive list of “states that sponsor terrorism” (not an easy list to make, especially under Obama.) Normalizing relations requires Cuba to limit their support of such regimes and factions, and become smiley-faced Leftists, at the least. Of course, not a cakewalk for the Cuban hardliners.

As mentioned, I became well acquainted with several Cuban diplomats in my work abroad. How well, I won’t say. Still, they were all a fascinating lot, and a study in contrast between free and open societies and the deep, dark despotic ones.

In fact, the only other diplomats—and I knew hundreds, in multiple countries—who appeared similar, in spirit and in shadowy persona, were the North Koreans. Both were hopelessly jaded, both diplomats and spies received practically nothing from their own governments and so were forced to engage in smuggling, extortion, drug pedaling, weapon sales, prostitution, and blackmail, just to keep their embassy doors open. Incredible by any standard. Outside of organized crime families, Somali and Chechen pirates, and of course terrorist groups, you will not find a more contemptuous and cynical group of diplomats-on-the-take than the Cubans and the North Koreans.

Socialism (even more so, Communism) is the equal sharing of misery (Winston Churchill). In fact, outside the handful of practicing communist regimes remaining in the world, the greatest political supporters of government collectivism is, today, in the United States, and nearly all among the so-called academic elite, nanny-state bureaucrats and leftist politicians, big, corporate welfare-queens, the labor union movement, and among certain so-called religious leftists who have embraced as their new faith a secular version of “Social Justice.”

Yes, the most totalitarian political system in history, communism and its little brother, socialism, is alive and well here in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave!

As even the old, jaded Leftists know today, communism and socialism has never been about the “equal sharing of misery.” That’s the point. Communists, while giving lip service to the “noble struggle of the masses” is the least fair or socially-just society on earth, though they claim to follow the venerated founding fathers of “social and economic justice” Karl Marx and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

Awhile back the Black Caucus in the US Congress traveled to Cuba and met with the Castro Brothers. One of the members, Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), told Fidel Castro that her family had always admired Castro because “he was a survivor.”

That he is. He “survives” on the backs of Cuba’s poor and downtrodden, living off the sweat and toil of those effectively enslaved by the Communist State. Yes, Fidel is a survivor, though I’m not impressed. He’s also a parasite, and the worst kind of national leader, one who keeps his people in line with the lash and through terror, eats the bread earned by the forced labor of others, and has, over a half-century, gifted our world nothing but misery.

The communist system of government is so overwhelmingly inane, unworkable, and hopelessly corrupt, that the only way a person survives is to gain power within the communist party—through hook or crook—then reaping the benefits these statist leaders always reserve for themselves, at the expense of the great unwashed.

I remember seeing the special stores, loaded with quality, Western goods, in Moscow, where only the Communist Elite could shop. The masses, the workers, the non-party schmucks, had to claw and scratch a living from meager leavings, shopping in collectivist, “Peoples’ Stores” with empty shelves, or shelves with a few worthless, Soviet products collecting dust. Food was always scarce for the common folk, though the Elites were fat and sassy.

The “equal sharing of misery”? Are you kidding?

The Castro Brothers, not to mention Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot (the Killing Fields), all lived high and mighty, always on the backs of the poor whom they despised, while claiming to be fighting “The Great Revolution” for and in behalf.

Communism operates on the Big Lie. It can’t survive any other way. The Left, for some mystical reason, has an on-going crush on Castro and Cuba. You still see Che Guevara tee-shirts, in spite of the fact that Che, when he wasn’t community organizing, was murdering the innocent for a living, or out of sheer spite and ideological fervor.

President Barack Obama says it’s time to “normalize relations with Cuba.” The question ought to be: “Why? Has something changed that would justify such a move?” And if so, will normalizing relations actually help the poor and oppressed in Cuba? Won’t Castro just continue his own brand of despotism, stepping up Cuba’s revolutionary fervor with new-found American cash and technology? But most of all, how will this action benefit the United States? If there is no real benefit to either America, or the Cuban people, then what the hell is President Obama doing?

The purpose of negotiating anything must be win-win. I’ve heard nothing from our President that proves that this will be anything but Win-Lose—a propaganda victory for Cuba’s communist elite, and further proof that the United States is a pushover in the world.

American weakness. The last message we should be sending right now, not be playing footsie with Castro and his communist hardliners.


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