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Published on October 27th, 2017 | by Rick Robison




Can cousins be so closely related, of the same blood and heritage, yet hate each other with a passion that lasts seventy generations?

The following cousins can, and do. They are the two main branches of Islam, Sunni and Shi’a, and originate essentially from the first raiding and warring seedbed rolling out of the Arabian Peninsula and clashing with hundreds of years old (at the time) Christianity, and thousands of years old Judaism.

Today Sunnism, the largest branch of the faith, has spawned within its ranks the radical ideology of Salafist Islam (Wahhabism, Al-Qaeda, & ISIS), while the second, the radical Shi’ism of the Ayatollahs, is best known controlling a soon-to-be-nuclear Iran and backed by the “A-Team of Terrorists” called Hezbollah.


Both radical groups, in truth, spend more of their energies, and resources, battling fellow Muslims from a variety of more moderate regimes and entities. In fact, these moderate Muslims (many are US allies) who oppose the Salafists and the Ayatollahs constitute the greatest threat to the radicals hoped for triumph, first over the larger Islamic World, and later over a “corrupt and evil earth,” essentially led by the United States.

In reality, most Muslims and Muslim Nations simply want peace, freedom, opportunity, and prosperity for their children. These moderate Muslims need our support, and our friendship.

The Sunni radicals, however, these mostly Salafist fundamentalists, seek the re-establishment of the Islamic Caliphate (a theological empire), which was once led by the Ottoman-Turkish Empire controlling much of the Middle East, parts of both Southwest Asia and Europe. ISIS and al-Qaeda were spawned from the fundamentalist seedbed of Salafism, originating today from inside Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

The other cousin, the fundamentalists within the Shi’ite community, seek (under the direction of the Ayatollahs) an “Imamate” that will be, eventually, led by the “Mahdi” (a soon-to-come Islamic Messiah, of sorts) “who will make all the world Islam,” but of the Shi’ite variety.

Each cousin’s first objective, which both have sought for well over a millennium, will be to destroy, or convert, the other.

The surrogate war currently going on in the greater Middle East, in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, and elsewhere, in essence at its core is a struggle between the Salafi-backed factions (Saudi Arabia and some Gulf Arabs, and some in Egypt and Jordan) squaring off against the Iranian-Imamate backed factions (found in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen), who are allied with Russia.

(Of course, in practice it’s more complicated than this, though for simplicity’s sake, we’ll leave it at that.)

In the end, this war is for what many see as the control of the Middle East and much of the Islamic World (25 percent of the world’s population!). And it is for “legitimacy,” day to day, on the Islamic Street, to demonstrate who has Divine Sanction before Allah.


Perhaps the most important advantage both cousins possess is their exceptional, long-term perspective and patient strategy. They say “The Americans have all the clocks, but we have all the time.” They’ve survived countless internecine wars for centuries, the Crusades from Christendom, the invasion by the Mongols (which was absolutely scorched earth, the Crusades paling by comparison), plagues, intrigues, famine, drought, virtually every natural and man-made disaster, invasion by European Empires, World War 1, human genocide, World War 2, the Cold War, several wars with Israel, the Afghan Wars, the collapse of the Soviet Union, several Iraq wars, and the current greater Syrian war. Tens of Millions of lives sacrificed and millions more displaced. A history of the taking, and trafficking, in untold millions of slaves, of many nationalities, European, American, and African. Honor killings, institutionalized rape, beheadings, murder of homosexuals, child abuse, organized raiding and the plunder of untold millions of innocent people.

(Try to imagine the impact all of the above would have if it happened inside the United States. By comparison America’s own history is hopelessly short, tame, even boring, and most of all comparatively humane!)

Today, according to their radical leaders and terrorist warlords, all that remains for Islam’s global ascension and “inevitable” victory is the collapse of “Christian” Europe, and then the breakdown of the United States. Both events, the radicals believe, are “merely a matter of time.”


Their leaders believe that Allah (God) will soon facilitate the destruction of the United States, which most consider “the single remaining barrier to Islam’s inevitable triumph in the world.”

The future, they believe, was set in stone long ago by Allah. In the interim, Islam’s radical movements, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, have skillfully infiltrated key Western institutions, including within the United States, and continue to do so, exploiting America’s native tolerance and self-destructive cultural fear of being accused of “intolerance” or “racism.” Totalitarian-based, activist Muslims are becoming skilled at coopting and placating democratic institutions, including the media, and like a virus, mutating as needed to infect the larger American and European “body.”

They are experts in partisan camouflage, shielding their insidious political ideology as “religion” in such a way as to ensure their protection and growing political influence. The radicals are shielding their caustic political ideology within the cultural safe-space of a non-Christian, “oppressed” minority “religion.”

Capitalizing upon the widespread infection of political correctness within the Judeo-Christian World they have contributed to the “dis-education” of our youth within what were once self-preserving educational and religious institutions. More so, they’ve moved to fill the Christian World’s growing historical, cultural, and moral vacuum, which continues to widen as each new generation of secular-progressives, these clueless modern “relativists” among us, fail to pass on to our children the armor of what it means to be a free, open, capitalist-Christian society.

In essence, these radicals understand that the Christian West has forgotten what it means to be Christian, and what the free Christian West has always, until now, fought to preserve. With our children lacking that personal awareness, radical Islam’s triumph appears inevitable, given enough time and enough Western cultural deterioration. In fact, many believe that eventually a radical version of Islam will merely walk into the end zone, victorious, with virtually no opposition to their totalitarian take-over.

The radicals even have a saying describing the process: “Eventual Islamic ‘democracy’: One man, one vote, one time!

Once imbedded, that will be the end of democracy.

Militant Islam has come close to victory over the Christian West before; several times, actually, in the early Middle Ages, and then again in the Late Middle Ages. In past attacks the difference which ensured Islam’s expansionist defeat came down to just a relative handful of men—essentially warriors who understood the stakes and were willing to risk their lives to preserve their freedom and their Christian way of life.

Today, once again, to drive back these totalitarian, even fascist, radicals it will require leaders who can educate, and quickly, enough Americans to understand what they truly have to fight for and why. We have so much to lose, yet most young people have forgotten what that is.

Sadly, leading moral relativists, these modern secular-progressive leaders among us spawning a defeatist political correctness, are the best weapons these radical enemies possess. Unless we can teach our children that our Judeo-Christian way of life is, indeed, worth defending, I fear we may not survive.

And just as important today is that we ally with, train, arm, and help grow the world’s moderate, peaceful Muslim Communities. They are our friends and allies and without them willing to step into the fray and oppose these totalitarian activists and terrorists, both of us will be the losers.

In the end, over time, it will come down to who wants it more. But if we can rally and teach our youth correct principles, and soon, perhaps one more time we can drive back this exceptionally patient, yet dangerously despotic, enemy.

–John Locke

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