Big Lie (Taqiya)

Published on August 27th, 2016 | by Rick Robison




For most of a century, and certainly since the 1960s in America, and in Europe, the Left has taught (in our schools, universities, from many pulpits, in all media formats) that America and Christian Europe are being attacked by Radical Islam because of America’s past “crimes” against the so-called “Third World,” the developing nations and their peoples.

This is the key thrust, the essential strike, by these Leftists in order to convince people that America and the Christian West, indeed, must be “humbled” and brought down if we are ever to create that fabled “social-justice utopia.”

Today President Obama’s Administration is doing everything it can to weaken America in the world, to empower our enemies, and essentially “atone” for America’s “past sins.” The Radical Muslim, in Obama’s eyes, is a terrorist only because he is a “helpless victim” to the past crimes of America and Europe.

To President Obama and his minions this policy is essential. Here’s why:

If the Muslim terrorist is, in fact, not a helpless victim at the hand of the Americans, but in reality a brutal abuser and tyrannical aggressor, then the above explained moral imperative of the Left’s worldview collapses at their feet. Without someone being identified by the Left today as the “victim” of American aggression, one that must be “compensated,” these Desolators’ entire reason for being (their raison d’être), crumbles to dust. More so, lacking the “utopian, social-justice cause” the Left’s value in the world vanishes.

If not a fabled social utopia, what else does the Left have to offer? Economic prosperity? Jobs? National and personal security? True equality?

In your dreams.

When President Obama, at his election, stated that: “We are five days from the fundamental transformation of the United States of America” he was counting on America and the world accepting his own twisted view of America’s supposed guilt. If America, is in fact the Beacon on the Hill and the most enlightened and tolerant nation on earth, then even thinking that America needed “fundamental transformation” would appear as hopelessly naïve, even borderline treasonous.

If America is that great land of equality and opportunity, the land that people still risk all to come here and join, then the entire premise the Left has been propagating for years now is not only a lie, but openly destructive.

The Left believes, however, that the capitalist system is not only played out, but will soon be retooled into a socialist utopia. They call it “democratic-socialism.” This has been their dream since before Karl Marx, before Vladimir Lenin, and before Che Guevara murdered his way through the Cuban Revolution. The American Leftists today, of course, see their own brand of Democratic-Socialism, one that is “kinder and gentler” than what Mao, the Castro Brothers, or even Stalin implemented. After all, “we are Americans.” “We only want to break just a few eggs, only what’s necessary, to make this omelet,” in the words of one past leading socialist revolutionary.

(Of course the “eggs” he was referring to were human beings.)

Still, in the words of John Adams, our stalwart Founding Father and past president: “Facts are stubborn things.” From its inception, Islam, and certainly radical Islam, has been the embodiment of imperialism and colonialism. Look at the radicals today, in Syria, in Iraq, in many parts of the world. They are the very definition of “barbaric.” They enslave, rape, pillage, plunder, claiming that Allah (God) gives them that right at “holy warriors.” They have brutally implemented Islamization and Arabization in every land and region they’ve taken, in the past, and today. They are anything but “just.”

Historically, from Morocco to India, this force has brought brutality to a new level. Racism and bigotry have always been their marching orders. Look at how they treat every ethnic minority they’ve conquered, for heaven’s sake! Christianity and other religious and ethnic minorities have become extinct in regions controlled by ISIS.

Literally extinct.

Radical Islam is the embodiment of slavery and oppression throughout history. We know from many historical studies that Islamic slavers ran the African slave trade for centuries. A hundred million and more blacks were kidnapped and shipped by Muslim slavers to the slave ships awaiting off Africa’s costs. Slavery and the slave trade are still practiced openly in Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, in parts of Islamic Africa, it’s all truly unbelievable today, in the 21st Century!

Still, the Left, these Desolators among us, persist. They must. For when they actually admit that these radical Islamists were, in fact, spawned from the heart of Islam and Islamic history—unilaterally—rather from the “crimes” of the Americans and the Christian West, then their entire platform, their “need” to be seen “Fundamentally transforming the United States of America” would come crashing down around them.

The Left’s entire platform of “victimization,” of the need for their brand of “social justice” would cease to be relevant. If these terrorist attacks were not caused by the “crimes” of George W. Bush, then their entire platform of political reform, even their activist purpose in life, dissolves like a bad dream.
Vladimir Lenin stated: “A lie told often enough becomes a truth.” And in the words of Adolf Hitler: “Using shrewd lies, oft spoken, will make people believe that hell is heaven and heaven, hell. The greater the lie, the more readily it will be believed.”

In facing the challenges brought by these radical Islamists who practice holy war against America, the Left in this country has, in effect, disarmed America by implementing two insidious policies or practices:

1) They’ve so clouded the issues today that we’ve forgotten (or are afraid to ask) precisely who the enemy is.


2) We’ve forgotten who we are as a nation and people. We’ve forgotten what America, traditionally, has stood for, liberating peoples in all lands at great cost in American blood and treasure, and fighting a long and bloody civil war to free America’s own slaves and end this insidious institution.

The danger, today, is that those bent on disarming every American are now in power and are further entrenching that power through devious political means. Adding insult to injury, they are actually making the American taxpayer pay for it.


Sadly, the Left is recruiting America’s youth to ensure their success, youth who are wholly ignorant of what these Desolators are hell-bent to accomplish. Amazingly, progressively—and you have to admire their skill—they are stealing our resources right out from under us and using our own hard-earned money, labor, and production to forge each American’s own chains.

A wise man once said: It is clear that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy that liberty and justice will ever face. But the Desolators know, in the words and practices of the Leftist, Sol Alinsky:

Control the dream, and you control the world.

—John Locke

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