Big Lie (Taqiya)

Published on March 20th, 2015 | by Rick Robison





Even that sour, old atheist, Bill Maher’s got this one right. The Left would rather support Islam and Islamic causes, than ever find itself siding with Christians—ever!

Throughout the Middle East right now, Islamic terrorist factions are torturing and killing Christians, Jews, a variety of other non-Islamic sects, and even Muslims, by the thousands. The Iranian Mullahs and Ayatollahs are brutalizing, imprisoning and torturing their own dissenters, gays, and women who happen to leave the house with their hair uncovered, or showing too much skin.

In Saudi Arabia women cannot drive or travel without being accompanied by a husband, son, or brother. Throughout Egypt, The Sudan, and Somalia, among other Islamic lands, women are forcibly circumcised (forced clitoris removal), and worse, all in the name of religious “purity.” These are not scattered, or rare, cases. Women are murdered, usually by a male family member, for any real or perceived offense against family honor, so-called “honor-killings.” Women, and children, as well, in many Islamic Lands, are still, to this day, enslaved. Yes, that’s right, in the 21st Century, on Earth, slavery is still practiced, mostly, though not exclusively, in Muslim countries. (See my book, The Middle East Explained.)

As the Progressive Left, the Desolators, cry that the Republicans are waging a “war on women,” at the same time a real war, one with millions of tortured, oppressed, and abused women and girls, with thousands of beatings, murders, rapes, is raging around us, the depredations too horrific to describe, yet nearly all mostly ignored by our media and their Leftist allies.

Why? One might ask.

Recently Michelle Obama spoke to the United Nations’ General Assembly, apologizing for the appalling treatment of women in America. As I listened I was amazed. I’ve assisted abused women in Middle East countries trying to escape really dangerous, physical threats, where local government officials stood by and did nothing. I couldn’t bring myself to calling Ms. Obama a whiner, but then my wife, also listening to her, did. I looked into her eyes and she said, “I wonder what all these women, from the Middle East, from Africa, from Asia, are thinking right now, knowing that millions would give anything to escape the oppression that is their daily existence and come to America and start a new life.” Then she said something I won’t soon forget. “No wonder the world has stop respecting us.”


What’s gotten into America? Why is the Left today so determined to side with anyone, even terrorists and tyrants, rather than be seen even talking to the Christian Right in this country?

I’ve watched this phenomenon develop for years now, and I think I have the answer.

The Progressive-Left is labeled “progressive” only because they have maintained, for decades, that to “fundamentally transform America” such must be done subtly, slowly, “progressively,” not in a sudden, violent revolution, (which their communist and anarchist cousins have always maintained)—Progressive transformation, by littles, rather than violent revolution and overthrow, as was done by the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union, a movement that cost the lives of many millions.

America’s Left isn’t that bloodthirsty. Still, the Modern Progressive is, in fact, a political termite who desolates from within, nibbling bit by bit, taking sliver by tiny sliver, progressively, until the entire structure comes crashing down—“the fundamental transformation of the United States of America,” in the words of President Barack Hussein Obama.


The Progressive-Left today views these anti-Christian Islamic movements as the perfect de facto allies in their war on Judeo-Christianity, and upon the traditional values of the West and the United States. These Desolators believe in their heart of hearts that once the Judeo-Christian Right is neutralized, then it will be a simple matter to consolidate power and then fully implement their true agenda. They also believe that when that time comes, they will be powerful enough to then turn on Islam, if necessary, and dismantle it, or “fundamentally transform it, too,”…progressively, of course.

In reality, this is ludicrous. Once more the Desolators have miscalculated, in several key ways.


First, Radical Islam has its own agenda, which includes cloaking and suppressing women, the persecution and execution of gays and dissenters, the abolishing of the secular public school system in favor of the Islamic Madressa, the elimination of democratic institutions and establishment of the Caliphate (The Islamic Empire), on and on. Count on it, the Madressa will not be teaching the “virtue” of Secular-Progressivism as our collaborative public schools do today. They will spread the Caliphate, elevating Muslim men only to all positions of leadership and rock-solid, totalitarian control in society. Once again, as in days of yore, women and children will become the property of men, “the way God intended,” they say.

So, say goodbye to the “holy sacraments” of the secular-progressive society—abortion on demand, anti-war passivism, gay-rights, the welfare state, so-called “free-love,” and the elimination of religion’s role in society.

Especially that.


Any objective glance into the Progressive-Left’s agenda in our society reveals a skill at dissembling, at covert ops. The Desolators understand that what they seek is not popular with the majority of Americans. So, they practice an ancient art, ironically invented and refined by Muslims, that of “taqiya,” the religious requirement to dissemble, to lie, in the face of the enemy, and do it with a straight face, without a hint of guilt. After all, it’s for a “worthy cause,” it’s for “the children,” or “the environment.” It’s for “the people.”

The Desolators, as the Bolsheviks before them, understand the power and effectiveness of the “Big Lie.” The fact that if you tell a lie long enough, convincingly, eventually it will be accepted as truth. That’s where we are today. As the Bible tells us, “good becomes bad, and bad, good.”

The Left is convinced that their agenda is so important that lying about it (taqiya), and implementing it skillfully, by littles, “progressively,” and even allying with some unsavory, anti-American groups, with oppressive doctrines and objectives, is just fine and dandy, if it helps the Left accomplish their greater political agenda of absolute political and economic power.

That’s why the Left embraces Islam in favor of Jews and Christians everywhere and anywhere, under any circumstance, forever and always.

At least, now, with the recent beheadings of Americans by these terrorists and banditti, some on the Left, including Bill Maher, have finally had enough and are speaking out, in spite of the fact that it may expose the Desolators’ true agenda.

An amazing turn of event, no?

Maybe, just maybe, America, like Rip Van Winkle, will finally awaken and open its eyes. I’ve hoped and prayed for such a long, long time.

And we, here at, are counting on it.


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