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Published on March 16th, 2016 | by Rick Robison




(The above image is of CHE GUEVARA, socialist icon, mass-murderer, and long-time champion of the Left in America.)

I’ve stopped reading the posts made mostly by America’s youth on a series of political and pop culture blog sites. Frankly it’s depressing—the 4 letter words, the inane comments, the jaded hearts and polluted minds.

What has happened to our youth, the very future of our nation? What Enemy has done this to us?


Sadly we have become an immoral generation, demanding that our leaders steal the hard-earned production (investment, wages, and salaries) from one group of Americans—in effect, at gunpoint, by the way—to give it to another group or Leftist political constituency which has not earned a penny of it.

I believe that the best definition of someone who is immoral is the person who takes something from another against his or her will, and/or takes something that in some fashion diminishes, weakens, or harms another human being. You can argue that having sex, particularly a so-called “one-night stand,” with another diminishes that person, or robs him or her of moral power and spiritual strength, or puts them at increasingly dangerous health risks, and/or may produce an unwanted pregnancy that may then lead to an abortion, the taking of an innocent human life.


Today defining what is “immoral” is becoming increasingly more difficult, precisely by design. The Left in this country has, over the past fifty years, redefined the meaning of morality. In so doing they have deceived an entire generation.


The stealing (official or otherwise) of another’s property and hard-earned production (money and property), our very sustenance that keeps us alive, was always considered wrong in this country, as highlighted in our Constitution—the God-given right to “life, liberty, and property.” Christian doctrine, Western custom and legal tradition, all going back through the Declaration of Independence to the Magna Carta proved that taking from another diminished both the plundered and the one doing the plundering. As well, common sense has traditionally defined such acts as immoral. But today, again due to the designs of the Left, those Desolators we’ve tried to illuminate, this standard of morality which was once recognized by all Americans, has been turned on its head.


This process of corruption can be easily seen in other ways. For example, as our Founders warned us, “The power to tax is the power to destroy.” Once we believed that taxes were necessary to fund only the basic and necessary costs of operating a lean and efficient and always small and non-intrusive government. But to the Desolators in our nation taxes were secretly viewed as the finest of political sledgehammers. The Left—at least since Karl Marx, and America’s early so-called “Progressives,” who became our modern Leftists—clearly saw the government’s power to tax as a weapon against the productive class in order to redistribute their wealth to the non-producing segments of society. Our Leftist leaders used the power to tax to pay off their constituents, those who support the Progressive-Left with their votes (including increasing numbers of illegal immigrants), based almost entirely upon hardcore ideology, rather than sound policy, truth and logic.

Today, increasingly (and, again, by design) those who work for a living are being replaced by those who vote for a “living.”

Such a political system is not only unsustainable, but is also by definition and by function, immoral. And worse it is, in sad truth, corrupting our youth.


Such Leftist policies are guaranteed, sooner or later, to fail. They are neither grounded in sound fiscal principles, nor will they protect the freedom and justice of a society that embraces them. Do the math. Whether the Social Security System, Medicare, Medicaid, so-called “Obama Care,” the student loan program, now controlled almost entirely by the Federal Government, forced taxpayer subsidies to failing “select” corporations, expanding Title 9 programs, housing subsidies, farm subsidies, food stamps, and many hundreds more highly bloated programs, in fact none of these are sustainable.

They are flat-out bad policy. What’s worse, they are built on a lie.

When you build anything on a lie, you end up corrupting people. When you immerse America’s youth in socialist giveaways, you poison America’s future. And if our youth come to believe that Big Nanny-State Government is their new god and eternal benefactor, our nation is doomed. Yet this is precisely the path we are on.


Inevitably our children and grandchildren will suffer when the system collapses, as it must. What’s worse is that our children and grandchildren are being corrupted along the way by this insidious system, shackling them to the deck of a sinking ship. In the process of deception, individuals will be increasingly jaded by the immoral acts they will witness, then co-opted and forced to embrace just to survive. For proof look at the examples of such socialist and communist political systems worldwide, both historically and today. Witness, as I have, how such failed policies always destroy the moral foundation of their citizens. I could cite multiple examples from personal, eye-witnessed experience (see Post-The Aeroflot Brothel on this site). In reality, America today is playing with fire. We see it in the language and ideas being shared by many of America’s youth on countless blog site and chat groups.


The Left’s policies are anything but “humane,” though they are constantly sold as such by the Left’s lackeys, mostly in the media and in our colleges and universities. The problem with such Big Government, Nanny State systems is not that they waste money (which they certainly do), but that they waste people.


Perhaps the greatest crime of our age is the insidious, deliberate shift to the Left by all branches and parties of government. In the beginning this was the result of the intentional manipulation of our “progressive” tax system by the Left. In the end, the Left’s tactic of buying off an ever-expanding, willing, hyper-dependent voting class above both sound economic policy, and honest, moral leadership, will bankrupt our nation. We have a long and definitive track record, a proven history, of how such practices always end. Remember, as the poet promises us, we remember the past not to honor the dead, but for the salvation of the living. That’s one of America’s greatest problems. We no longer remember the important lessons of the past. The Left has written them out of the history books.


The battle to destroy moral conservative principles has been going on a long time. Increasingly, fewer and fewer people seem to understand what conservatives are fighting for and why. They are told that conservatives are “mean-spirited” and “stingy.” They are “hateful,” “intolerant,” even “racist.” Why would anyone want to ally themselves with any group who is by definition today “uncool,” a pathetic collection of “old, grumpy white guys”?

Obviously conservatives have lost the ability to demonstrate why conservatism is not only the most moral personal and political path in life, but is far more generous to more people than anything that the Left has ever proposed or produced for society.

Here’s why:

1)      The Left sees the “pie” as one limited size that must be evenly, “fairly,” divided by a powerful national government. This is the heart and soul of socialism (and communism). It is also the Left’s favorite political weapon to steal and maintain power and control. As such, socialism in practice always becomes “the equal sharing of misery.” Conservatives understand the truth that our world, if men and women are free to succeed unencumbered, will produce better and better “pies” of unlimited sizes and flavors and at minimal cost.

2)      These Leftist Desolators are intrinsically hostile towards capitalism, labeling it as “unfair,” “exclusivist,” even “racist,” while doing everything politically possible to hobble its boundless potential. Then, when free markets are thus bound and beaten down, the Left says “See, capitalism is over-rated, even unjust and ineffective. It only benefits the rich.” What the Left really hates about capitalism, however, is its unfettered freedom—the personal liberty—that this incredible system always produces for anyone willing to work hard and smart.

3)      For Socialism to work, it must necessarily be rammed down the peoples’ collective throats. To accomplish this, the Left must build a massive Nanny State Federal Government, with an intrusive, even untouchable, bureaucratic elite. And as the Federal Government becomes increasingly intrusive, forcing more and more people onto government dependency rolls, the nation’s key producers—small and medium-sized businesses—find themselves smothered with taxes and regulations. Many give up, or cut back, which further depresses the economy and limits available jobs.

4)      Finally, what was once a successful, wealth-generating “land of the free, home of the brave” becomes a 97 pound weakling where the government must turn to deficit spending (which is simply another deceitful form of taxation—see the next Post, soon to come) in order to fund the limitless social programs to which the people are now addicted. Such a weak nation then becomes prey to enemies from without and from within. A sorry state, yes! But we are already there.

5)      No matter how you spin it, socialism is a lie. More so, it is immoral and will guarantee the corruption of America’s citizens, especially the youth, which it is now doing, in spades.

I’ve spent my life trying to teach my children and grandchildren how to be successful and to avoid the designing hands and hearts of corrupt men and women. I’ve told them that “when you borrow, you borrow trouble.” I’ve admonished them that “no one owes you a living.” That they will be successful and happy based almost entirely upon the choices they make each day. These are eternal truths, ones that Conservatives have taught their children since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden hand-in-hand. It’s up to us, personally. These principles are tried and true; they are what makes us free. (Recall, the first commandment God gave to Adam and Eve upon leaving the Garden: “Earn your daily bread by the sweat of your brow.” This was not meant as a punishment, but to help Adam and Eve to prosper and to find joy in their lives.)

Still, the Enemy I spoke of at the start of this article will not back down, not as long as our youth continue to be seduced so willingly. To counter this evil it is essential to understand that everything happening around us today is designed to shackle Americans as wards of the State and to destroy once and for all our independence and freedom, these age-old Conservative values and principles.

The decisions we make this year of 2016 will determine the future for not only us, but our children and grandchildren for decades to come. Please join me in warning our youth of the insidious dangers aggressively confronting them from our Leftist Government and by all politicians who offer them something for nothing.

To better help counter this threat, you will see a change coming to DESOLATORS.COM web site, one designed to better connect with the youth of this nation. Please join us in making a difference at this critical time.

Thank you,


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