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Published on May 16th, 2017 | by Rick Robison




The following are what the departing Barack Obama Administration claims are their “successes.”

Here they are:

  • “Closing Guantanamo Bay Prison”:

In truth, though promising from the beginning of his eight year reign, President Obama came to realize, when the rubber met the road, that closing Guantanamo Bay Prison for capture terrorists was not only impractical, but poor policy. Still, throughout his eight years he continued the fiction that closing the facility was a “desirable thing” and something he would do “any day now.” Anyway, today the facility remains open, still successfully holding dangerous terrorists as it was designed to do.

  • “Ending the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq”:

In reality, war continues to rage in both Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2011, though advised by top experts to not do it, President Obama withdrew all U.S. Forces from the Iraqi theater. What followed was one of the great tragedies in modern diplomatic and military history. The power vacuum left by America upon its sudden withdrawal led directly to the expansion of ISIS (the Islamic State), commandeering, locking up, and terrorizing thousands of square miles of formerly liberated lands, and killing, displacing, and enslaving millions of innocent people, in both Iraq and Syria. Using this region as a base of operations (for inspiration, training, and funding) dozens of deadly terrorist attacks were carried out in Europe, the U.S., Asia, and Africa. Obama’s Middle East policies (of fake ‘red-lines,’ for example) have left the Middle East in chaos and far more deadly than it’s been in many years. It’s also left the U.S. as unpopular as ever, perhaps more so.

  • “Destroying ISIS (ISIL or ‘Daesh’) and Dismantling Al-Qaeda”:

While under President Obama, Osama bin Laden was hunted down and killed (a legitimate victory). Still his organization, Al-Qaeda (‘The Base’) has not come close to being ‘Dismantled.’ Both ISIS and Al-Qaeda continue to operate throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, larger Asia, and the Americas. Al-Qaeda and ISIS inspired, or directed, attacks continue, and will likely continue for some time. And while President Obama called ISIS the “jayvee team,” this deadly organization has proven over the past three years to be anything but.

  • “The Protection of America’s Voting Rights”:

In fact, without any evidence of “Republican election fraud,” Democrats joined with Green Party candidate Jill Stein to demand recounts in several key swing states. No fraud was found. Of course the Democrats only demanded recounts where they lost to Trump. These Leftists, since the Trump victory, are demanding the elimination of the Constitutionally-mandated Electoral College, which was placed in our Constitution precisely to keep a few heavily populated states from dominating the election process. In this recent election the Electoral College worked precisely as it was designed to do by our Founders. Still, within several key swing states officially chosen electors have had their lives threatened and in some cases forced to move with their families to protected locations. As well, Leftist-inspired and funded riots occurred following our free and open elections, the freest and most legitimate in the world. Still, and the point, in no way did the Obama Administration “protect the nation’s voters” as they claimed, nor did the Administration provide sufficient protection against violence, when the Left, in shock at their unexpected defeat, went berserk, literally. Even today, the Left continues to proclaim openly “RESIST!” and bring down America’s lawfully elected government. Incredible the hypocrisy of Leftist sore losers, and Obama’s unwillingness to stand up for Constitutionally-elected government while claiming to “Protect America’s Voting Rights.”

  • “Ensure that the Paris Environmental Agreement is secured indefinitely”:

President Obama never submitted this Climate Accord he said he “backed” to the U.S. Congress. Essentially the Obama Administration sat on it throughout his term. President Trump has said that he will not ratify the heavily anti-capitalistic/anti-American Accords, and has no plans for promoting such a misguided, and freedom and prosperity-killing, program. Still, under Obama’s watch, little or nothing was done to pass the Paris Environmental Agreement. President Obama: All hat, no cattle!

  • “Signing the Iran Nuclear Deal”:

The incredibly one-sided Iranian Nuke Deal is perhaps the worst treaty in American history. It is akin to the Munich Agreement appeasing Nazi Germany, which led directly to German expansion in Europe and the start of WWII. The Iran Deal was forced through by the Obama Administration against the advice of the world’s finest Iran experts (including myself) and has virtually guaranteed that Iran will now get nuclear weapons, leading to a new nuke arms race in the Middle East. As well, this agreement likely guarantees a future war with Iran. This so-called “treaty” was done without the proper ratification of Congress, was accomplished mostly in secret, with key provisions not disclosed to the American people until after the agreement was signed. Iran was paid billions of dollars, money that will likely go to funding further terrorist operations in the Middle East region, and worldwide. The agreement has, in effect, given Iranian aggression the go-ahead in a variety of theaters in Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq, and even in South and Central America. Iranian aggression has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries, abuse of women and children, and millions of refugees. Of course, this “deal” made absolutely no sense, but was likely done by Obama’s minions as a desperate attempt at personal legacy building. Worse still, considering the lives at stake, and lost, such is shameful at the least, and will end up being increasingly lethal on a variety of fronts.

  • “Reopening Cuba”:

This was almost entirely a propaganda-win for the Castro Brothers, who have led the enslavement of the Cuban people, and other peoples, at home and in lands where Cuba’s sent troops to help overthrow governments and set up communist totalitarian regimes. The U.S. got practically nothing in return for offering Cuba a major political coup, and financial windfall, in spite of many years of brutal repression and the Cuban backing of terrorists worldwide. The recent victory of the Trump Campaign in Florida, where millions of Cuban exiles live, testify to the unpopularity of President Obama’s Cuban policy. President Obama has acquiesced to one of the world’s most repressive, and murderous, regimes. And for what? Apparently to appease his radical-Leftist base. Amazing the blindness brought on by a lock-step adherence to a desolating, damaging, Leftist-based, ideology.

  • “Shaking up and ‘Rebalancing’ the Asia-Pacific Region”:

All Obama’s actions in the Asia-Pac Region accomplished was to drive the Philippines into the arms of the Chinese and Russians, worry South Korea and Japan that the U.S. is no longer to be trusted, and to enhance the muscle and reach of Communist China and totalitarian Russia in the region. Taiwan was convinced by statements from the Obama Administration that the U.S. would abandon them to invasion from China. Obama called this his “Asia Pivot.” In truth, it was the Chinese/Russian/North Korean capitulation. Nobody ever likes or wants a powerful country (or a powerful friend) upon which you can NEVER depend.

  • “Securing Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership”:

No one, not even Hillary Clinton, liked Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, which was, again, nothing more than giving away U.S. interests and pandering to some of our most aggressive enemies. There was little of value to America in this agreement, which again, was presumably what President Obama liked best about it.

  • “Honoring America’s Veterans”:

America’s veterans’ hospitals have been exposed for mismanagement, even to the point of the tragic death of many American veterans. President Obama’s Secretary Shinseki of the VA was forced to resign due to poor leadership and potentially lethal management policies. The Department of Veterans’ Affairs was mired (and still is) in scandal and charges of incompetence and corruption. Over Obama’s eight years, VA Hospitals continually were spotlighted for causing unnecessary suffering, death and disease. Homeland Security Secretary under Obama was forced to apologize for claiming that “returning American Vets were joining supposed Right-wing terrorist groups.” Of course, there was no evidence that such was occurring. The Obama Administration spent eight long years disrespecting America’s Vets, not honoring them.

  • “Supporting badly needed Central American development”:

In reality, at the end of the Obama years, the once promising, and achievable, development and prosperity in Latin America, particularly in Central America, has failed miserably. Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua remain poor, crumbling, totalitarian bullies. Unrest is spreading in the streets. Their citizens have fled by the thousands. Yet in every case the Obama Administration appeased and acquiesced to these dictatorial regimes, some of the worst in history, even at the expense of their own suffering peoples and against America’s best interests.

  • “Ensuring that our politics represent ‘America’s Best’”:

The recent U.S. election process saw the intrusion of the Russians, and possibly the Chinese and others. As well, the campaigns were some of the most disgusting and nasty on record. During Obama’s two national elections (2008 & 2012) candidate and later President Obama was the largest recipient of private monies, especially from Wall Street, than anyone in history. Obama’s Administration has done everything possible to divide the America people into exploitable constituencies and further enflaming race relations. Wikileaks revealed on-going collusion between the Clinton Campaign, journalists, and U.S. Government officials. Corruption appeared rampant, setting new low standards. Honest people watching these campaigns were sickened by the moral depravity, ‘fake news,’ and general sleaze.

  • “Strengthening America’s Cybersecurity”:

Obviously America has been under cyberattack for some time. During the most recent elections Democrats claimed that Russia had “hacked into our voting system.” If this is true (which is still being investigated) then obviously President Obama’s Administration has done little, or nothing, to ensure America’s cybersecurity over the past eight years. WikiLeaks revelations prove that the Obama Administration was the least cyber-secure administration in American history! Congratulations.

  • Making the Obama Administration the ‘Most Transparent Administration in History”:

Again, a colossal failure by President Obama. Corruption and political attacks by the IRS against conservative groups and the Tea Party, the NSA scandal, the official Obama attacks against Associated Press (AP) journalists, the cover-ups within the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the gun-running “Fast & Furious” scandal, Obama Administration prejudice against Fox News, on and on, prove that the Obama Administration was perhaps the least transparent administration in history.

  • “The Strengthening of Policing and Support for Law Enforcement”:

In truth, President Obama took every opportunity to denigrate the police and accuse them of racist actions and misconduct, often making such accusations before the facts were all gathered and the truth known. He encouraged, through his comments and speeches, the expansion of such anti-police groups as “Black Lives Matter” and the Black Panthers, and anti-police campaigns conducted by such Leftist-Democrat billionaires as George Soros. As a result, during the Obama years, deadly attacks against America’s Law Enforcement Officers has skyrocketed, killing and injuring many.

  • “Promoting immigrant and refugee integration and citizenship awareness”:

In fact, U.S. Immigration Law was largely ignored by the Obama Administration. Regardless of evidence that America’s refugee policy has major flaws and deadly outcomes (examples: the Boston Marathon Bombers, the San Bernardino Massacre, the Ohio State attacks, and the Orlando Nightclub shootings) allowing dangerous radical refugees easy access to America’s heartland and the virtually endless venue of soft-targets found in America’s generally free and open society. As is general knowledge, the American southern border is as porous as a screen door! Yet throughout the Obama years, the Border Patrol continually reported official Obama Administration efforts at tying their hands and frustrating their efforts. No one believes that President Obama’s border policy is anything but a total and complete failure.

Finally, you will notice that Obama’s team “accomplishments” which they listed (above) did not mention:

  • The multiple failed political “resets” abroad—from Russia, to Syria, to Egypt, China, Great Britain, etc., etc. As a result of Obama foreign policy failures, millions have suffered and died.
  • The essential failure and unpopularity of the so-called “Affordable Care Act” (aka-“Obama Care”), which for nearly all Americans was anything but “affordable” and provided only a marginally better (in too many cases worse) level of “care.”
  • Obama’s literal DOUBLING of the national debt in his eight years, borrowing and spending more money than almost ALL previous presidential administrations COMBINED!
  • Seven years of pitiful and hopelessly anemic economic growth.
  • The downgrading in the quality (and expectation) of jobs available to U.S. workers.
  • Record numbers of those unwilling to seek or take American jobs, preferring instead to milk the many Obama-created, easily secured, welfare programs and financial bennies and free rides.
  • Sequestration and the wholesale gutting of our military.
  • Finally, and perhaps the most tragic, a Middle East now in ruins, millions dead, enslaved, abused, and displaced (and more lethal than we’ve seen in many, many years!).

Isn’t it amazing how history is so often re-written and re-sculpted, especially when the Leftist Spin Doctors get their hands on it? You can bet that now Obama’s finest magicians, experts in this essentially immoral re-recording and re-calibrating national mission, are working overtime to deceive and brainwash a population that too often pays scant attention to the many deceptions and abnormalities.

Still, as is obvious in President Obama’s case, such will take a whole lotta effort. Like when he wrote two autobiographies (no less!) telling of his life as the “Campaigner-in-Chief,” which of course is a feat in itself considering that prior to his presidency, in effect, Obama had never accomplished anything.

Here at we continue to hope that there are still enough Americans out there who will take the time, and do their homework, to successfully spot the official disinformation gushing from the Left, and then determine to hold such a crooked track record to account. It would be a great American travesty (which appears to be happening) to see the Obama Administration get off scot-free.

The above list of dangerous, even deadly, (and so unnecessary) ideologically-induced failures ought to, at best, relegate the Obama Administration to the trash bin of history. Anything less will be a crime against true history, but more so an indictment of the failure of Leftist ideology in the real world, where the rubber meets the road…in my humble opinion.

—John Locke



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