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  1. The Clintons were paid over $153 million dollars for “speaking fees” from major corporations (including Goldman Sachs and the Wall Street crowd) and, more troubling, from foreign governments, including those who have supported terrorists and have terrible human rights records, especially in the way they treat women and girls. Hillary Clinton, over the past 2-3 years was paid over $22 million to speak. Doesn’t that raise the obvious question “Why would anyone, or any foreign government for that matter, pay such astronomical amounts for a 45-minute Hillary speech?” We’re talking Hillary Clinton here! What could she possibly say that would be worth that much to anyone? Or is something far more sinister going on here? (Such as “Pay for Play,” where foreign and private entities hope to gain political favors and access for their “investment” in the Clinton Machine.) ( )
  2. During one of those speeches to a foreign entity, Hillary stated that she wanted “open borders and free movement of immigrants into the US” (essentially illegal under current laws) without restriction. Of course, she’s been telling the American voters the exact opposite. ( )
  3. The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal: By any reasonable standard, Hillary appears to have violated the U.S. Espionage Act, yet the FBI, under the Obama Administration, has refused to prosecute her. I once worked in a sensitive US Government job with the same clearances Secretary Clinton held. Had I done what Hillary did, I would be in federal prison now. ( )
  4. Profound Media Bias: At the same time the Clinton Foundation is under investigation, practically no national media outlets are reporting the glaring conflicts of interest, the backroom deals, all potentially illegal activities by the Clintons. If these identical activities were taking place on the Republican side, this is all you’d hear about on every news cast, whether it was true or not. ( )
  5. “Hillary’s War” is what US Navy Rear Admiral Charles Kubic calls her deliberate destabilization of Libya, the killing of Mu’amar Qadhafi, and the rise of ISIS (which led to the terrorist storming of our Consulate in 2012 in Benghazi and the murder of US Ambassador Chris Stevens, as well as several other American officials). These disasters in Libya were the result of Hillary’s incompetence (and the corruption of her attempt at covering her tracks for her support for radical Islamist groups, in Libya and Syria, in her desire to overthrow the Assad Regime, like she did the Qadhafi Regime in Libya) all contributing to the rise of dangerous terrorist activity today, by ISIS and their affiliates. ISIS looks at Hillary’s Benghazi disaster as a great victory and a recruiting tool that proves America’s ultimate weakness and corruption. This is why Hillary’s so-called “Benghazi Affair” was, and is, such a disaster for America’s security today, and why the Clinton-complicit media has refuse to cover what actually happened. It is also why, when our Ambassador and his staff in Benghazi were under attack by terrorists and calling for help, both Hillary and President Obama, in essence, refused to respond and in effect, let them die. ( )
  6. Hillary surrounds herself with radicals and anti-American activists from several essentially totalitarian, America-hating philosophies and movements, including the Muslim Brotherhood. Hillary’s number one aid, Huma Abedin, has strong, long-established ties to radical Islamic groups. ( )
  7. During her college years Hillary became a friend and apprentice of Saul Alinsky, the communist thug and radical who advocated the overthrow of the United States of America and, in fact, dedicated his infamous book Rules for Radicals to “Lucifer, the First Radical.” Alinsky, in truth, became Hillary’s mentor. She wrote her 90-page senior thesis on the work and philosophy of Saul Alinsky, an avowed Marxist, who taught Hillary the power of the “Community Organizer” to agitate and then overthrow traditional democratic institutions.
  8. Hillary often stated, and wrote, that “much of what Saul Alinsky writes is not that radical.” ( ) In reality, Hillary took Alinsky’s lessons and built upon them, seeing that agitation from the outside will usually be blocked…but if the skilled operative could penetrate the inside and work from within, then, indeed, governments could be controlled and overthrown. From her early writings, this appears to be her plan, which she has carried forward methodically for nearly 50 years! (
  9. Following her graduation from the “Alinsky School of Radicalism,” Hillary looked for a “movement” law group with a leftist foundation to join. She found such in the Law firm of Treuhaft, Walker, and Burnstein, and joined their firm in 1971. Treuhaft was a former Communist Party member (which Congress called “one of America’s most dangerously subversive lawyers”) who specialized in defending radical revolutionaries, such as American Leftists and Black Panther operatives. As well, Walker was an avowed Communist till the day she died and was famous for defending Angela Davis, a notorious California communist charged with murder, kidnapping, and conspiracy. Finally, Burnstein specialized in defending anti-war protestors and agitators and expressed personal support for the worldwide communist guerilla movement and the communist government in Viet Nam (which was at war with America). (
  10. As an attorney, Hillary defended a child-molester who raped a 12-year old girl, by destroying the character of the girl and getting her male client off Scot-free, even though she (and everyone else) reportedly knew he was guilty. Later she commented on her client actually passing a lie-detector test, stating “that forever destroyed my faith in the polygraph.” ( ( )
  11. Later, Hillary successfully defended a 300 pound thug who was reportedly beating his girlfriend regularly, getting him off on a legal technicality. Obviously, Hillary has not, in her actions and intentions over the years, been concerned over the safety, security, and wellbeing of women and girls. ( )
  12. Hillary personally oversaw dealing with the many “bimbo eruptions” that plagued her married life with Bill Clinton, becoming expert at hiring private detectives to dig up dirt on Bill’s female accusers and discrediting their stories, and even in some cases allegedly threatening these women physically unless they dropped their accusations against Bill. Still, Juanita Broaddrick claimed that Bill Clinton brutally raped her, and Kathleen Willey accused Bill of sexual assault, among many other women. Paula Jones won an $850,000 sexual harassment settlement from the Clintons. Multiple people who worked with the Clintons, from Arkansas to the White House, have corroborated and documented that Bill was a sexual predator. ( )
  13. In meeting with Black Lives Matter radicals, Hillary told them: “White people have to recognize their privilege and practice humility.” Later she told them that they would not be able to change (white) people, but that “you will have to change laws,” and essentially force people to do what you want. She then indicated that if elected that she would make such changes in America to implement Black Lives Matter’s goals. (The majority of those published goals [please check them out] are right out of Alinsky’s Marxist playbook.) ( ( )
  14. Regarding abortion, Hillary has supported so-called “partial birth abortion” where the full-term baby is allowed to start the birthing process, then the baby’s head is crushed and its brains sucked out prior to the rest of the baby’s body then removed through the birth canal, often in pieces, and disposed of. Hillary believes that an unborn child, even at nine months, has no Constitutional rights—none—and certainly no right to life. ( )
  15. Hillary has praised her husband, Bill, while he was president, for vetoing a Congressional bill that would have outlawed this barbaric practice of Partial Birth Abortion in America. She is reported to have said in one of many speeches on abortion, in essence, that “deep-seated moral and religious beliefs in America must be changed to give women full rights to do whatever they choose with their own bodies.” ( ) Obviously, she’s never offered any concern for the suffering of the unborn being killed wholesale in these horrific operations. (Presumably that’s because the unborn can’t be registered as Democrats, at least not yet.) ( ) ( )
  16. Hillary plans to increase Syrian refugees being brought into America from 1,500 to 65,000, in spite of the fact that practically every expert tells us that it is virtually impossible to investigate the backgrounds of these Muslim refugees. In fact, in an earlier speech before a Brazilian Banker’s Group, Hillary stated that she wanted “open borders” and essentially no restriction of immigration into the U.S. Of course, such a policy is a guaranteed road to the destruction of the United States, at least as we know it, and the end of the security and prosperity we’ve been blessed with since America’s founding. ( ) ( )
  17. Hillary Clinton was the very first 1st Lady to be subpoenaed and both Bill and Hillary are the first and only first couple to have been fingerprinted by the FBI. (Source: Newsweek Magazine.) ( )
  18. When traveling to Bosnia during the Clinton Presidency, Hillary claimed that her helicopter “came under sniper fire” and that she had to take drastic measures to avoid being shot from the sky. That claim was later debunked by the journalist Sharyl Attkisson who accompanied Hillary on the trip, as well as several others who were there. ( )
  19. Hillary is what people now generally recognize as a “compulsive liar,” a woman who has lusted for power at any price since she was a young woman. She’s put up with the sexual antics of her husband Bill—even in the White House—for many years, even enabling his sexual predations and actually helping cover them up by buying-off or threatening those female accusers. ( )
  20. Hillary is one of the most determined radicals in American history, resolved to go far beyond the “fundamental transformation of the United States of America,” in the words, and actions, of President Barack Obama. Hillary’s ideology, though similar to Obama’s in many ways, exceeds Obama in her willingness to do just about anything, legal or otherwise, to accomplish her goals. ( )

Today, in the fall of 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton is within a breath of capturing the greatest prize in the history of the world, the Presidency of the United States. And from everything I’ve seen, and primarily due to the failings of American society’s supposed “watchdogs of freedom”—the American Media—Hillary is being gifted essentially a free and open (and profitable!) path to the White House.

Perhaps this is the greatest tragedy of all, the fact that the truth about this woman is being withheld from the voters by a corrupt and complicit national media establishment. In reality, it’s as if all that matters is that a Leftist political agenda prevail, regardless the cost—to unborn life, to moral and fiscally sound government, to freedom, prosperity, and security, but most importantly to the Truth. Their self-serving agenda cheapens us, and will lead to our downfall, betraying the America that so many have given so much to build, defend, and preserve.

God help us now.

–John Locke


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